Better Late’n Never

I took a video of my master chef baby-brother Mike popping the turkey into the deep fryer for Christmas dinner a few weeks ago.

I put it off, because I knew it just wouldn’t be any fun to go to the trouble, having done a few videos before. Then this weekend happened. First experience with iMovie. It’s just such a pleasure to work with. It makes you look good, but it isn’t really true. Chef Mike bought Bea’s Mac Mini and has set it up primarily for Hunter. I think Hunter could make movies with iMovie with a bit of help and coaching.

So, anyway, here’s the link to the one-click-published hi-res version of "Deep Fried Turkey," and here’s the one-click-published UTube. Took me three minutes to create that, bit there was a bit of luck involved. I dragged over the Feidler bit, and just tell me it wasn’t just perfect with the break or chreshendo coming right as the turkey cavity filled with hot oil. So I let it alone.

Ever deep fried a turnkey? Well, you must. Takes out all the guesswork, and it’s just perfect every time. Here’s the finished product, 50 minutes later.


Too "greasy," you say? Well, here’s the next day. Three gallons in, very nearly three gallons out. It’s not about grease, dear reader; it’s about efficiency of heat transfer.


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  1. Greg Freeman on January 24, 2008 at 21:17

    Deep fried turkey is the absolute best turkey I've ever had. It's even better with injected butter/flavoring. I haven't fully enjoyed regular baked turkey since.

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