Cops in the Crosshairs

Isn’t it about time that the most significant threat to your well being—pigs in lipstick, robed in fashions and military gear—got theirs? It’s happening. I submit for evidence in the court of public opinion, your honors:

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Take it over 1,000

That’s the number of shares in my recent post: Skokie Thug Cop Michael Hart Needs to Go to Jail and Get About 20 “Boyfriends.” Interestingly, I only got like 2-3 protesters. The funniest one was a guy in Facebook who has a brother—whom I can’t wait until he’s killed so everyone has a new grave to piss on—on a SWAT team, and whose only “argument” was whether I knew any cops (I have 2 retired cops in the family, and a bro who went to academy and ended up working for me, instead) or have done a “ride along” (presumably, they provide towels in the squad car so you can clean up after jerking off while they bash skulls).

There’s new news about that case: Charges filed against Skokie officer in videotaped jail cell incident. You’re far less than worthless, at least 959 of you.

The charges came after Feuerstein’s attorney, Torri Hamilton, filed a federal lawsuit this month alleging police brutality in the case and released a police video of the incident that attracted widespread attention on the Internet. [emphazeez addedz]

Good job, youz. But don’t get too enthusiastic. Michael Hart is unlikely to be analy raped by sweetheart brutes until he bleeds out and dies so we have a new place to pee—unfortunately—but this is a case of taking what you can get.

After Hart’s arrest, Skokie officials announced they had placed him on paid leave until they can finish an internal investigation into the matter. [emphasizing…]

It is to laf. Oh, so now, after months, they’re finally going to “finish an internal investigation” into the matter. Don’t you know that that “internal investigation” never got “finished” in the first place because all those fucking whores wearing official gang colors in Skokie wanted to see which way the wind was blowing, first? Shit, they’ve had wet raised fingers stuck in the air for months. ‘Give him a paid vacation.’

And this is the primary problem, and why the police, all police, are your worst enemy at all times. They want to protect him. That’s the whole point. You will never have a confrontation with the President, VP, Speaker of the House (have I gotten the line of Royal Succession right?), Chief of Staff, or even the Chief Justice of The Supremes.

Every single one of you will face a state predator in gang colors. You’d better watch your Ps & Qs. Else you get him or her in a kerfuffle, give the cocksucker or whore-cunt a good excuse to make you a mark for their promotion file or package of retirement benefits at your expense; but always, always, against stalwart protection from the union…even if they killed you and left you to rot on the side of the road.

This was only ever about lafing at poseurs. Hope I’m doing my job via my passions, but laughing at no clothes is always funny. Thanks Hans Christian Andersen.

“Protect and Serve” means: protect and serve ourselves, at your expense and we’ll bash your heads in to do it. They’re predators, and that’s why every cop killing is a cause for celebration. They’re actually just revenue generators and advancement file fillers. Here. Seems an unincorporated town stopped paying sheriff invoices and went another route: Neighborhood Fires Sheriff Dept and Goes Private Security Cutting Crime in Half.

He looks like a cop, he dresses like a cop, but he is actual a member of S.E.A.L. security. A Houston neighborhood decided to go with private security and cuts crime in half.

Wow, the wonders of protecting and serving for money you don’t get unless you actually do it, rather than raising revenue via traffic stops and etc.

When Sharpstown, a small suburb in Houston, Texas, received their last bill from Harris County sheriff department, they thought they could go cheaper. Harris County told them to put their money where their mouth is. So they did. Not only have they gained a presence of three patrol cars at any given hour, but saved the suburb about $200,000 a year.

They don’t pull people over, they don’t stop traffic, but they do stop crime. The city said crime is down in fact by over 50%. Not bad from just increasing visibility of law enforcement.

So let me get this right. Sharptown was paying Government Thugs $200,000 per year more to be less effective, while they were spending most of their time racking up fine money for the county, and not Sharpstown. What a smoking’ deal, sheriff. That’s almost as good as paying undercover cops to go screw hookers, and then arrest them (google it).

I love this, because as a former military officer the discipline, control, procedure—same things pigs in lipstick train for—is music in my ears. The simple difference is, who are you serving? The essential takeaway for me is that the county had no clue they could be fired at will (we’re THE LAW) and S.E.A.L. Security knows they have to earn their money for value in Protect and Serve every day. Since they’re not a monopoly on the use of force as Pigs in Lipstick act, they can’t just get all Predate and Bash on our ass.

Police have allowed themselves to be reduced to total frauds with that “Protect and Serve” bullshit. They serve the State coffers and bogus employment schemes at your expense, and it is only that simple.

I got this comment on the original Skokie Cop post last night from a guy who got dunk in his own private home, eventually aspirated vomit and his wife called for help. Instead, they got the American Version of Sharia Law.

This past summer, after downing about 3/4 of a fifth of 80 proof vodka, I started to choke on my vomit while asleep in my bed. My wife called 911 and stupidly let a cop in the house along with the EMT. Got no medical help but did get a nice beatdown from the cop. I was not arrested, but was put in “protective custody” and taken to jail anyway. I wanted to sue their sorry asses but my wife was afraid that they would revisit the incident and actually charge me with something if I did. Actually, I’m sure they would have. The only good cop is a dead cop.

“To Protect and Serve.”

It hits close to home as sometime last year, my dad had an operation to clear his urethra so he could empty his bladder. Worked wonders, but set off a cascade in terms of kidney stones. One night, my mom miraculously awoke to find him totally and completely unlike my dad. He had a life threatening infection, was completely despondent. She called 911.

What she got was a bunch of shitheads who claimed he was just drunk. But you don’t know my mom. She was ready to beat them to death and I’m sure she secretly wishes she had been able too.

They manhandled him, set him outside for a long time in his wet skivvies and bare skin in 40F, so he was shivering, in addition to dying of infection…just to “teach him a lesson” to not to get them out of bed on their watch.

You haven’t heard the end of me on this topic, but in the meantime, you can follow CopBlock on the web, or on Facebook. They catch just about everything.

Be prepared to vomit daily.

Memberships are $10 monthly, $20 quarterly, or $65 annually. The cost of two premium coffees per month. Every membership helps finance the travel to write, photo, and film from interesting places and share the experiences with you.


  1. Steve on October 31, 2013 at 15:35

    The state power is ONLY the police and military. Politicians would be seen as just lawyers who win popularity contests without their edict enforcers. So we need to get police quitting state jobs and taking private security jobs en masse.

  2. CT on October 31, 2013 at 16:33

    As a swede it’s hard to relate to this. The cops in Sweden are very naive and pretty relaxed most of the time. The only “brutality” here is when someone is violently resisting arrest or perhaps more un-ethical when it’s the town drunk/junkie being arrested for the fifth time that week.

    In fact the swedish police have recieved critique for their unwillingness to shoot someone that’s hostile and life threatening.

  3. pzo on October 31, 2013 at 17:11

    Left out of that feely good Fuck the cops video is how the private patrols are being paid for.

    I live in, and am very active in, a large and diverse neighborhood in Sarasota, Florida. Our western boundary is a mile or so of commercial establishments, many harboring prostitutes, druggies, and other less than desirables.

    Often, the cry goes out that we need to have the local police dedicate an officer here 24/7. With each cry, I ask, “Are you willing to pay more in taxes?” That ends the discussion.

    Based on some current experience, an armed and experienced private guard will cost $15/hr. Plus car and other bonus options. Call it $25/hr. Say, 12 hours a day, leave the daylight to the local police. That’s, um, $300 a day, $30,000 dollaras a month, $360,000 dollars a year. Divided by how many homeowners? In my large neighborhood that would be about a little under $300 per year presuming everyone signed on an ponyed up.

    And probably the private guards aren’t getting any job security or pensions, as the local cops do.

    It all sounds great until you crunch the numbers.

    @Steve, pardon me, you are a fucking idiot. Why would they?

  4. Al on October 31, 2013 at 17:51


    I’m confused. As an anarchist, why do you passionately care about what happens outside of your circle of life? Some of your posts tout a non-caring attitude about the large majority but others, like this one, do not. It almost seems out of convenience, or entertainment factors. I don’t know.

    So, what are your thoughts?



  5. RobertVE on November 1, 2013 at 01:01

    @ CT
    That is pretty much the same here, but the fact remains that when push comes to shove they will use violence.
    @steve is right, without this would you be so eager to pay taxes and follow laws?

  6. Richard Nikoley on November 1, 2013 at 07:58


    Well I think it’s all baked into the cake. The only reason state, local and federal police aren’t automatically seen as predators & thugs is that they derive their legitimacy from the state, comprised of politicians and bureaucrats. But, yes, private security with the same sorts of performance and ‘is it worth it for the money’ dynamics all businesses face or get fired is the way for legitimate security and protection, with an emphasis on preventing crime.


    I don’t follow. So long as people can associate and decide it’s worth it to pay for security services, and security officers can take the job or not for the terms offered, what do I care? None of my business what deal they strike. Moreover, there’s a vast difference between your average $15 hr security guard and the professional policing seen in that video.

    Take note. None of these posts are against the idea of policing, per se. There is a clear value to policing and security and people are willing to pay to get it. State police serve the state. They steal for it, bash skulls for it, and provide it an endless supply of “criminals” for the state to “perp walk” in order to tout its legitimacy. Professional policing and security in the private sphere is about protecting customer and their property, aiming to prevent crime in the first place. They don’t care about “getting the bad guy off the streets. They care about customers being victims of bad guys.


    “As an anarchist, why do you passionately care about what happens outside of your circle of life?”

    Great question, actually.

    1. Because I’m a human being. I don’t have to be closely associated with someone to have a basic human desire to wish for their well being, prosperity and not being victimized.

    2. For the same reason I don’t want to see the local convenience store guy from India get robbed or otherwise harmed. He’s not in my small social circle, but I do business with him. I don’t want to see him harmed for reason #1, and I don’t want to see him harmed because I would lose too.

    Imagine that every country on earth is some small social circle of 30-150 people or thereabouts. You are a member of one of them. Thus, you care deeply about it and virtually everyone in it. That doesn’t mean groups ought not trade values with one-another, rationally work out disputes that arise, or care that their trading partners are well off and prosperous.


  8. David on November 2, 2013 at 16:24


    Check this link out. Your story about what happened to your dad reminds me of a incident that just occured recently close to home. Only about a hour away from Skokie IL. I always check in to read your blog and have been seeing your posts about police lately. The Skokie cop got my interest because I’m from the area and came across this other article in the paper about more “good” cops “protecting and serving”. laf

  9. pzo on November 3, 2013 at 07:16

    I never said that people can’t or shouldn’t group together to pay for services………..oh, wait, that’s what communities and governments do, isn’t it? Sure, taxes are mandatory and private for fee services aren’t, but that’s how things work. Did you know that it was Ben Franklin who came up with the idea of non-private fire departments? Yes, Virginia, at one time people paid a fire department. Those who did pay up in advance had the privilege of watching their home or business burn to the ground.

    No one would pay for schools, police, public libraries (another Franklin creation), fire departments, etc. if it were voluntary. Look how few people pay for computer donation-ware. (I do, if I use a program often.)

    The armed security people I’ve had interactions with were perhaps more professional trained and able than you think. Usually military MP backgrounds, or retired police, or two year college police grads trying to get on the force.

    That the neighborhood in question opts to buy more security is fine, good for them. I’m saying most of the people don’t want to pay any more in taxes or fees, per my neighborhood experience when additional police patrols are being demanded. Don’t forget, a gated, guarded community pays for that service via involuntary HOA dues.

  10. Richard Nikoley on November 3, 2013 at 08:22

    “Those who did pay up in advance had the privilege of watching their home or business burn to the ground.”

    Oh, yea, I forgot. Homes and businesses haven’t ever burned to the ground since Ben set things right in the 1700s. Any Idea how many times over 20 years I’ve seen this form of begging the question, of presuming a standard of perfection not demonstrated as a basis of an argument for the state?

    Now, let me show you just how ignorant you are. Care to guess how many volunteer firefighters there are in the US?

    800,000. Guess what percentage of ALL firefighters that is. 70%.

    “No one would pay for schools, police, public libraries (another Franklin creation), fire departments, etc. if it were voluntary. Look how few people pay for computer donation-ware. (I do, if I use a program often.)”

    So that false assertion is already disproven by exception. But there’s more.

    “Volunteer fire departments are providing the majority of Austria’s, Germany’s and Switzerland’s civil protection services, alongside other volunteer organizations like Technisches Hilfswerk, voluntary ambulance services and emergency medical or rescue services. In most rural fire departments, the staff consists only of volunteers. The members of these departments are usually on-call 24/7 and working in other professions.

    “The Bundesanstalt Technisches Hilfswerk (Federal Agency for Technical Relief, THW) is a civil protection organisation controlled by the German federal government. 99% of its 83,807 members (January 2010) are volunteers.”

    “The tasks of the THW are described in a law called THW-Gesetz.[1] These tasks are:

    – technical relief in Germany as part of national civil protection measures
    – technical or humanitarian relief in foreign countries, as assigned by the government
    – technical and logistical support for other (German) GOs, NGOs or other authorities like fire brigades, police or the custom authorities.”

    So go smoke on all that and consider not believing every silly, slippery-slope alarmist argument you hear about how nobody will ever dip into their pocket, give of their time or risk life and limb to protect things they care about.

    Or, stop projecting YOUR lazy pathetic ass on everyone else.

  11. Brad on November 3, 2013 at 12:59

    @Richard, How would it work if someone didn’t have enough money to pay for private security/protective-services? They would get no protection? And if a rich person paid more, formally or “back handed”, so they would get quicker/better service? Is that fair?

  12. Richard Nikoley on November 3, 2013 at 14:52

    Item #7:

    But the poor won’t get the same level of protection as the rich! (Presuming they get much if any service now. Presuming they don’t get routinely manhandled and abused by police because they’re easy, safe targets. Ignoring the fact that Police services in Beverly Hills are far different than in East LA.”

    Just admit it. You’re out of your league. Go to some kindergarten, or something, but you’re wasting my time.

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