Kind of a Mess

If you can get through the maze of this post by Balko, here’s really the only thing that comes close to the point.

Medved is also misguided in
stating that for one to subscribe to natural rights theory, one must
believe those rights are conferred by a deity.  Kant most famously
arrived at natural rights theory without acknowledging a creator.  But
even Locke, while not a deist, showed that one could arrive at natural
rights through reason, not religious faith in the idea that innate
rights have to come from a divinity.

It’s simple. Really. You choose your own values, right? Stop and think about it. Right? Do you perceive that capacity in other people? You do, right? Well, if you do, and they do, then it’s a natural attribute of the human condition, right? Note emphasis on natural.

That’s all there is to it. Really. The fact that you can’t tread on others and they can’t tread on you in pursuing your all’s various values is simply a logical consequence of non-contradiction.

We’re done here.

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Richard Nikoley

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