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I’ve had the luxury of a company for some years where I have employees at my disposal to essentially take care of anything and everything having to do with the company. But I’ve never felt comfortable using them to handle personal affairs, for a number of reasons.

Now this: personal outsourcing. I think it’s a great idea and for what it’s worth, I have never bought into the negative hype about customer service out of India, the Philippines, or elsewhere where "them forners" reside. The other day I called one of my mortgage companies to change a mailing address and got on the line with a nice lady in Manila who was nothing but meticulously polite and professional. Yesterday, I switched out my wireless router up here at the cabin from a Linksys to an Apple AirPort Extreme, and realized I had forgotten the PPPoE password and didn’t have it written down. Within a minute or so I was on line with one of AT&T’s tech service reps in India who was, again, meticulously polite and professional. This has been my general experience for some years, and I always ask if they’re overseas. My suggestion to companies: have your support people be up-front about it, rather than carry on implication that you’re trying to hide it. From my own substantial experience in this area, if you make sure your customers know they’re dealing with someone in India or Croatia, or the P.I., or wherever, your customers will soon express a preference for foreigners because those foreigners — again, in my experience — are a cut above in terms of professionalism.

(via: Tim Ferris)

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  1. virtual Ass(istant) on April 15, 2008 at 00:58

    It is a common value for those people to be polite to their clients because they do not only value the work that they have but as well they also value their personality and character.. And it's good to know that it reflects well in the way they make business… :)

    Being meticulously polite doesn't mean that they are hiding something. It's just their way of doing business. And perhaps, they might just be intimidated with you, that's why, they can't think of anything but just be courteous with the one they deal face to face …

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