Bitch Charm II

Those who were around last January and took a look will recall Bitch Charm.

And now I'll introduce you to Bitch Charm II. That's our 3-yr-old Rat Terrier, Nanuka ("Nuke"). The other dog is Spot, a sheep herding breed and a very nice dog. If you saw my flying video from the other day, he's featured in my landing. He does this to all the pilots. At about 300-500 ft AGL ('above ground level') he gets "missile lock," as Page, the human Spot owns, describes it. It's very interesting to watch. Rather than simply chasing underneath the glider in the air, he maintains an angle (that's an "intercept vector"), always turning inside the glider on it's DBF ('downwind, base, & final') and always ends up right underneath at landing.

Every pilot I've seen welcomes it just fine.

Anyway, Nuke likes Spot just fine too. Down, and literally dirty. See for yourself.

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  1. Richard Nikoley on August 21, 2008 at 08:47

    I feed them EVO:

    They particularly like the canned rabbit, the duck, and the venison. All 95% animal, which I take to mean lean tissue, fat, ground bone, and organ meat.

    Rotor, my 9-yr-old male has dropped 20% of body weight, is now very lean, and has taken 5 years off his life in terms of his activities. He actually sprints around full bore chasing squirrels. I walk the both of them 3.5 miles every weekday morning, and they get two other walks for another couple of miles per day.

    Their favorite though is when I make beef jerky and trim the fat. I give it to them raw, and they devour it. It's perfectly natural.

  2. Richard Nikoley on August 21, 2008 at 11:08


    I think the key is to not obsess about food. Eat real food, including plenty of fat, primarily from animal sources (and coconut oil).

    Have you done any fasting? Paradoxically, that has been the best way to get me to stop obsessing about what I eat, when I eat, and how much.

    I just eat real food, sometimes a lot, and often I leave stuff on the plate. Sometimes I eat some good helpings of fruit, and other times I'll go days without any.

    Mix it up, skip some meals, and sometimes skip at least two in a row.

    Throw your body some curves.

  3. Bill on August 21, 2008 at 04:57

    Richard, do you feed your dog's meat or dog food?Mark sisson has a good post about feeding dog's a diet rich in meat and veggies no whole grains.


  4. Bill on August 21, 2008 at 09:05

    I have a question for you,my diet has been pretty good mostly meat ,egg's cheese and some greens but iam not perfect all the time.As fat as iam i know my insulin has to be out of whack,i want to eat paleo like egg's,fruit for breakfast or nut's and fruit etc.And meat and green's for other meals but iam afraid the fructose in the fruit will spike my insulin and store more fat.I look at alot of the meals on feel good eating on Marc's blog and would like to eat like that that's paleo to me.What should i do just not eat carb's at all so i won't have insulin spikes i dunno i guess i dunno for shure but do carbs just go right to fat cells ther'es so much shit out there on how to be healthy and lose weight i dont know what the hell to do.All these paleo guy's look good and are healthy and look how good your looking(non homo way)After seeing what you have achieved io trust your oppinion what should i do.

    thank's Bill

  5. Richard Nikoley on August 22, 2008 at 09:31

    I doubt you're supposed to be fat. You probably didn't get that way in the space of a few months, or even a few years, so it's unlikely that you're going to get back into shape really quick.


    If you're fasting every day, that's not really intermittent. I'm concerned that you're not eating enough, or at least frequently enough. Even with fruit, if you keep your carbs under 50 g per day, I don't see how you're going to pile on any fat. Have you had your Ac1 tested, to see what your 3-month average insulin is? If it's on the low side of the range, or below, then you're in good shape and I'd not worry about random glucose results.

    Also, remember, GH is really the key. I'd like to see what happens if you eat three meals per day (as small as they need to be, i.e., same cals as before, only more spread out. Then, twice per week, do a longer term fast, like 30 hours. Eat a meal around lunch, go to bed hungry, then go the entire day without food, only water or unsweetened coffee/tea. Do a 30-minute intense workout in the late afternoon, and then eat a nice steak or something a couple hours after the workout, when your hunger returns.

    During the workout, if you hunger does not go away within about the first 10 minutes, then you're not doing it intensely enough. I don't know what you have equipment wise, but you can get plenty intense with pushups (inclined, if you have to), squats, lunges, some jumps (hop across the floor, back & forth). Pay particular attention to really working the legs. Just keep cranking it for 30 minutes, and try not to pause too much in between sets. Do as many pushups as you can, then as many squats ("deep knee bends"), as many lunges, as many jumps (hops), and see what you can work in for variety. Maybe you can't make it a full 30-minutes first time, but you will improve, and you'll improve quick.

    Now, why? GH. What are the three ways to get a GH release? Fasting, intense resistance exercise, and sleep. By doing it this way, fast, sleep on an empty stomach, then exercise on an empty stomach, you're getting max GH, and that's going to preserve (even build) lean tissue, and burn fat. You might actually gain a few pounds initially. Normal, and good, because you know it's not fat, and lean weighs a lot more per volume.

    See here:

    Now, of that doesn't work, I'd be really stumped, but I think you've got to do it for a month, i.e., eight 30-hour fasts, with eight workouts at the end of each one.

    However, if there's still no progress, you might want to check into this:

  6. Bill on August 22, 2008 at 08:41

    You know Richard, maybe iam just suppost to be fat,i would like to have some fruit for breakfast but know it will spike my insulin and make me even fatter,i love nut's and seed's but they are heavy in the calorie range and carb range.I love bacon and egg's but everyday it get's old i love fat but when you have to many carb's with it it creates all kind of problems.I do fast i don't eat breakfast so it's about a 16 or 17 hour fast a day.I know if i cut carb's down to 20 grams a day i will probly lose weight but it feels like a structured diet and then i miss carb's.Art say's insulin is a aging hormone so i want to try keeping mine low even know it's probly high or i wouldn't be fat correct.Then i think maybe iam obssesed with food, i had blood work done and it came back good but i look and feel like shit.

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