Here's a conversation with a waitress at a nice little restaurant this morning.

Me: I'll have the eggs, ground beef patty, potatoes; no toast. Over easy and medium.

Her: Oh, the ground beef has almost no fat in it.

Me: That's unfortunate.

Her: Oh, yea, she gets the ground beef with almost no fat in it and cooks it well done, so it's healthy.

Me: I beg to differ. I eat 60-70% of calories from animal fat and have the healthiest blood lipids you will ever see in your life. Anyway, how about the sausage patty? Is that low fat too?

Her: Oh no, not at all.

Me: Alright then. Sausage it is.

Of course, she knows nothing about "health," neither does the cook, and neither do over 99% of the people in the civilized world. Primitives and savages know about nutritional health, but then again, they have to in order to survive. They don't have the "convenience" of being able to blank out and simply follow and regurgitate the "points and authorities" of the anointed, which, I hasten to add, have been a general disaster for most people who've ever followed them. She only spouts off with the "low fat" and "health" crap in the same sentence because of the oos, ahs, and pats on the head she gets from the ignorant, the stupid, and the moronic — most of whom are probably lard asses: from eating low-fat, sugar, and grains.

When she walked off, I turned and said to Bea: I hate it when someone presumes me to be a moron.

There's no shortcut. You must become your own authority and your own experimental laboratory if a sound and genuinely healthy body is as important to you as a sound mind. There's no dichotomy, and just as you must take on your own study of philosophy, history, and politics to have a genuinely authoritative view of man's life in this world, the other — integrated — side is the fitness of your own body.

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  1. Richard Nikoley on August 17, 2008 at 16:09

    Starbucks does have half & half, so ask if they can use that. Heavy cream would be even better, but I don't think they have it anywhere.

    Want a great breakfast shake? I usually eat whole foods, but this is an occasional meal:

    1 scoop vanilla flavored whey protein (I use Gold Standard)
    1 cup heavy cream (alternatively, 1/2 cup cream and 1/2 cup whole raw, non-homogenized milk)
    2 jumbo eggs
    1 teaspoon to 1 tblsp coconut oil, according to preference
    1 tsp vanilla extract, if you like

    Mix it all in a blender or smoothie machine with as much ice as you need to give it the thickness you desire.

    I use that to wash down my 4 caps of salmon oil, 2 caps of cod liver oil, and 3 caps of butter oil high in K2 (MK-4)

  2. Adam Cilonis on August 17, 2008 at 15:38

    I have been preparing my agenda for the first month of school…the second topic I teach is macromolecules. I can't wait to impart some true wisdom about what goes in your mouth and what it does to your body or what your body do with it!

    I have found an intersting side-effect of ordering sugarfree hazelnut at starbuck…they ask me if I want it with nonfat milk, like everytime! I say no I would like fullfat milk…they then say we only have 2%. I say that will be fine.

  3. Bill on August 17, 2008 at 16:42

    Richard shame ,shame what are you doing eating a potatoe?

  4. Gordon on August 17, 2008 at 17:26

    Richard, when you say heavy cream are you meaning the raw kind or store bought? I can't find jack in my area in the form of real milk or cream.

  5. Adam Cilonis on August 17, 2008 at 23:11

    Have you tried the protein that Mark from Mark's Daily Apple sells? I bought the chocolate flavor…it ok…I'm going for the vanilla on my next order.

  6. Richard Nikoley on August 18, 2008 at 07:06


    Well, it's not a religion and even if it was, I'm the last to be a fundamentalist. I'll even eat a slice of pizza, every now and then.

    Gordon, Whole Foods here in California has raw milk and raw cream. Sometimes I get the regular store bought cream and milk, however, when I can't get to WF.

    Adam, no, haven't tried it, but I'll take a look next time.

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