Automatic Lying

That’s all this is about. Here’s Warren’s take. And Billy’s. This bears reflection:

For years now, it’s occurred to me that America would bring its characteristic (almost an instinct for) innovation to tyranny. This government would write new chapters in its annals, sprung from a uniquely American ambition and sincerity but bent so far around historic corners that all sight of home was lost. And so it would sink below its nature to something old and sick, but uniquely descended.

Get it?

Billy also linked this by Roy Spencer, who, of course, also notes that the polar bear population is likely at or near a record high since keeping track of such things. But what does that matter? There are "positions to stake out," "roles to play," "stances to take," and "poses to strike." …All, euphemisms for plain old lying.

By the way, I picked up Spencer’s book last weekend and would definitely recommend it. The sort of tragic-humorous-ironic style in that article is throughout the book. Here’s a six-page excerpt (once you get there, click on the "Excerpt" link in the left sidebar).

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  1. Richard Nikoley on May 24, 2008 at 07:55

    "I just read this and have a hard time understanding what you're talking about."

    Not surprising, since…

    "You think there's a conspiracy…"

    "Automatic" implies exactly the opposite.

  2. Josh on May 24, 2008 at 06:31


    I just read this and have a hard time understanding what you're talking about. You think there's a conspiracy to lie about whether polar bear habitat and polar bears are on the decline? Do you know how unreasonable that sounds? And to link that to tyranny in America…are you sure this is the position you want to stake out?

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