Arthur De Vany at the Gym

Update 8/17/2008: Since Art changed his blog around, the links below to his photos are no longer available. However, I've written a lot of stuff about Art, and you can skim through all my "EvFit" postings here. Also, here's a recent video clip of Art, taken a few months back at a seminar I attended in Vegas.

For those skeptical about Evolutionary Fitness (diet and exercise) and its long-term health benefits, here's a look at Art while at the gym getting some photos done for his book.

He turns 71 years old in August. I would say that almost anyone should be able to obtain those kind of results in just a few year's time, depending on where you are when you begin. It's 80% about the diet, and the workouts should be short (30-40 minutes max), intense, and no more frequent than 2-3 times per week at the gym.

By the way, I'll probably devote a post to this and a few other items, but I dumped the Lyle McDonald Rapid Fat Loss Diet early in the week and went back to eating EvFit/Paleo and I'm not looking back, ever. I bring this up because I think a lot of people look at someone like Art, who has been practicing EvFit for 25 years or so, and they conclude it's going to be hard work, requiring too much discipline, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. I'm just one person and I guess that perhaps some would not enjoy an EvFit lifestyle, but all I could think of while on that low-carb, low-fat, mega protein diet in order to speed my progress in getting to 10% BF was getting back to the EvFit way of eating that I have come to love. This is a way of life, or "Life Way," as Art calls it, not a diet or "exercise program." All that Art has really accomplished by eating and exercising as he does is to let his 2-3 million year evolved genes express themselves as they were meant to do — even into one's 70s, 80s, and most likely well beyond.

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  1. cj on June 22, 2008 at 06:33

    congratulations on the decision, I think that part of evfit is allowing nature to take its course. Patience in todays society is sorely lacking in virtually every aspect. As they say, slow and steady wins the race. I have found that short cuts generally end badly!! Keep up the solid work, your on the right track.

  2. walter on June 23, 2008 at 05:52

    I've been following DeVany for a couple of years. I've lost 70 lbs of an estimated 90 that needs to be lost (yeah, I was a porker). I've been on a weight plateau for about 4 months now, and was waiting to see how your new diet was going to work.
    Did you lose anything while on it? I wasn't looking forward to starting it myself, but I was hoping you'd report that it worked a miracle. After 4 months of being pegged at 203, I'd have liked to see a magic bullet.
    Thanks for the great blog, otherwise!

  3. Richard Nikoley on June 23, 2008 at 13:07

    Well, Walter, I'd say that losing 70 pounds probably significantly lowered your energy requirements, so it's not a surprise that you'll get hung up. Have you tried meat only for a couple weeks? How about fasting?

    Anyway, no, I lost no weight at all. I was on it Monday – Thursday, then the next Monday and Tuesday. My wife, however, did drop about 5 pounds — but she wasn't really low carb prior, so that's probably mostly water.

  4. walter on June 24, 2008 at 05:23

    Hi, thanks for replying.
    I have not tried meat only yet. I have avoided going that far, but I might need to. I do intermittant short fasts, not eating after 1 or 2 pm several times a week. I think sometimes I eat to much fat, since I love pork in all its manifestations.
    I've considered doing a longer fast, like 3 days. I did a few of those several years ago, when I was at my heaviest. I didn't suffer any ill effects, lost no muscle that I could discern. I dunno, I'll just keep experimenting until something works. I've completely shifted to the lifestyle by now, so giving up and "going back" is no temptation. Plus I'm incomparably healthier than before.

  5. Jason Muehring on June 24, 2008 at 20:34

    Hi Richard,
    I haven’t read it yet, but I hear really good things about a book called (I think) ‘100 Year Diet.” The idea is about calorie restriction leading to longevity. A 72-year-old avid backpacker I know swears by it and claims it’s really the only way to significantly beat genetically determined lifespan. Perhaps he’s a human marvel, but I’ve never met a man of his age that can drink me under the table and then backpack at a grueling rate for two weeks straight in the Swiss Alps.

    Also, Mariam has been recently reading a lot about fiber intake. Our not-so-distant ancestors apparently consumed 50 – 100 grams of fiber per day while the average American consumes less than 20 grams. I truly think she’s on to something. Check out these sources:

    The Human Hybrid:

    So go the Pima, so go the rest of us:

    About the author:

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