Blake, Peterson…OJ

From what I know of the facts in the Blake case, I never had a strong conviction that Blake did it (or was the puppet master), or didn’t do it. And so, I’m satisfied. You see, my interest is in justice, and by that, I mean: justice. I could give fuck-all about any prosecutor’s career, and I could give a shit about the political heat the Chief is taking–or the goddamned mayor for Jesus’ sake. Fuck all that. And especially, fuck the public’s "need" for justice. It’s not their business.

And you know what else? Justice requires no "authority." Justice, when done, is an equal-opportunity principle. Every one of you is just as justified (often moreso) in carrying out a death sentence as any nation, state, or municipality. If justice means a guy buys it, then who mets out that justice is irrelevant.

Case in point: did you see the justified chortling by Laci’s relatives over what Peterson got? Does anyone doubt that given the opportunity, there’s more than none of Laci’s relatives who’d be more than happy to carry out the sentence? You see, in this case, all a rational person needed to know was that her body washed up 100 miles away, in the exact place he said he’d gone fishing, with a boat he’d just bought, and for the first gaddamned time in his life. That’s all anyone should need to know. All that Amber Frey crap was just superfluous; through and through.

OJ was guilty. Everyone knows it. And because twelve racist derelicts–who ought to be shunned for life for their shirking of responsibility–failed in a solemn duty, the general public had to take up the necessary task for them. And, so, OJ might as well be in prison for all the life he’s leading. It’s not perfect justice, but it’s something.

Update: No, I’m not talking about vigilantism, lynch mobs, or any other sort of slippery-slope chaos. I’m talking about the fact that if something is just (i.e., if it’s just to kill someone who is rationally judged to have murdered another out of pre-meditation or reckless and uncontrolled emotionalism), then who carries out that justice should not matter. I’ll say this though: first, anyone who sets about to effect any sort of serious justice better damned well be sure he’s dead-on right, because there are no breaks for being wrong; and second, even if we lived in a rational world in this regard, I’d hire professionals with a reputation for the careful and deliberate adjudication of cases brought before them.

Of course, you must realize that it is illegal for you, private citizen to affect any sort of justice whatsoever, even if you are dead-on right. Even if you are as careful and deliberate as a court, it doesn’t matter. What does this mean? It means that in our system of governance, justice is only a secondary consideration, if that. Primary is the authority and power of the state. To state it more plainly, it’s better that murderers get away clean than there be any challenge to the monopoly power of the state.

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  1. Lesbiencestmoi on March 16, 2005 at 23:08

    I was at such a disadvantage with this case. Because it was not televised and I was kept away from most of the coverage (I confess to being a trial junkie but every day life can certainly get in the way of my trial watching sometimes), I did feel removed from the intricacies of this trial. However, it was always a little curious to me that the state felt confident enough to bring the murder 1 charge. The solicitation of murder yes, yet even a bit weak there. My opinion is he very likely had something to do with the planning of this murder but I don't feel that with a passionate confidence.

    Something I took particular notice of today — I believe Mr. Blake was shocked at the verdict today. I watched him intently and what I saw was resignation. I feel strange in admitting that I was …. moved by his reactions to the verdict.

    Now…Scott Peterson. I was pissed today. As harsh as this sounds… I feel Scott Peterson showed the audacious disrespect that only a dead man walking can muster. He had NO right what-so-ever to counter a single word Sharon Rocha uttered. Not by word, disparaging facial expression, head nod…nothing.

    Then to ignore the judge and chat away with his attorney as he was officially being read his death sentence. There is nothing left to Scott Peterson. He is completely vacuous.

    I was deeply upset by Jackie and Lee Peterson's request to speak as victims. How dare they attempt to usurp the reserved time for Laci's family to speak, to be heard and to release the tiniest bit of their eternal pain. And then to add insult to injury…they speak out during the victim impact statements??!! Inexcusable. If they could not handle these statements, they should have been outside of that courtroom. Their time to publicly spout "golden boy" stories is over.

    OJ…all I can say to your comment is "you got that right!!"

    To what I think is the main point of your piece, justice is surely NOT served by the dog and pony show that surrounds these high profile trials.

  2. Vulture 6 on March 17, 2005 at 09:29

    Too bad that tirals are no longer about justice but are shows.

    The movie Chicago was more on target that most think.

  3. Todd on March 17, 2005 at 07:55

    It can be said with a fair degree of certainty that money can buy you freedom in this country. Unfortunately, killers and rapists, if found not guilty, have to live with themselves and meet their maker (I believe) eventually.

  4. Freaki on March 17, 2005 at 09:24

    Does the Laci Peterson verdic mean abortion doctors now face the death penalty?

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