Fuck Obama and His Stupid Bitch

There; I said it.

Indicative of my level of frustration, I guess. Yesterday, I endured — for a short time — being lied to by the wives of the presidential candidates on some Oprah-Doprah teevee program. It was such utterly contemptible, pandering and rotten bullshit that it always makes me wonder what world I live in, when I know there are millions on millions just lapping it up like it’s the first time in the world they’ve heard it. Obama’s wife was clearly the stupidest (I’m saying nothing). She prattled on endlessly, naming things that require the time and values of people to create, assemble, and manage; yet the whole point in brining up these things is to admonish "getting the money out of them." In other words: do them devoid of the principle means by which things get done. I guess they’ll happen somehow. Fucking moron.

But he’s sure a good speaker. Yep; I said that when I heard him at the democrat convention last go-round (ignoring content, of course). I remembered I said that when James Ostrowski granted it: "A great speaker though, give him that." I sensed I’d not be hearing the last of him. We’re such suckers for practiced dynamism and charisma; i.e., we’re a shallow bunch of dummies. But:

His talk about how his brand of "leadership" will "bring the country together" is particularly annoying. How does the failed liberal bag of tricks promise to bring us together when at least half of the country is sick to death of such nonsense? Those ideas and policies have been failing for about one hundred years now. This guy is stuck in the 1960’s, the blind and naive faith of the Great Society years. He is not the voice of the future but the voice of the failed past that we want to move beyond.

Not only that, but all the socialist "bringing together" since WWII, from both sides, have done more to divide people than anyone has seen since the Civil War. There was a time I’d have never even considered a title as appears, above. Now, I just don’t give a shit. I don’t care what anyone thinks about it and they can just fuck right off, and that’s just how I honestly assess it.

But as backward as Obama’s politics seems to me or anyone else paying honest attention from an historical perspective, it’s not like that’s going to stop anyone. From what I’m seeing, all the fools are still just as foolish, perfectly happy to be fooled again. I’ve said it before: every four to eight years we dump the bad King and elect a "good" King. Repeat endlessly.

But Jesus; if I can get through the monotonous, replayed banality and bullshit without my head exploding, it’ll be a miracle. James had a previous post about Obama that’s worth a look. I think he’s a bit bright eyed as concerns Paul, but whatever. It’s not going to make a difference soon anyway. The importance of Paul is the young people in America (and internationally) still young enough to be able to care about being lied to and lapping up lies, if they want to care. Maybe that amounts to something in the decades to come.

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  1. Michael Adams on February 4, 2008 at 11:31

    I can not believe that she might be the first lady. All she cares about is her kids. She said that she never wants her kids to go through this again, and she wants us to vote her husband into the white house. WTF!!!!

  2. Doak Winston on April 14, 2010 at 20:34

    I would hate Obama even if he was white.

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