A Weight Loss Progress Update

Just a note about how things are going lately in shedding the roughly 15 pound gain I reported about in this recent post. Back down to 180 as of this morning, three pounds off since AHS, and things are moving well. Some moderate carbs but not excessive, my morning Huge Fat Bomb smoothies, doing intermittent fasting of 24-30 hours 1-2 times per week, fasted simple heavy resistance training of about 20 minutes 1-2 times per week, 1-2 20-minute dog walks per day, standing most of the time when I work rather than sitting (like right now), and trying to eat BIG on non fasting days, including grazing and munching into the later evening. I’m trying to roughly approximate a very high fat diet with moderate protein and moderate carbs.

I plan to add sprints or intervals on the elliptical machine after each workout beginning Monday.

Also, staying away from restaurants as much as possible. When we do go out — see below — it’s a steak and a bit of veggies for me, or just a steak a-la carte. Wednesday evening I began what turned out to be a 28-hr fast with this meal around 4pm.

Grassfed Beef Massaman Curry & Cinnamon Rice in Chicken Stock

This was after my Liquid Fat Bomb earlier in the day. The fast was broken with a 10oz. filet, asparagus, and a scotch.

Nicely Grilled on the Outside
Perfect for Me on the Inside

So in terms of self experimentation, I have no idea what’s contributing, what’s not, or even what might be hindering progress while still progressing overall. Too many variables and too complex to judge, but it’s roughly what I did in the past, so I’m just sticking with the program.

One thing new is the daily cup or more of high fat coconut milk in the smoothie each morning (ref: Liquid Fat Bomb Smoothie, and the impressive science behind it). I’ve always used some coconut milk, but that was in cooking, maybe once every couple of weeks on average. I must say that I am extremely impressed with the thermogenic as well as satiating effects when taken in the morning (usually between 9-10 am). This just may become a regular staple of life.

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  1. Sean on August 19, 2011 at 11:14

    I can’t see a shot of a thick juicy steak and a neat scotch without thinking of my favorite TV libertarian, Ron Swanson. Not sure he’d approve of the asparagus, but I’m sure he’d be glad to pass along a claymore for home defense purposes.

    Indianapolis is home to Charles Mulligan’s Steakhouse, the best damn steakhouse in the damn state. I have taken a picture of every steak I’ve ever eaten there. June 2004: Porterhouse, medium rare, Bearnaise sauce. January 2000: They call this one, The Enforcer. February ’96: The steak ribeye. The Whiskey: Lagavulin 16. The lady next to me? A bitch. Specifically, my ex-wife Tammy.

  2. chuck on August 19, 2011 at 11:43

    what flavor of scotch?

  3. Sean Drew on August 19, 2011 at 11:47

    Mmm…Scotch. I’ll be enjoying a Macallan 18 this evening. Cheers!

  4. Martin on August 19, 2011 at 11:57


    Thanks for sharing. I’m somewhat hitting a plateau currently and am looking for ways to kickstart further fat loss. What’s your rationale for these BIG meals on non fasting days?

    – Martin

    • Richard Nikoley on August 19, 2011 at 12:00

      Avoiding chronic under eating, given the fasting, which may result in lowering your resting metabolism as well as scavenging lean mass. You’ll lose weight but could actually end up being less lean.

      • kelly on August 20, 2011 at 07:00

        Seems to me that your success with intermittent fasting is evidence that an overall calorie deficit is necessary to lose weight. Calories In/Calories Out is relevant.

      • Richard Nikoley on August 20, 2011 at 09:26

        I don’t doubt it’s relevant. Resistance training alone without doing anything with diet over the first few months stopped my gain and got me about 1 lb loss per month. Going paleo over the next few months kicked the loss up to about 3 lb per month and then in the first 5 weeks of employing IF, loss accelerated to 4 lb per week, then leveled back off to about 2-3 per month until I hit 180lb.

  5. Primal Toad on August 19, 2011 at 11:58

    I wish you a lot of luck with your weight loss Richard! You know whats up. Scotch… I would go with a glass of red wine instead! If I find that coconut milk without guar gum then I will have to make that fat bomb smoothie! I could use a bunch of coconut oil too. I enjoyed a smoothie this morning with almond milk, avocado, strawberries and maca powder. So damn yummy.

    • Richard Nikoley on August 19, 2011 at 12:01

      Perhaps 4oz heavy cream and 4oz coconut oil to approximate something like 8oz coconut milk?

      • Primal Toad on August 19, 2011 at 17:36

        Ah, well, I am better off with coconut milk then I am heavy cream. At least this is what I believe. I used to suffer with severe acne and cutting dairy prior to going primal was HUGE! But, who knows what the exact factor was. I used to drink 4-6 glasses of pastuerized 1/2% milk daily. That’s a shit load of lactose (48-72 grams!) not to mention all the grains too.

        I tend to breakout when I eat dairy outside of butter and whey. So, my theory is that I am very lactose intolerant. Heavy cream is low in it and I’ve never tried it but I think I’d rather stick with drinking coconut milk once in a while and experimenting with that – its been a while.

        I may try some butter instead of heavy cream…

      • Mallory on August 20, 2011 at 18:26

        FWIW, one tablespoon of coconut butter mixed with a cup of warm water = a cup of coconut milk

  6. Brett Legree on August 19, 2011 at 12:30

    Congratulations on your progress, Richard. That’s a nice looking steak, too.

    I still can’t thank you enough for sharing that smoothie recipe, they’re really helping me get the calories I need right now. I think they’ll become a staple for me too.

  7. Alexandra on August 19, 2011 at 14:57

    You have inspired me. I am down about 120 lbs overall with maybe 20 lbs of excess fat to go.. not sure though, haven’t really ever been completely lean in my 50+ years of life. The weight came off with little effort and I have enjoyed just staying at the same weight for two years now without hunger between meals or portion control.. such a life change to eat until I am satisfied every time and then just forget about food (after a lifetime of always feeling hungry.) I am ready to experiment and tweak what I am doing and get that last amount of extra fat used up. Thank you for that inspiration.

    By the way.. coconut milk is

  8. Alexandra on August 19, 2011 at 14:59

    oops…Coconut milk is fantastic!

  9. Milton on August 19, 2011 at 16:39

    Curious here, whatever happened to your work with Martin Berkhan and his LG approach?

    • Richard Nikoley on August 19, 2011 at 16:49

      Got a bad njury in December. Had to drop it.

      • Richard Nikoley on August 19, 2011 at 16:50

        It’s no conclusive whether my LG workout regime caused it. Occam’s razor: I’m 50.

  10. Rhys on August 19, 2011 at 17:19

    I eat a whole can of coconut milk with my eggs most days to break the fast. I fry the eggs in butter and cover them in cinnamon and turmeric, then I whip up some separated coconut cream and maybe add a bit of stevia/vanilla. So delicious.

  11. Amit on August 19, 2011 at 19:06

    Sounds like a solid weight loss plan.

    Yea, cutting out restaurant food is key in my opinion. Lot of omega-6 and trans fats that don’t help weight loss at all.

    LOVE all things coconut, btw. :)

  12. Dave on August 20, 2011 at 10:14

    Yes, making your own food should be a big help. You really don’t know what’s being added to your food when you eat out. I’ve been doing 24 hour fasts and use Martin’s protocol at LG for fasted resistance training (ie, only consume 10g BCAAs prior to training) & break the fast for real with a nice bone-in rib eye steak. Good luck with the weight loss plan, it sounds like you have a solid plan!

  13. mike on August 20, 2011 at 16:49

    How do you incorporate the IF in your program?

    • Richard Nikoley on August 20, 2011 at 17:08

      I wrote it generally in the post, ie 1-2 times per week, 24-30 hours, typically on workout days because I always lift fasted. Overfeed if you can on other days. any specific questions?

  14. mike on August 20, 2011 at 20:10

    Just wanted to know of you did it after breakfast or dinner? I have tried the fat bomb for breakfast and it kept me satiated until dinner

  15. mike on August 20, 2011 at 21:02

    Do you fast after a specific meal? I have used your fat bomb with great results. It was very satiating. It is hard to find full fat coconut milk. Everything is always light

    • Richard Nikoley on August 20, 2011 at 22:10

      Fasts ar usually breakfast and late lunch, like 2ish, to dinner the next day. My preference.

  16. Luis on August 21, 2011 at 00:34

    Good progress. It would be useful to know what foods and eating patterns did you reintroduce to gain those 15 lbs. Did you also stopped slow walking when injured ?

    I have been doing 16h IF *every* single day during 6 months and now I want to change it this pattern for a while. This liquid fat bomb will be my breakfast: Fast, easy and satiating.

    • Richard Nikoley on August 21, 2011 at 01:06

      Way excessive restaurant eating, like all the time. I just didn’t feel like preparing amything.

      • Luis on August 21, 2011 at 01:47

        Yeap, who knows what oils they use to cook.
        Speaking about heaving training and avoiding injuries I have found that Jim Wendler´s 5/3/1 method is more appropriate for older people (I just turned 41). It is also centered around big compound lifts, but you never train with your 1RM and you have a deload week every 4-5 weeks. Maybe progress is slower, but I have already done 2 cycles and I feel much more rested than before. As a bonus, these guys at elitefts.com are just superb. Check out their youtube channel. Worth watching (specially the “so you think you can squat” series”). Tate, Wendler et all are just fucking strong.

  17. Andrew on August 24, 2011 at 18:26

    If you need any help with the paleo diet check out my website @ , I have guides, recipes and great exercise info. Let me know What you think about my latest Paleo blog post.

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