A Bit of a Roundup in Fitness

The diet experiment went OK last week, though if anyone has been checking my FitDay data, I haven't updated since Thursday (but I will). Add to that, we had a going-away party Friday night, another one at friends' on Saturday night, and then there was the Father's day festivities at mom's yesterday. Mom does low carb, and after the previous two nights of overindulgence I was off the alcohol, so it was about one for three.

And now both Bea and I — with her off school for the summer — are back on Lyle's program. I really hate it. It's just too low in fat. But I'll stick with it until we head down to SoCal on the 2nd of July. Then I plan to resume a bit lower fat version of paleo / EvFit. Principally, I'll forego nuts and cheese until I get the last couple dozen pounds of fat off. Maintenance will be a cinch. Hey, I already love eating this way and even when pounds were coming off excruciatingly slow, I never gained anything more than the typical fluctuations of a pound or two, which is probably digestive and water retention.

By the way, I had the idea of going to a low fat regime temporarily by reading these two entries from Dr. Michael Eades, author of Protein Power (with a new book off to the publisher). If you're doing low carb and have had issues with losing weight (fat), then those two blog entries and the comments are essential reading. I have steadily lost fat the whole year + I've been doing this, but at times it has slowed to as little as a pound to two per month. Cutting out alcohol (at least during the weekdays), as well as nuts and cheese really did the trick and a couple of weeks ago I dropped four pounds in three days (prior to beginning Lyle's program).

In other news, Stephan has interesting updates on the Masai. The first deals with the binary nature of the stats on atherosclerosis, and the second, how their low cholesterol on a very high-saturated fat diet went way up when the saturated fat was cut out. Also, this comment of Stephan's on the first of the cited links is a must.

Next up, my friend Justin Owings has a couple of interesting ones. The Stochasticity of Life bears serious reflection, with a quote from someone I link to a lot. As someone who places a lot of weight on the notion that ideas shape the future and serve to explain the past, this is a good reminder that ideas and principles, while crucially important, aren't everything. There is still a randomness. Here's why: there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of people living this very minute even more evil than Hitler in terms of the ideas they hold. Consider that. And, you will never eliminate them. You must understand that a great deal of what happens is not caused by bad and/or evil ideas — they have always persisted and always will — but by random and stochastic events and cycles that simply happen and that nobody can ever predict, much less have any idea of just what combination will set off a chain reaction of evil that results in the murder of tens of millions.

Justin again, this time on the topic of Hormesis. Here's his entry, which you'll note references me. In an email exchange we determined that the idea I'd actually passed on to him was one of using the clod dip if one is availalbe at your gym. That was on Stephan's Hormesis post, and my comment about getting into 40 degree water after the workout, sauna, steam room and hot tub.

Art is making progress on his redesign, and it looks good. "Super Mike" has turned 55 years old and is looking better and leaner than ever. Now, I can imagine that the untrained eye doesn't think he looks as good as he does, but that's an illusion created by the camera, owing to his twisting sideways at the waist and getting a 2D instead of 3D image of it. Trust me.

On the mental health front, Karen has fired HP and Microsoft. And hired Apple. My first email out of the day this morning was a note of congratulations.

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  1. Justin Owings on June 17, 2008 at 07:53

    Thanks for the links, both to my site and elsewhere. I enjoyed Eades' posts tremendously, and I think he described a phenomenon that I experienced. That is, that as I've become more experienced in low-carb, I've found new foods to incorporate in my diet, which has raised the overall caloric intake thereby slowing down progress. I'm looking forward to this next post he keeps talking about.

    An update on my implementation of a "cold water shock" — by shower — I've found my body reacts much faster to this now just a week or so after starting to do this regularly. I find that satisfying in its own right.

  2. Diet Deals on June 19, 2008 at 03:59

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