The Very Interesting Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Pretty sweeping interview in the London Times. I think he gets it right a whole lot more than he gets it wrong. As it turns out, that's probably the very best anyone can hope for.

(via Art De Vany, whom Taleb mentions in the interview)

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  1. typhus on June 4, 2008 at 21:39

    Nassim is always very entertaining. He’s got a load of witty one liners for every situation and I’ve always enjoyed listening to what he has to say. I seek out his comments/interviews regularly. If he has one flaw it is that he mistakes his knowledge for wisdom. The wisdom of his message is not that complicated. I often liken his advice to that my grandmother used to give me as a child. Fortunately for Nassim he is far more entertaining than my grandmother.

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