My Evolution Catering Experience

If you haven’t noticed on the right sidebar, I have an ad up for a Bay Area company, Evolution Catering, run by Katherine (Kat) Strange, a reader. As part of the deal, I got some free food to try out, and I also got a couple more things out-of-pocket. The way Kat works is that there’s a new menu every week, you place your order, and it’s delivered on Monday. Most things in my order would keep at least 2-3 days in the fridge.

Here’s how it came delivered, to my door. Not included was a nice mixed greens salad with, I believe, grilled chicken and feta. That went to work with Bea and she reported loving it. Also not pictured is a hearty tomato soup with meatballs. That was Bea’s lunch today, though I had two of the meatballs with the soup cold and I could have easily eaten the whole thing cold. Really delicious.

Evolution Catering Packaging
Evolution Catering Packaging

So, we have grilled broccoli, grilled Brussels sprouts, salmon & fennel salad, stuffed flank steak, and chicken piccata. Of course, heating instructions were included as everything is pre-cooked. The salmon took the longest at 10-15 minutes in the oven, and everything else was heated in skillets in a few minutes with leaf lard, even the veggies.

An Evolved Meal
An Evolved Meal

So, I took the three entrées and two veggies and divided them between Bea & I. I could not resist doing a quick pure red wine deglaze and reduction in the pan I used to heat the flank steak. Takes under a minute, and just a literal 2-3 finger pinch (1/4 tsp) of potato flour made a paste of it.

Evolution Catering
Evolution Catering

While I really loved the flank steak, my favorite was the chicken piccata (I believe the breading is coconut flour, but not sure). Amazing. I also really loved the veggies and in particular, the Brussels sprouts. My least favorite was the salmon, but that’s probably because it was a pretty big meal and I finished off the meat & chicken first.

So isn’t this a great thing? Sorry it’s really only applicable to those is the San Francisco Bay Area, but maybe there are other entrepreneurs out there. Maybe some that could even work with Kat to expand to other areas. Who knows? Alternatively, perhaps you could contact catering companies in your area and suggest they look into paleo options, or even contact Kat for expansion opportunities. You never know.

As a final thought, you know I advocate that everyone learn to cook paleo and that they cook their own meals most of the time. Yea, this means generally eschewing restaurant food. You just don’t know what you’re getting (well, yes you do: tons of omega-6, even if you order completely low carb). This is a far better deal than restaurant food. No frankenoils in Kat’s kitchen, for sure.

Another idea: since many of you have to pack a lunch anyway…

Oh, almost forgot. If you place an order using "ANIMAL" as a promo code, you get $15 off your first order.

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