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From a couple of evenings ago. Pan fried Turbot, butternut squash, and
a simple green leaf lettuce salad with tomatoes, red onion, and carrot.
The turbot was from the frozen section of the new Trader Joe's
that opened just five minutes away. Over the years I have always been
very happy with the flash frozen, vacuum-packed fish from them and can
rarely tell the difference from fresh. In the case, the turbot even had a seasoning already rubbed onto the fish prior to freezing, so I literally had to do nothing but thaw and fry high and quick in oil. The other night, I also got a package of their frozen medley of shrimp, scallops and calamari, and combined with a bit of snapper from another frozen pack (I'll cook up the rest another time), whipped up a delicious pot of cioppino; alas, without the mussels.

The butternut squash is also from Trader Joe's. Comes all cut and prepared in a plastic bag that you just slit and place in the nuking machine for a few minutes. I then placed it in a saucepan where I'd heated some butter and olive oil and tossed it in that with a bit of salt, pepper and fresh lime juice.


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  1. vendo on July 22, 2007 at 16:38

    Are you familiar with Owsley Stanley? He was pretty well known in the 60s as an LSD pioneer.

    He has been following a zero-carb diet for 48 years. Eating almost nothing but meat, cheese, eggs and spices. Based on the studies of the Inuit.

    Here is a compilation of his posts as thebear from a nocarb forum last year.

    Here is his website.

    At the very least, it makes for a very interesting read.


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