The Hate File

I’m adding a new category: The Hate File. It shall henceforth be dedicated to those I particularly hate, of which there are many; and, of course, I love hating them all. Yes. Yes, of course I’m serious. Dead serious. 

So, let me dish up some more seething hatred for you.

Fairfax County’s police chief
said yesterday that one of his officers accidentally shot and killed an
optometrist outside the unarmed man’s townhouse Tuesday night as an
undercover detective was about to arrest him on suspicion of gambling
on sports.

Even if I dismiss my abject, loathing hatred of anyone, at any and all levels, who presumes to interfere or advocates interference in the affairs of others, such as would be required to "prohibit gambling" (i.e., mind your own fucking business, dickwads), my hatred of an institution–and every single one of its officers–that would send an armed contingent of G.I. Joe Wannabes ("SWAT") to serve a gambling warrant is virtually uncontainable.

I just wish we lived in a rational society where such loathsome monsters would be shunned by all productive people until such time as they shrivel up from malnourishment and dehydration and blow away in a nice stiff breeze. Perhaps their ultimate fertilization of the earth will usher forth something of far greater value, such as a field of hay-fever inducing weeds.


  1. AC on January 26, 2006 at 19:38


  2. allan on January 27, 2006 at 02:30

    So often we hide behind polite discourse while those that would rob and kill us gain in power and arrogance.

    It is nice to hear an unrestrained voice.

  3. blue turtle on January 27, 2006 at 04:15

    this is sad all the way around …

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