Perception Test

Here’s a simple, one-question test to judge what sort of perception you have (which is the nicest way I know how to put it, if you catch my drift).

1. Regarding the Congressional hearings over steroid use in baseball, these hearings are about:

a. Preserving "our" game of baseball.

b. Concern for the long-term health of "our" professional athletes playing "our" sport of baseball, as well as the competitive well-being of "our" non-steroid using athletes.

c. Fear of the message drug use sends to "our" children.

d. A pathetic parliament of out-of-control busybodies and wannabes who can’t miss a single opportunity to put on such a charade–so that all of you dupes have nary a single opportunity in your miserably dependent lives to ever forget, for even one single second, how essential and important they are in overseeing every aspect of everything you do.

The principle is quite simple: if you don’t like how the baseball organization conducts their affairs, then don’t patronize them.

Update: Or, to state the last paragraph Rachel Lucas style:


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  1. Craig R. Harmon on March 18, 2005 at 21:25

    You ignore the health issue related to our children taking dangerous drugs because "the pros do" or because "it's the way to break into the pros". Perhaps congressional hearings is not the way to address the problem but your "take a hikey if you no likey" solution completely ignores the point. Something needs to be done. The Players will never, on their own, agree to real drug-testing that will make a difference: they believe that they need it to stay on top of the game and to keep the millions coming in. The owners will never, on their own, agree to real drug-testing because over-performing players keeps the millions coming in. In the long run, steroid use in Baseball is proving bad for our children. Give me a solution that actually addresses the issue that is being address by Congress.

  2. Richard Nikoley on March 19, 2005 at 06:01

    Well, Craig, the problem is that I have no business giving _you_ a "solution that actually addresses the issue that is being address by Congress."

    It's not that I "ignore the health issue related to 'our' children taking dangerous drugs…" And I wish you and your kids well (assuming you have any), I really do. It's just that it's none of my business. First, I have no children. Second, even if I did, I'd deal with any associated problems on my own terms, to the extent I could, while I still could. But regardless of my success, or lack thereof in that endeavor, I'd never, ever demand that you pay for it or in any way have you share in any associated inconveniences.

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