Note to Beck


It’s a load of fun, really. When I was on 7th Fleet staff over in WestPac, we staff officers used to get together in various ports and make lots of fun of it. I’ve "hashed" in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia (Penang, not Kuala Lumpur, it’s place of origin), Hong Kong, and numerous times in Japan — including once a course with the terminal point (and beer kegs and BBQ) at my house in Hayama. The looks on the faces of "natives" is unforgettable.

Afterwards, we drink beer, eat, and insult one-another in song and lyrics having plenty of f-bombs and other foul and vulgar language.

You’d get along great with these kind of people, I’m quite certain. I can’t recall Balzac ever coming up, either.

(For those of you reading, don’t overlook the important aspect of Billy’s post detailing the terrorism hysteria.)


  1. Happy Curmudgeon on August 30, 2007 at 07:20

    Another 'hasher!' I agree that it's fun and a great way to meet interesting people, especially if you happen upon a hash away from home. The best place I've hashed was in Garmisch, Germany. The beer was fantastic!

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