Livin’ in the Dark Ages

Thing is, both human-embryo destroying stem-cell engineering and human cloning are as inevitable as it was inevitable that all the world’s leaders (religious and political) would eventually embrace a heliocentric universe over the quaint geocentric notion that the heavens revolve around the Earth.

It’s as inevitable as the previously "evil" notion of transplanting one person’s bodily organs into another–or even animal parts, such as heart valves from pigs. The failure of religious mysticism to answer any important questions, coupled with the rise of scientific inquiry is responsible for such an advancing state of affairs. Talk about a culture of life vs. a culture of death… Ultimately, all religions foster and indoctrinate their devoted into a dead-end culture of death. There are only degrees of difference.

The knowledge of the structure of the universe had existed–suppressed under force and coercion–for hundreds of years. So, were the world’s leaders just stupid, or did they see that knowledge as a threat to their centralized power structures? I’d tend to guess the latter.

But neither possibility is very appealing in the present case. Is it that we have to determine whether the President of the United States is so feeble-minded as to actually believe the absurd religious nonsense that comes out of his mouth, or, that he’s willing to sacrifice the potential healthy well-being of others for the sake of fairy tales?

Now, before anyone jumps on my case, I realize that he’s only talking about federal funding of such research. Of course, the feds shouldn’t be funding anything, so perhaps Bush is just being clever: pander to the religious here while the research goes on privately and in other countries.

It’s just that it’s disturbing enough to have a president who’s a Luddite. It’s very nearly intolerable, in this day and age, when the basis of all that is religious superstition.

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  1. Steve on May 21, 2005 at 16:04

    uhm….I think Bush is just a dumbass. That's the answer.

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