Kathryn Johnston

I was getting ready to leave for the holiday on last Wednesday morning when I got wind of the story Tuesday night. No time to do it justice. Now, at this point, Radley Balko — whom I’ve often characterized as the world’s most important blogger — has done so much legwork that’s it’s pointless to do anything but provide you with a bunch of links to his entries.

Essentially, a 92-year-old woman living in Atlanta, GA, had her house broken into in the middle of the night by several armed men. Though she got off five shots in her attempt to defend herself and her home from whatever terror she was able to surmise in a spit-second, and all five shots connected, the 90 to 100 shots fired by the intruders killed her.

For more details, here’s a roundup.

  1. Radley’s initial entry.
  2. News link, with links to related stories and video. In particular, check out the video reaction of neighbors, which I note goes off quite differently than when police gun down some predatory thug who happens to be black and the race-baiters come flying out of the woodwork.
  3. Radley’s fist update. Still not a lot of specific details.
  4. Summation of the press conference by the Atlanta Police. Unsurprisingly, any facts even remotely germane to rendering a judgment as to the propriety of the police actions are "under investigation." Those facts won’t be released until this story is an old memory that only a few remember.
  5. The police begin covering their asses, as usual. And why not? After all, when a lone cop or small group engage in illegal activities such as dealing drugs or being on the take, it’s fairly common for that to be exposed and prosecuted by other police. But when far worse actions by police — like massive assault raids leading to murder — occur, they are a consequence of policy, and that, people, is never exposed or prosecuted by police. Never. Radley raises a whole host of other questions and addresses neighbor reaction.
  6. Radley must again deal with the likes of conservative (you can say that, again) police-apologist and authoritarian sycophant Patterico, a Los Angeles County prosecutor. Nothing surprising. Just as above, Patterico would find it easy to condemn the same actions if they were carried out by cops acting alone. But what happened is a matter of police and prosecutorial routine, and that must always be protected. It’s a livelihood — a just-doing-my-job — for far too many to allow the life of a mere 92-year-old black woman to call into question the very foundations of such an empire. After all, these guys have pensions and 401Ks, don’t you know?
  7. More Patterico here, here, here, and here.
  8. Yea, where are the pictures of the G.I. Joe clad "drug warriors" standing behind the fruits of their bust?
  9. Well I don’t suppose you can blame them. Everything calls for a "federal investigation," nowadays. Most typically, it’s the feds calling for a federal investigation. Investigations are great for "officials" at all levels, because, you know, they "can’t comment" on an ongoing one. By the time it’s done, it’s ancient history. Pretty convenient device, eh?
  10. Legally, you’re screwed. All of you.
  11. Of course, this sort of thing is just an "isolated incident."
  12. Oops, another "isolated incident, just another unfortunate cost of war.

No need to concern yourselves, though. I mean, how can anyone really complain, and what are the odds, anyway? She got 92 good years on the planet. What’s everyone so excited about? The cops were just doing their job.

How ironic, that in the year of Kathryn Johnston’s birth, in 1914, a law would be passed that would ultimately serve as her death warrant 92 years later as a "civilian casualty."

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  1. Lute Nikoley on December 4, 2006 at 16:56

    "I was just obeying the law," geez, I think I heard that one before, oh yeah, that was Adolf Eichman who said that to justify the killing of 6 million jews.

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