…Javelin On The Move

Once considered by some to be a sleeper, at best, in the VLJ market, Aviation Technology Group‘s
Javelin, a fighter-like two-place twinjet, has been piling up orders as
it gets its prototype ready for its first flight. The company has also
hired veteran Cessna exec Charlie Johnson as chief operating officer to
guide the project through certification. Johnson took 20 Cessnas
through the process and told a news conference on Tuesday he’s excited
about the prospects for the plane. More than 100 deposits have been
received from individuals who’d like a $2.8 million, 600 mph jet that
climbs at 10,000 feet per minute. But the military-style performance
hasn’t gone unnoticed elsewhere. At least one unnamed European country
has ordered eight military training versions of the Javelin at a cost
of $5.5 million a copy. The extra money covers ejection seats, military
radios and electronics, including head up display. The prototype of the
all-composite jet has been taxied as fast as 100 mph but the first
flight won’t be launched for six to eight weeks while the nose gear is
redesigned to get rid of a shimmy.

(Source: Avweb)

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  1. Chris on July 28, 2005 at 12:31

    I like the way the Javelin looks.

    If I ever buy a plane, I'd want to get one in that style just because it looks like a fighter plane. It's a lot cooler than the ubiquitous Cessenas.

    Deliberate Chaos

  2. CT on July 28, 2005 at 15:24

    thats awesome… I want one…

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