Bow to the Authority

I caught wind of something in an email from Aviation Web this morning. You can read about it, here. And now, the decision has come down.

Oh, aren’t we all just so happy? Only a "Letter of Admonishment." The message? Hey, Jeremy Johnson, or anyone else: don’t grab the limelight, next time. Next time you have an inkling to save a family of six, come up with a way to help them financially, and potentially save many more by flying out explosives (ohmygod) to a needed area, just make sure that you include the minions in the FAA so that they can be sure to get their needed face time in front of the camera "managing" the disaster for the benefit of all of us poor, lost souls who just shouldn’t be able to beat our way out of a wet paper sack without your oh-so-knowledgeable assistance and authority.

You know what? Fuck. You! You miserable fucking assholes. Jesus.

By the way, I know Jeremy, good Mormon boy that he is. A year or so ago, he approached my company. See, he doesn’t just fly helicopters (at the tender age of 29), he started a company that employs better than 50 people. He sells software and education that helps average Joes start their own business and make money on eBay. He thought we might be able to do a deal ’cause so many of the people who come to him to buy, he can’t sell to because they’re too maxed out on their credit cards. So, he got together his team and flew out to my place in a twin engine private plane of some sort (he flies fixed wings, too). Then, I went out to St. George, Utah. Deal: we help them with the potential-client debt, then he sells them his product. You know, it’s about market solutions to problems that most of you go all clamoring to your "representatives" for solutions. Dumbshits that you are. In the end, we tested a few things that didn’t really work out, but that’s business.

Knowing the kind of guy Jeremy is, at such a young age, and finding what he did for those people as no surprise in the world, I just laugh at the thought of those bureaubots issuing a "letter of admonition." None of them will achieve 10% in their whole lifetimes of what Jeremy has already achieved, or be 1 millionth the value Jeremy has been to others (on his own terms)–and yet they sit in judgment.

What a fucking upside-down would we live in.


  1. Kyle Bennett on June 9, 2005 at 18:51

    "Fuck. You! You miserable fucking assholes."

    You're too nice. The guy should get a fucking MEDAL from the FAA. Tell him for me that that letter of "admonishment" is a badge of honor as far as I'm concnerned. And thank him for me too – I don't know the people he helped, and I never would have heard of them if not for this, but it doesn't matter. *He* is making the world a better place, while the FAA and their groveling ilk try to tear it down.

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