Low GI Mashed Potatoes! and the Resistant Starch Content of Foods

Yesterday we saw that beans are low GI and why (resistant starch), and how they even have a “second meal effect” into the following day where BG spikes are significantly blunted in subsequent, non-bean, high GI meals. Potatoes are high GI, typically causing significant spikes in blood glucose—not the best choice for diabetics. But is there a way to prepare, say, mashed potatoes in a way that would not only make them significantly lower GI, but creating a second meal effect as well?

OK, so per Tatertot Tim, here’s a list of the resistant starch content of various foods (he hasn’t thoroughly verified some of these but believes it to be largely accurate).

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Please Just “Take it Too Far,” Already

And there is a genuine insurrectionist spirit in the conservative-libertarian movement — a spirit that, if taken too far, can cause young people to disrespect men with a badge, and to disrespect their elders. Libertarian activist should really have just rolled down his window So there you have it. Respect based on wearing badges and…

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Crickets – The Ultimate Truly Paleo Snack?

Got these off the counter of a local convenience store the other day. CRICK-ETTES I had not the slightest trepidation in trying them out. They were tasty, with a nice texture too. On travel around the world I’ve eaten all sorts of unconventional stuff (by Western standards). I recall big, deep fried locusts (grasshoppers) in…

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The FTA Resistant Starch Trial: N=75 +++

Just a quick blurb before I head off to Tahoe for a coupla days.

I just checked my stats for my Amazon affiliate sales, and since I began blogging about Resistant Starch, 75 orders of Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch, 24-Ounce (Pack of 4) have been placed. In a rush, so I’m not going to bother linking up the past posts, but they’re easy enough to find and lots and lots of people are beginning to report on their N=1s. So far, I’d say it’s 90%+ to the positive…

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Admin Note: Disqus Comments

Just a quick note that I’ve decided to go with Disqus Comments again. Back when I got rid of them the first time in 2009, it was because they captured your comments in their system and if you wished to quit using them you had to export and import them, and it came without the…

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Primal Moms Look Good Naked

Looking Good Preggers-Naked Peggy Emch is a blogging buddy going back a few years, perhaps to 2009. She began commenting on my blog even before she started hers, or thereabouts. Once we’d exchanged a few emails, we discovered that prior to her move, she’d lived but a block or two away from our place near…

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