“To hell with these liars”

Damn right:

I think this is splendid. "Ideological diversity" is horseshit. What's needed is ideological clarity: the honesty of publishers' convictions laid out straight in what they produce. Adolph Ochs' delusion of objectivity, seminal in American journalism, was essentially overthrown at The New York Times in two generations for the very good and natural reason that thinking ordinarily results conclusions and convictions, with the equally natural caveat that peoples' ethics condition their thinking. The question must always be held in mind: "What values are these people moving for?" This is the enormous question that has always gone hidden under the patina of "objectivity", and these people are dying because readers — being hip to it for decades now — now also have object lessons in these principles raining down out of the internet 24/7.

Billy Beck puts Glen Reynolds in short pants over the crumbling Sacramento Bee.

As an aside, it's not only political ideology that's driving a wedge between the privileged dishonest and the honest, fuck-you-if-you-don't-like-it true intelligentsia. The dishonest were never intelligent; just calculating, pragmatic, mendacious. To be candid, they have lots of fools ready and willing — indeed enthusiastic — to lap up the lies, because, after all, if you can get "society" to "insure" you against the fuck ups, a virtual reality of one's own creation is the preferred lazy man's "reality." It goes like this: life's tough; maybe I can get someone to pay for a faked life; but first, I need lies; "authoritative" lies, from on high. And even the more-or-less honest, good people who generally pay their own way and then some, go right along. I call these people fools. So, naturally, I think about 99 out of 100 people are abject fools. That would include anyone with a stake in this upcoming election beyond the purely cynical/clinical, i.e., the mass hysteria and psychosis I referred to the other day. Voters: fools.

So there's a market for virtual reality, i.e., mind-created fantasy in an area where only actual reality will do. It runs the gamut. It began with that silliest of fantasies: gods; and proceeds forth in every other area from politics to public policy to "science" to relationships to diet and exercise, and on and on.

There will always be a market for liars because there will always be people who prefer lies over the truth, when it's expedient to do so. But at least the neo-intelligent have another option. It's why I don't even watch any news on TV, and I only go to a big-name news site from a link on an intelligent, honest person's blog who's typically in the process of exposing lies, when exposing plain old stupidity and incompetence isn't enough. All those outlets are full of plain old stupidity, cluelessness, and general incompetence, now, and that's a cultural problem — the root cause of which is the willingness to swallow sweet sweet lies and fantasies in place of reality. Dealing with reality head on is the quickest way to an education, to intelligence and competence.

"To hell with [the] liars."

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  1. Brian N. on August 28, 2008 at 18:22

    Ideological diversity would be a thing to look forward to if everyone who wants to be counted in said diversity was willing to bring the basis for their arguments to account before empirical demonstration and reason. As this is hardly the case, especially with the post-moderns and the genuinely mystical beliefs held by some, there's no reason to desire diversity as such.

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