Your Amerika

More antics from public enemy number one, the cops.

You think I jest?

Listen: any parent not instilling disrespect, loathing, and an acute sense of caution as regards police officers (in this day and age) just isn’t doing their proper job as a parent. The entire police apparatus is now nothing more than a club of predators, and it’s the good people that are more often then not the prey — and only because that’s the kind of animals we’re dealing with. You don’t believe me? Yea? Really? REALLY? Y’sure? Perhaps that’s what it will take: kids cowering in fear and apprehension when they see cops, before the tide turns and the few marginally "good ones" that remain, quit.

Yes, quit. The entire institution is wholly irredeemable and it is impossible to be in its employ, anywhere, and retain the slightest degree of intrinsic honor as a human being.

My disgust knows no bounds. To hell with all of them. Every one.

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  1. Cruella DeVille on August 30, 2006 at 13:00

    Amen to that!

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