Free the Maggots; Just Another Land of the Free Update

Free the Animal gets nowhere. Land of the Free…? Nowhere. So, we’re equal.

How about: you voters are a bunch of maggots? Shouldn’t you be Royally ashamed of your generally bad behavior? I do doubt it, but let’s give it a shot anyway. Or, click away right now and save yourself.

Before I give that a shot, realize that I actually put up this slide of everyday people masturbating right out in public, at the prestigious Harvard University School of Law during a presentation, about a year ago, and right in front of everyone. NSFW.

  Your 1 in 300 Millionth WOWZERZ!– say. In your own affairs.

Here, in a few minutes, you can see just how I sneaked it into the context of the presentation, too: Paleo Epistemology and Sociology. Later, I did a 9-part series on the whole deal: Anarchy Begins at Home. Generally, stuff like that gets nowhere, and so to call everyone “maggots” sure sounds like sour grapes, right?

“Richard is just bitter because nobody cares.”

Actually, it’s rather complex. I’m disappointed that nobody cares; but, I also think I’m right. And, there’s just a vaccum otherwise. But, I am right. Critique the video. Nobody has; but, of course, you can take refuge in the fact that nobody really cares. It’s a completely safe position. Enjoy. Relax. Nothing to see here, citizen maggot.

After all of everything, there’s a reason I’m not bitter; not at all: I’m rooting for the maggots! Just…fly away. Don’t you get it? I’m rooting for you! Just imagine. ….That, I’m right…and, I am…it’s merely a footnote, though. They—the maggots—simply lack information, and their maggotish attentions are focussed elsewhere. I have a very poor and ineffective app for that. It won’t turn Miley Cyrus into a cheap tramp. But it does other stuffz.

TAKEN (in keeping with the Harvard Law School theme, this is very maggot worthy; it’s from The New Yorker)

On a bright Thursday afternoon in 2007, Jennifer Boatright, a waitress at a Houston bar-and-grill, drove with her two young sons and her boyfriend, Ron Henderson, on U.S. 59 toward Linden, Henderson’s home town, near the Texas-Louisiana border. They made the trip every April, at the first signs of spring, to walk the local wildflower trails and spend time with Henderson’s father. This year, they’d decided to buy a used car in Linden, which had plenty for sale, and so they bundled their cash savings in their car’s center console. Just after dusk, they passed a sign that read “Welcome to Tenaha: A little town with big Potential!”

That cash got taken by highway robbers. Then, the District Attorney offered to see them on their way, so long as they signed over the cash to the robbers. Read it. It’s by Sarah Stillman, and in my life of lives, can’t imagine she’s not maggot worthy.

The Raisin Outlaw Of Kerman, Calif. (This is NPR, so also too, very maggot worthy. It’s veritably tantamount (too much?) to the excerpting of an encyclical from the Pope, certified to have been written whilst doing: Vatican Stuff.)

Meet Marvin Horne, raisin farmer. Horne has been farming raisins on a vineyard in Kerman, Calif., for decades. But a couple of years ago, he did something that made a lot of the other raisin farmers out here in California really angry. So angry that they hired a private investigator to spy on Horne and his wife, Laura. Agents from a detective agency spent hours sitting outside the Hornes’ farm recording video of trucks entering and leaving the property.

Yep, drug activity (also a mainstay of maggot voters that larvae—is there a verb for that?—in perpetuity and just won’t manure-mature, and fly away). Not! Actually, they were just raising and selling the raisins they produced. This made the friends of other, pw3rfulz maggots very angry. Reason also did a piece…as though maggot public masturbators would care; and “Reason” caters to tons of public masturbators, but I digress…

I dare you to read all of that, and not conclude the the Soviets were kinda cute, after all.

Family Farmers Fight Michigan Township For Their Animals(That’s Reason TV, so apply for a Papal dispensation for viewing this, provided you really checked out the foregoing)

To me, that whole thing is a bone cruncher on so many levels. I’ll give you the worst: Don’t Fucking Dream. Don’t Fucking Even Try To Realize A Dream and most particularly, If You Love it, We’ll Do Our Best to Kill It.

Hate & Rage, maggots. H&R.

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  1. Brad on August 30, 2013 at 03:56

    Nobody gives a shit about farmers because the “maggots” as you say, think these illegal assaults on our “god given” right to be right or wrong, to choose for ourselves (real freedom), does not affect them. After all, food is plentiful and everywhere. People should be fucking outraged about this stuff, but for some reason unknown to me, they get their panties more in a bunch about some loser black kid dying at the hands of of a non-black huge numbers of good people of all colors are dying much more slowly and miserably than a bullet to the head (CVD/cancer), and dozens if not hundreds of hard working farmers are having their dreams and livelyhood taken from them.

    From a recent Mercola writ…

    “In the early 1900s, one in 20 people developed cancer
    In the 1940s, one in 16 people developed cancer
    In the 1970s, it was one in 10
    Today, it’s one in three!

    According to the CDC, about 1,660,290 (1.66 million) new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2013”

    Joel Salatin’s softer way of saying Richard’s “wakeup maggots!” call…

    “You, as a food buyer, have the distinct privilege of participating in shaping the world your children will inherit”

    and I would add ~ You, as a thinking non-maggot, have the same privilege if you wakeup and (minimally) care enough to at least make your voice be heard, and do your best to wake up other maggots that have a few functioning synapses.

  2. Leo Desforges on August 30, 2013 at 06:19

    Thanks. Needed that.


  4. marie on September 6, 2013 at 00:43

    I wholeheartedly agree with objectives, it’s good to support healthy food and sustainable agriculture practices like Salatin’s for obvious reasons and to support the freedom of farmers and consumers.
    But not because of the tired Mercola cancer argument.

    You can see vividly the problem with ‘cancer rates’ environmental arguments when looking at pg.16, Figure 5—Survival Function for SSA Population, from the link (pdf) :

    In 1900, only 15% of the population survived to age 80 yrs old (and less than half, 47%, made it to age 60, where cancer deaths are roughly 100 times those at age 20)
    In 1950, about 34% of the population survived to age 80.
    In 2000, about 54% of the population survived to age 80 (and 89% ! survived to age 60)

    Now since the cancer concentration is not constant with age, it is not even linear with age, but starts to climb in the 30s and gets dramatically higher at older ages, most of the change in cancer incidence in the last century is due to more people making it to older ages.

    Dramatically higher cancer incidence at older ages :
    For example, for NYS 2006-2010 : ~41/100,000 females had cancer at age 20-24, but more than 10x as many, ~484/100,000, females had cancer at age 45-49 and about50x as many at age 75-79.
    NYS reference :

    You could argue that it takes long exposures to somethings to cause cancers and so removing the source/s would fix the problem, but that doesn’t mean the source/s are new nor even that they are increasing in the last century. How could you tell ‘it/they’ weren’t always there and we just didn’t live long enough to feel the effects? (didn’t live long enough earlier in the last century due to trauma and viral+bacterial infections).

    I’ll take bets for various ‘it’ , they may be man-made or not and related to food or not : genes and epigenetic effects with Natural triggers, pollution/contamination/radiation, lifestyle (sedentary), crappy food, too much crappy food/diabesity, smoking, alcohol, all of the above, others?

  5. Brad on September 6, 2013 at 07:44

    Marie, I see your point. We can only guess what’s causing the cancer. But the lower quality food certainly is not helping even if it’s not the primary cause. Food is medicine after all, and the primary source of defense.

  6. marie on September 6, 2013 at 15:50

    Sure Brad.
    However, there are already so many confirmed health effects of good nutrition and well-established health and environmental benefits of sustainable agriculture, that really do need to be emphasized. So it is just a scare tactic and sales pitch to use the bogeyman of ‘cancer’ when in reality simple demographics far overshadow any speculative correlations to cancer rates. I’m sure Mercola can count as well as the next person, so he loses credibility by doing this. It also detracts from the important, critical real benefits of good nutrition, sustainable agriculture etc.

  7. Richard Nikoley on September 6, 2013 at 19:58

    These are all very logical, non-alarmist points, Marie. Thanks.

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