“Nappy-Headed Ho” Redux

Here is likely the best analysis of the whole Imus incident and its political and cultural underpinnings. But first, along the way, there’s this gem about Howard Stern:

Whenever I listen to Stern, I feel unclean, as if I have been in the
presence of cretins who live in a sewer and revel in it and mock anyone
with pretensions higher than a sewer.

Me too, though I understand Stern has his fans; and so far as I can determine, neither he nor them are hurting anyone at all; everyone else is free to ignore them as much as they want.

He goes on to talk about blacks who use racially loaded language (usually directed at whites) to get a laugh, or for whatever other reasons may suit them. Like Myrhaf, I often enjoy this sort of making fun. I understand that there are differences between races and cultures, I’m glad for it, and sometimes those differences are funny. People and their habits and quirky dispositions are funny. I often think we take ourselves far too seriously where we oughtn’t and don’t take ourselves seriously enough where we ought.

What is the difference between Tom Joyner’s racism and Imus’s? In our
egalitarian, altruist culture, one can joke about the powerful, but not
about the weak and oppressed. Some collectivism is respected, some
collectivism will get you fired from CBS. If media corporations were to
fire all buffoons who make collectivist statements, then all buffoons
would be fired. Indeed, some broadcasters who are not considered
buffoons, such as Tom Joyner, would be fired. Imus was attacked and
fired not because he was collectivist, but because he was

New Left is multiculturalist — a crude, racist vision of the world
that views people not primarily as individuals, but as members of a
racial group. Imus, a white male, attacked African-Americans, a class
of victims, and this speech is forbidden. As altruism demands, the
strong must sacrifice for the weak. White males must not make racist
statements about African-Americans.

Racism is a terrible evil, a form of collectivism as Ayn Rand wrote,
but the left only views racism by the strong as racism. Egalitarian
racism, or multiculturalism, is one of the pillars of the New Left. As
egalitarian racists, today’s liberals are the most predominant racists
in American history. They are also the most dangerous racists in
American history. Not only is egalitarian racism (multiculturalism) not
reviled, it is idealized throughout our culture and indoctrinated into
students. The New Left is transforming America from an individualist
nation into a racist one.

Be sure and read the whole thing.


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  1. John T. Kennedy on April 16, 2007 at 10:36

    Racism a terrible evil? In and of itself racism is merely a vice, and people attach far too much importance to it.

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