“Noodle Food”

Now with a somewhat ironic metaphorical title for her blog, Diana Hsieh has it nailed. If you have time for the — now — 85 comments, you'll see how she has really educated herself quite deeply. No surprise for a professional philosopher — particularly one used to operating from a set of general, reality based principles.

It's a small world. I knew of Diana from USENET way years back, like '94ish. Also, her now husband, Paul. She didn't know until I replied that I was one of those muckrakers on the Objectivist philosophy newsgroups, as I posted under a pseudonym at the time.

How surprised I was last night to get an email from Diana out of the blue, also addressed to Art De Vany and Mark Sisson, thanking us all for the help we've been. I'm no match for those guys (yet, I hope), but Beatrice is always telling me that I'm helping more people than I even know.

It really is quite a reward to see increasing numbers of people benefit from this knowledge.

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  1. Vendo on September 23, 2008 at 13:05

    "Beatrice is always telling me that I'm helping more people than I even know."

    You have no idea. Great job. Keep it up.


  2. Jeff on September 30, 2008 at 11:48

    Hey Richard,

    You bring a slightly different point of view to the party, and a very thoughtful one. I appreciate your thoughts and read every post. I think you are helping more than you know.



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