Why Am I Not Surprised?

For the next installment on the Envy Parade surrounding Martha Stewart’s conviction, notice the last paragraph of this NewsMax article:

Stewart had a reputation before the trial as a ruthless businesswoman, and in court she was portrayed as rude, insulting, demanding and cheap. According to testimony, she once threatened to take her business elsewhere because she did not like her brokerage’s telephone hold music. [Emphasis mine.]

Let me get this straight. That she may be rude, insulting, demanding, and cheap has something to do with whether she acted to violate “laws,” in fact, as the prosecution claims she acted? (…based on a load of bullshit “laws”—I will add right here—and “lying to prosecutors?” Guess “freedom of speech” doesn’t include lying. What a bunch of mega Fuckheads, which is very plain to see upon the realization that these GovCo Viagra-Gobbling, LawyerSwine, Shithead Prosecutors actually charged her with securities fraud because she stated that she was innocent. In other words, Uncle Fuckface Sam charges you with a crime, and upon verbalizing your innocence, you are guilty of another.).

And no, I don’t feel any better, so just shut the fuck up.

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