Oops; Let One Slip

"It comes down to them being defiant," Reynolds said.

Indeed. So it’s not really about "health," presumed rights of non-smokers, "second-hand smoke," or any of those other manipulative lies ginned up for the consumption of morons (most people). As concerns the state, it always comes down to compliance and defiance. Compliance makes you a good citizen; defiance, an enemy of the state.

Now, how long have I been telling you that the state is about nothing but maintaining the power to steal from you in order to finance favor with the masses? Getting in the way of that makes you defiant, and being defiant of the state typically works in the state’s favor. The morons who live their lives as subjects of the state (most people), resent those who refuse to kiss ass cheerfully. Subjects, just like spectators at state lynchings, cheer when the state does its business. Justice has not nearly so much to do with it as does the demonstration of power. People always cheer the dominant.

In short, if these good people persist, they will loose their business, that little restaurant that customers have been happily frequenting for years. In fact, they ultimately have to back down, because if they don’t, if they continue to defy, every step of the way, then the final step is their execution.

Do you understand that? There is one single penalty for unyielding defiance of the state, and the particular act of defiance is immaterial. You can get a ticket for jaywalking, and if you decide to defy the state to the very end, and I mean unyielding defiance to the very end, you will ultimately pay with your life.

Does such realization not give you pause?

(link: Balko)

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  1. David Nikoley on July 15, 2005 at 16:01

    As if they have nothing better to do, Josh got a ticket for jaywalking along with about 10 others. So now I have to go sit in an idiotic 3 hours "Traffic Saftey Class" with Josh because the friggin Police have nother better to do than give Jaywalking tickets…….plus they charge me 7 bucks…

  2. Walter E. Wallis on July 16, 2005 at 07:37

    Interesting that the smoking ban has forced smokers out in the street where anyone can smell their smoke. It is a trivial task to exhaust a bar or smoking room, but no. Your death penalty for jaywalking is not too far fetched.

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