I’m A Son of Anarchy: Unless Some Authority Fucked With My Parents Fucking

How about you?

Or, are you a product of of immaculacy?

I’m sure you’d prefer to believe that in your tender comfort.

Clean birth. That’s what you want, right? They fucked in a Biblically and/or Socialistically sterile room, and that’s where you were eventually born. It’s just simple biology. Off spring are you. No dirty fucking.

…My dad will probably regret that he’s been trying to get me to watch Sons of Anarchy for some years. Finally, after false starts, I did. See, I’m actually a real anarchist—have been for almost as long as I can remember now, and words aren’t deeds and fuck orders. Makes no difference to me which gang colors get caught in crossfire—if you’re not too indoctrinated or stupid to understand what I mean.

But initially, I saw the TV program as just nihilism, which I care not for, because it’s nihilism. Anarchism is just real people, take away external authorities. Nearly everything we actually do daily is anarchistic. Just, you don’t know it. The best shit you do in your life is devoid of executive order; or, even statute or municipal ordinance.

That fucking stupid shit for moron voters is all pimps hoping to entice you into being their whores. Most of you take up the bargain, because you have lost essential humanity. And what’s fucking hilarious? Tons of fucktards keep that ethic alive by following a commander-in-chief to their deaths, to die for indoctrinated, collective values. I’m not criticizing the value proposition. Rather, I’m critiquing the source. Was that really his values, had you kinda left him alone since the first time he shot pee onto your face when you helped him because he—like they all—shit himself?

The essential tragedy of humanity is that we’re not on our own in a matter of hours, months, or even a coupla years. No, we have to stick around and be pets for fucking 18 years and the cost is that you get to be as fucktarded as your parents, generally. And they’re only fucktarded because they went through the same rigamarole.

Everyone is innocent. Everyone is guilty. Sometimes, it takes too much time.

Two people—the true honest and upright anarchists—I adored the most in SOA through 4 Seasons: Opie and Chibs. Now one is gone (by my pace).

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I will not be commanded
I will not be controlled
I will not let my future go on, without the help of my soul

Opie’s moral-compass role: life in the club, and death for it by his own decision was in the highest regard for his own life, his own soul, his own level of outrage in personal social context. He was a long-suffering anarchist. No executive order, no comfortable pension at the expense of the faceless; only earned torture at his own hand, for some mistakes. Frustrating humility at every step, in a better direction.

I’ll miss you, you frustratingly inspirational character. Fuck! Could’t you just have gone with the crowd and kept doing your long hair in different ways, man?

You don’t pick your family, but you can pick friends and associates. It can be a life or death decision. You ought take it seriously, before you’re all in.

Here. Opie was so respected amongst his actor peers that they had to send him out Samurai style.

It’s just a TV drama and in this one, lots of people die. This one, I took personally.

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  1. Wenchypoo on March 9, 2015 at 07:22

    This may not be at YOUR level of anarchy, but I was taught by my mother to question authority–and I added a twist: question IF they’re authority, because a lot of people we’re just supposed to accept as authority at face value, really are anything but. Frequently, the Emperor has no clothes.

    My favorite retort: says WHOM?
    Next favorite: show me in writing.

    • Justin Wisor on August 6, 2015 at 09:31

      THIS is kinda like the mistake I have been living by since first reading Richard’s Anarchy posts. I assumed everyone was trying to oppress me when they clearly weren’t. Still fall into those thought loops on occasion. And it really annoys. I suffer from general social anxiety nowadays though and had a bad marijuana experience that made everything go downhill.

  2. Ulfric Douglas on March 10, 2015 at 12:18

    Sons of Anarchy is one of those lunchtime Christian family dramas of the most sickly politically-correct sweetness, but dressed up in a leather jacket and sprinkled with “biker jargon”.
    The penny drops in series three, how could you watch another whole series?!
    It rots yer brain, don’t do it.

    • Richard Nikoley on March 10, 2015 at 16:45

      Well, Ulfric, I dismiss you. I couldn’t care less to explain. Obviously, you wish to shit on me, so go fuck yourself.

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