In the same vein as my last entry, I’m just sitting here outside the New Leaf Community Market off Hwy 9 in Felton, CA up in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Lot’s of spiritual people up here and that’s what I aspire to, above all. Yep. Just sitting here under an umbrella outside sipping my organic coffee, which also happens to be fair-trade certified (of course).

I gotta say, too: these new Sony TX-series notebooks (all 3 lbs. of them) with the built-in wide-area data network are quite sumthin’. This thing now goes with me everywhere, and in general, if I can get a cell signal I can get on line with connection speeds far in excess of dial-up.

I’m just generally feeling the love, the peace, the wisdom. Yes; Wisdom. The ancient kind. Like this, the bulletin board outside the store that I snapped with the Treo a moment ago and emailed to myself in order to get it into the notebook, here, wirelessly–and then published out to the blog wirelessly.


Check out all the opportunities one has up here in the peaceful, enlightened society to gain real wisdom–not to mention serious opportunities to get laid.

Ok, gig’s up. I just can’t take it anymore. Fun while it lasted, and so sorry to reel in all yooz who don’t read regularly. Check out the rest of the blog (other than the last two entries) to see what I really think.

One note: while I’m kinda making fun of the values of a lot of the people who live up here, those are their values and it seems to work up here just fine. No complaints. Very charming, in fact.

Uh, note 2: I’ve been going for over an hour, data going the whole time with the screen turned up to just one notch under full blast brightness, and the battery is at 87% with 4 hrs and 53 minutes estimated time remaining. This thing rocks!

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