I’m OUTRAGED! Shame on you!

An open post to morons, ignoramuses and wankers.

But before I begin, here’s a tweet this morning from John Durant. You know, the guy in The New York Times, then on The Colbert Report, and who is still mystified that I can’t recall him from Art De Vany’s Las Vegas conference where I was kinda all into myself and not him. Love John, his sister Maggie, too, whom I had lunch with in SJ and who was then a fellow torturee at MovNat for a week.

Impure Thoughts/Day
0 = PC drone
1-5 = dinner party bore
6-10 = we could be friends
11+ = @rnikoley

John has a book coming out (I have a Galley copy) that all of you are going to buy and read, because it’s not bullshit, it’s not another fucking…FUCKING paleo Cookbook of the week…and it’s most certainly not by a publisher doing its best to flood the market with “paleo books” so its authors work to the bone and make shit, mostly. Alright I fiinally said it, though I still pick and choose, highlight and review my pics and will continue to do so as long as I’m getting 1-2 new books in the mail per week. Love. Hate. Y’know?


Fake Outrage in the Martin/Zimmerman Case

Having lived half my life in the Middle East, I am especially sensitive to recognizing fake outrage and shaming forced upon ordinary people by the social system. Every society uses shaming to define its morality, but some societies go too far in using and abusing shaming words that make people cringe and shrink whenever they are mentioned. Such intentional shaming is often fake and bogus done for the purpose of manipulating and controlling others. In America, expressions like ‘racist’ and in the Muslim world expressions like ‘apostate’ can do the trick of silencing citizens and keep them muzzled and beaten down.

The Muslim world is at the top of the list of cultures that perfected the art of fake and exhibitionist outrage and shaming to prevent the natural mental evolution of people to go to the next level and evolve beyond old baggage. […]

The activist Left is determined to rub America’s nose periodically to the ground to keep leverage over their opposition and continue the profitable business of race politics. It is embarrassing and difficult to see the Left using every shaming tool to preserve their sacred cow accusations of racism for the sake of winning elections. It does not matter to race baiters that the American people will become enslaved by the tyranny of shaming and will never move beyond the guilt over slavery, which was a worldwide phenomenon not only between black and white but more often within the same race. […]

We now have a whole new generation of young Americans who would rather defend terrorists and criminals rather than being called racists or bigot.

We now also have TV anchors and hosts who are behaving on camera like obedient little boys and girls who get outraged over nonsense and stay unmoved to outrage. […]

The American psyche, its innocence and respect for free thinking have be greatly harmed by the growing culture of shaming, name calling, intimidation and fake outrage. Perhaps Tahrir Square in Egypt today stands as a symbol of what can happen to a people who fall victim to the tyranny of shaming to form a stranglehold on an entire culture.

The word ‘racist’ has become meaningless and an insult to the intelligence of the majority of Americans who deserve better. Just like the dreaded word ‘apostate’ thrown all the time in the Muslim world. Reasonable people are offended by the use of the word racist in America and the use of the word apostate in Muslim countries.

Knock yourselves out, commies. I’ll fuckin’ Take Romney and his Mormon-ons, or Huckabee and his morons over that morons, any day.

OK, take it away, morons, ignoramuses and wankers. I live in a world of mostly moron and I’ll never stop talking about it.

One embarrassed mind at a time is all I want.

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  1. steve W on July 17, 2013 at 22:05

    Fuckin’ A

  2. Joshua on July 18, 2013 at 05:48

    A friend of mine made a comment that really resonated with me. Nobody’s actually protesting about the George & Trayvon thing. They’re upset about the general justice disparity between blacks and whites, G&T is just something to focus on. When I say justice disparity, I’m talking about things like more blacks being arrested on marijuana charges when more whites actually use marijuana, and other phenomena of the “justice” system where people with money get better justice than people without. Since more blacks are poor, it looks like justice is racist.

    The solution is to end the drug war, and claw back the dependency causing welfare state. Quit wasting resources on victimless crimes and telling people how to live their lives. Quit giving people incentives NOT to work.

    • Contemplationist on July 19, 2013 at 19:54

      This is plausible and as a libertarian I’m all for scrapping the WoD ASAP. However, I’ve modified my predictions somewhat of the effect of the said scrapping. I’ve been told by some respectable people who have cops as friends that many of these people arrested on minor drug charges are actually guilty of far worse and its just the easiest charge to make stick and put away the punks for good. Of course this isn’t hard science and my policy preference stands – freedom to fuck your body up if you so choose and _suffer_ the consequences.

  3. Dennis on July 21, 2013 at 01:44

    Comrade, what is this ‘free thinking’ American you’re thinking of? Americans are no more free thinking than any other sheeple in the world. Why are so many in cubicle jobs working useless jobs for other ppl… because they really want to or because they’re told to and because it’s normal?

    The Muslim world is top at shaming is it? Explain manipulating ppl into buying their way into the next world then, explain puritan ideology in this world?

    A ‘culture of shaming, name-calling etc’ in the ‘activist left’? Who is this ‘left? In America just like most places there is no real left. Look Latin for a (sort of) left comrade. You’re only lambasting a phantom here. (Is this name calling or…? That must be ‘UnAmerican’! Damn I did it again… Must be those blacks/Muslims/shamers/whatever the next Other is…)

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