My Third Appearance on “Latest in Paleo”: House of Experiments

I’m not sure when it was that I first came upon Angelo Coppola. He’d recently begun a paleo Podcast called This Week in Paleo and when I first heard it, I was astounded by his pro-DJ voice, delivery and timing…as well as his production value in terms of segmentation and “deserty” theme music. It’s as though you’re right there with him in the Arizona desert.

Then I read some of his stuff, poked around a bit and wondered why we weren’t buddies or something. You just get that sense, y’know? Well, it wasn’t long and Angelo reached out to me and I’ve been on his show three times now. In addition, we’ve corresponded regularly and jumped on Skype now & then. I recall one time a few months back that I asked his opinion on something and I got back a long email chastising my ass pretty good. Now, that’s when a person becomes a true friend, in my book.

Since first starting up, Angelo has changed the podcast to Latest in Paleo, and it’s distributed by the popular 5by5 podcast network. He’s also commenced a very nice blog, where he boldly asserts that Humans are not Broken. It’s probably the closest thing out there to my own idea to Free the Animal. Animals aren’t broken, either. You know what’s broken? Minds are broken to varying degrees; i.e., how humans think in terms of their view of man’s place in society and civilization; and in particular, how they needlessly kowtow to external, false authority and fallaciously attempt to “create reality” in their own minds rather than simply perceiving the metaphysically given and logically integrating it. But I’ll save that rant for another day.

…What Angelo did this time was a bit different. The major portion of the podcast was about this popular post that we cover in detail: 6-Years of Self Experimenting: My Fully Integrated Approach To Paleo / Primal Eating, Real Food and Vibrant Health. But he also asked me to pick a non-Paleo topic for some discussion and sound-biteage to music, near the beginning of the show. I picked this topic: Burning Down the House. That’s the post where I told the story of walking away from my 20-yr company on a whim one day, just a few months ago.

I particularly enjoyed Angelo giving me the stage to rant that vocally, and there’s plenty of bleeps. One thing I enjoyed even more was calling out all the idiots and morons I’ve encountered over 20 years, people so woefully fucking stupid that they can’t distinguish between a sincere financial hardship caused by things like lengthy unemployment, major health problems, friends and family that have done something to destroy finances (teenagers rank #1)…from simple deadbeats. Yea, deadbeats don’t pay their bills, but they’ll pay my fees. Fucking morons.

It’s why I’ve always refrained from blogging about my business, much. I already deal with enough fucking dumb as a bag of hammers, elsewhere.

The rest of it is some pretty detailed banter about all the various experiments I’ve done, why, what’s worked best and what I mean by coming full circle.

So go take a listen now: Latest in Paleo Episode 74: House of Experiments. Someone said somewhere, learning I was going to be on again, that Angelo and I are good together. I think they’re right. My three appearances have been my favorite of all the interviews and I mean that as a high compliment to everyone else, because I have enjoyed them all.

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  • 2nd appearance taling about AHS11: Episode 28 – AHS Animal Style

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  1. Jack on July 11, 2013 at 18:09

    Looking forward to hearing you again on “Latest in Paleo”! I’ll check it out this weekend!


  2. Tree on July 11, 2013 at 18:54

    The two of you work well together. Enjoyed the podcast this morning. And additional info on the RS. I’m slowly reintroducing it. Seems I can’t take more than 2 T, but I am getting worthwhile results, and dreams?

  3. CHopper on July 12, 2013 at 05:07

    Looking forward to hearing you on The Survival Podcast someday too. I think quite a few of Jack Spirko’s listeners would be very interested in the self experimentation thing as well as your experience with LC/Paleo etc.

  4. ironthumb michaelangelo on July 12, 2013 at 05:51

    At last! someone who really tells how a HUMAN must eat! more power bro

  5. Tatertot on July 12, 2013 at 09:53

    Just listened to the whole thing–good job! I hope a lot of people listen to it–I wish I had heard something like this when I was first exploring the paleo diet.

  6. Dave Landry on July 12, 2013 at 14:16

    Great podcast – could you share your recommendations for RS (I picked up some red mills potato starch)


    • Richard Nikoley on July 12, 2013 at 14:51

      Check the previous number of posts going back a couple of months for more, but in general, 2-4 tablespoons per day mixed up in a cold liquid. Note that you can’t cook it (you can, for thickening, but that destroys the resistance and makes it rapidly digested).

      • Dave Landry on July 12, 2013 at 14:53


  7. Jack Yee on July 16, 2013 at 17:16

    Great interview! Loved it, though I don’t know if I will try crickets! Never “too much information!”

    Glad you are training again. Just be careful about your hips rising too fast when you are deadlifting. I saw one of our videos and I noticed this.

  8. […] Anyway, the company filed 11, it went on for like two years, and when there was absolutely nothing left after all the trustee fees, converted to a 7. But, I had a personal guarantee from the principal owner of the corp and went after him for $80K. We settled in a 2-hr mediation for something like $12k in installments which he made good on (I always put my money where my mouth is—I settle too, when it makes financial sense). As a final twist, he came to me a few years later to take him on as an individual client after being financially devastated unsuccessfully trying to save his wife's life from the ravages of a cancer. Those are the sorts of "deadbeat clients" we always dealt with. […]

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