Girl: You Can Tell Everybody. I’m The Man. Go Ahead And Tell Everybody. Yes I Am.

It’s rather fun to be internet savvy at 54, since before Al Gore jerked off to Internet porn. For every invention, there’s a need.

Some fantasize about manhood.

Oh, Myyy. Tilted head for the promo still? Obvious lip sync for the vid? Well, it did make a good TEEVEE commercial for Colin Kaepernick. Not way off, particularly juxtaposing him, with the artist. I’ll admit though: catchy tune. Message? “Girl you can tell everybody I’m a man man man I’m a man, the man, really, really, really, the/a man.” Laf. Do you even need a hint? No? Onward, then.

The other day, It was laf and mok over James Fell and his “Body For Wife” pussyness.

Looks like today, it’s URBAN ANTONIOThe Paleo Problem with Racism and Sexism. Like James “All My Life, For Wife” Fell, Antonio “Untypically Not Macho” Valladares kicks it up a notch.

Nobody gets out alive from this 18 MILLIONTH MOST POPULAR WEBSITE IN THE WORLD! My only lament is that I got mentioned last, not first, as in the 1.6 Millionth most popular BodyForWife. Thanks James. Here’s a link for your your troubles: Body For Wife.

People generally hate it when I argue these irrelevancies, comparing to my 0.13 Millionth most popular website in the world, that occasionally ranks 0.08 million. But, this is sport for me.

  1. I spend little time going into the forrest to carry on conversations with screeching monkeys.
  2. Don’t care how much monkey sex they get, from monkeys who think they’re the man, and tell everybody, because they can.

But it’s true that it’s irrelevant in meaningful respect. That’s a popularity metric, most of the world is fucktarded, etc.

But, what if James and Antonio, with their dismal and dismal-er blogs, actually have more fucktards than I?

See? I’m a one individual mind at a time guy, representing the true understanding of the power of the Internet. I’ll take my vegan commenter Gina over 20 of James’ or Antonios’ regurgitating, stupid cunts any day.

The other part is, those who know me best always tell me not to do this sort of thing. Why give a link or promote someone who’s fucking with you, that won’t be heard much, but will get many more eyeballs if you blog about it?

Yin. Yang. Lemons. Make lemonade. Negative publicity from “nobodies” is better than positive publicity, unless it’s Oprah. Stench lasts longer that sweet perfume.

I’m gratified that anyone in the world takes the time & effort to hate me. Love is easy. I get lots of love, but it’s the hate I yearn for, because it’s solid. When someone hates you, they’re simply not lying. Passion is two sides of the same coin. But hate? It’s bankable.

Truthfully, I haven’t even read Antonio’s post, yet (I will, though; I’m the man, and girl, you can tell everybody). Sorry, I just scanned for my name like a cheap whore. This is the sum total of what I’ve read:

Nikoley speaks at AHS for some odd reason and is friends with jimmy moore (LOL). He is a case study in modern day ‘health blogger’ dysfunction. He has also done workshops on dating…

Well, it is an oddity that I’ve spoken at AHS. Actually, I led off the inaugural ’11 with just that perplexity. I’m assuming Antonio hasn’t listened to it. In short, it has to do with my friends, Aaron and Brent, paying the hundreds of attendees to come see me, rather than Andreas Eenfeldt in ’11, and then Terry Wahls in ’12. Complete scandal, but not public, yet.

It is true that I’m pretty much friends with jimmy moore. It’s very odd, since I go out of my way more and more to trash many of his ideas, but always stop short of attacking him or Christine personally or, of what I have zero idea of in terms of their life together. I’ve been on his show 2 or 3 times and even guest hosted recently with carte blanche. What more can one expect from someone you’re at odds with?

Yep, so dysfunctional qua blogger that the entire paleosphere is talking about resistant starch while resisting taking about James and Antonio Living For Wife, or being the man, man, man…that girl, you have license to tell everyone about.

And holy doG. Can someone sign me up to do dating workshops? I did speak at The 21 Convention twice. The first time was about diet and the second, philosophy. I didn’t make the dating cut on those. But: “great research.”

Anyway, it’s Friday…

James. Antonio: Go have a drink on me. You’re getting more undeserved attention from my posts that you’d get from a few dozen girls telling everybody that you’re the man, you’re the man, you’re the man.

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  1. sdiguana on October 17, 2014 at 12:59

    Groveling about silly pc things ends in more LBJF platitudes than not. Dating advice… don’t grovel, non-feminazi women like a man who isn’t utterly spineless and compliant to any and everyone’s whim.

    Its a sad state of affairs that people’s skin is so thin that they are worried about perceived racism or inequality when, really its their whining that is ruining the day, not the other person’s off flavor comment. for a good laf, check out micro-aggressions. I think nikoley blogged them once..? cant recall.

    • Richard Nikoley on October 17, 2014 at 18:20

      Yea, I mok-ed micro aggressions.

      It’s kind of like the race trade, today. You keep having to come up with new shit to pay the bills, even micro shit.

  2. Travis on October 17, 2014 at 13:19

    “but always stop short of attacking him or Christine personally”

    So you don’t call either of them a cock sucker or a cunt? You reserve that for commenters I guess.

  3. Richard Nikoley on October 17, 2014 at 14:32

    “You reserve that for commenters I guess.”

    Too general.

  4. Gina on October 17, 2014 at 18:32


  5. Hugh Anderson on October 17, 2014 at 19:48

    I enjoyed going off on James Fell, but I can’t get it up for Antonio. James gives the impression of having enough intelligence to know that his article was rife with intellectual dishonesty, making him a fun target.

    Antonio comes across as an oaf and there’s not much more to say about an oaf other than, “Hey look at that big dumb oaf.”

    For me the best part of his hastily slapped together collage is the following: “Paleo (f)x and Jimmy Moore are Christian fundamentalists and/or Young Earth Creationists. Chances are, Whole30 fall along that spectrum somewhere.” Dude, that’s fucking hilarious. “Chances are”?! And how does “and/or” work in that context, why not just fucking find out? Chances are, Antonio is a moron and/or a cunt.

  6. Gina on October 17, 2014 at 20:44

    I got curious and watched that video. Please don’t do that to us again. I know you’ll find a way to make this right.

    Here’s my free, comprehensive dating advice for men for you to use it at your next workshop: Don’t be a dick. Don’t be a pussy. Don’t be a guy who attends a dating workshop.

    • Richard Nikoley on October 18, 2014 at 13:21

      All PUC community is not created equal. Anthony Johnson, who runs The 21 brand, is not like all the others. He attracts introverted guys who have probs with self confidence and approaching women.

      But his approach is all encompassing. It’s not just learning how to strike up and participate in a convo with a female stranger you’re attracted too. It’s also about being competent in lots of areas: finance, health, mind, etc.

      I’m not the only one who’s spoken at his conferences. So has Sisson. and Dr Doug McGuff twice. Anthony is good people. And, he’s recently married, now.

  7. Mike on October 18, 2014 at 11:14

    I don’t alway agree with what you have to say Richard but a least you have opinion which is a lot more than most people who write blogs. Looked at Antonio’s post and a lot of what he said, I agreed with but he made it too personal.

  8. ulfric Douglas on October 18, 2014 at 13:07

    Link to dating workshop?
    Link or it didn’t happen … oh wait … I see what you did there.
    Make new “dating” blog ASAP!

  9. Rob on October 19, 2014 at 05:31

    The guy’s a pc cunt. “Cultural appropriation”…….damn I’m tired of that whiney ass shit.

    • Hugh Anderson on October 19, 2014 at 08:04

      No kidding. His definition of cultural appropriation breaks down after a millisecond of thought.

      A non-Mexican cannot write a Mexican-influenced cookbook without permission? Permission from whom?

      Go tell that to Diana Kennedy and Rick Bayless. Tell that to Andy Richter with regards to Thai food. Tell that to Julia Child. Tell that to Ivan Orkin of Ivan Ramen.

      I can already anticipate the retort – “Those people appropriate the right way.” Okay, tell me how to measure appropriate appropriation. You fucking can’t and every attempt I’ve read about how to do so is a jumble of bullshit that involves thinking righteous and pure thoughts while doing the appropriating and other such pseudo-religious liberal garbage where correct beliefs/intent are more important than actions.

      And any male linking to Jezebel, Slate, or Salon articles as evidence deserves a swift kick to the nuts, if anything to see if there are any.

  10. Hugh Anderson on October 19, 2014 at 08:25

    This fucker is stuck in my craw so I’m inclined to continue ranting. It’s fun and I’m a bored housewife this morning.

    I find it telling that neither Antonio or James make any mention of the female or minority influencers in the paleo community. Denise Minger, Emily Deans, Michelle Tam, Sean Croxton, Diane Sanfilippo, Kamal Patel.

    Great job you dumb fucks, give a bunch of link juice to evil white men & completely ignore the minorities you supposedly champion.

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