Why I’m Not Interested

February 7, 2004. Read it; or, here's the short version: republicans are fools. The democrats are evil fucking commies, but the republicans are fools.

Don't know which I hate worse, but I have this sort of visceral respect — at least — for someone who honestly stands on their principles, and that would be the democrats (it's analogous to the condition that I have more respect for a common thief than for those jobholder thieves in government who enjoy legal immunity).

And now look what you've got: John Fucking McCain. What a laugh. You deserve every last inch of him. Good and hard.

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  1. Brian N. on August 28, 2008 at 17:21

    It's not all bad: I'm sure McCain will remember to be a proper gentleman and wear a rubber when serving the country.

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