Turbulence Training

Craig Ballantyne really does good work. See for yourself. That's 12 weeks, people. Here's the results from his spring contest.

And yet, day after day and week after week I see the same people
trudging away on the treadmill, elliptical, cycle…making no progress.

there's the joggers out on the trail every morning. There's this one,
in particular. Three years ago when she first showed up, she was a bit
plump, but not too bad, and hard a certain Meryl Streep charm about her. She must've stuck with it for about three
months, maybe. Then you never saw her. Then, months later, she's out
there again, and fatter. Repeat. I saw her this morning for the first
time in a long time, and now way fat, bordering obese.

No doubt the product of a low-fat diet.

The diet and exercise "gurus" that line the shelves of your local B&N or Borders ought to be quaking in fear. This is the future, folks; people taking matters into their own hands, becoming their own laboratory, holding themselves publicly accountable, and getting real results. And you know what? It's so god dammed simple. And easy. It's just that real food and real exercise have been long forgotten. But you can't fool mother nature, and the evidence is literally everyplace you look. Almost everyone — everyone, even the "skinny" — is fat. Are you fat? Presuming you would like to do something about it, and I've got no beef with anyone who doesn't, when are you going to get to it? When? Craig's next contest starts September 1.

There's nothing to figure out. It's simple. Real food, no exceptions; i.e., nothing out of a box or a package. Nothing processed, and don't over process the stuff you make. If you bake, bake a roast or a salmon, or something. Real food. Always. Don't forget. No cake. That's not food.

Now, that's 80%, right there. Throw in some occasional fasting and some fun activities, and you're easily to 95%. Then decide if you want to go the other 5% and get ripped.

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  1. Beth on August 30, 2008 at 11:26

    Unfortunately many women seem to really get caught up in the numbers on the scale thing instead of focusing on body composition. The jogger you mentioned probably wonders why she doesn’t change even though she’s working so hard at it. I know I did.

    One of my favorite stories regarding “skinny fat” is 61-year-old Lorinde Williams a Body for Life competitor. In the picture on the left you can see what 20 years of aerobics did for her. On the right, you can see the change in body composition as a result of weight training and diet. Bet she weighs a lot more too but looks so much better.


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