Off Grid Update: Water

…Interesting that the very two first French films I ever watched were Jean de Florette and Manon de Source… Look ’em up.

I’ve made much of working electricity, via the S[o]n. Here’s the quick vid I did of that yesterday,  no editing,:

Solar music. What you see on the controller, in succession, is battery voltage, charge input in amps, and load outgo in amps…so even though I’m using, all is sun power and 3-4 amps to spare going into the battery for tonight, just in case we want to watch Netflix, HBO or something, on the free energy stored.

But I got a question, via Beatrice, from a smart friend. How can we have water if we have no electricity and there’s no city service (there are wells, but pumps require power)?

So, let me water you down.

IMG 0007

Just another note about off-grid living.


In Mexico, I had two tanks, 10,000 liters, $65 per delivery (and had to use an RV-like pressure sensitive pump—that eats amps—to deliver it to spigots, and shit depositories.
Here, in the east hills of San Jose, there’s no need for that. There are numerous wells on the property. But, because we have no electricity, what to do?

Well, first, there’s huge storage. Tens of thousands of gallons. Those three tanks you see in the photo are just about 22,500 gallons of it.

But, that lower tank—and this is the cool part—is fed from a natural spring on the property that produces 200-500 gallons per day. When you see that lower tank spilling water from the top, you go up and werk 2 valves, and water gets diverted to the upper tanks, and the spring pressure is good enough to send it upstairs.

How fucking cool is that?

And, as luck would have it, our RV water supply comes from those upper tanks, complete gravity feed, so I don’t have to use electricity to pump an ounce of water.

How bountiful, our host, if you take the time to get obsessed about it.

You better unsubscribe from all my stuff instanter. If you’re not careful, you’ll quit your Gucci-shoe and Armani-suit job and go just fuck off, and learn how to live.


  1. Woodchuck Pirate on September 7, 2015 at 07:08

    Hi Richard,

    On Chevelon Canyon Ranch (CCR), an off grid development in Arizona, the power lines pass across the 32 thousand acres divided into 800+ ranches, minimum size approximately 30 acres each. There are no electrical drops anywhere on CCR. There is propane delivery available, and so electric generation at residence level is possible. Wells can be drilled at residence level, fitted with propane fired pumps. If someone wanted and could afford the private expense, the choice is theirs. The ranch sets atop the largest aquifer in AZ and therefore sustainable water is possible as long as propane is sustainable. There are two community wells available to residents with no monthly fee etc. An annual POA fee of approximately $250 provides for grading of dirt roads within development twice per year, facilitating access to every ranch, as well as cost of providing community wells and a ramada area with bathrooms and also community garbage disposal pickup. Currently there are only 15 full-time residents at CCR. Annual taxes on my 36 acre parcel is under $200.

    I don’t know how the impending collapse will affect relocation of ranch owners onto their property at CCR beyond their current RV vacation use which seems to be status-quo limitation of interest exhibited. It would be my knee-jerk guess that in event of collapse the POA fee collections would diminish as the old adage “people don’t change” would ring true. The off-grid interest of current owners could gravitate to lowest priority. I see no evidence that the primal motivations for off-grid living “as a necessity” were attributes of the target market when the ranch was developed and parcels sold. Therefore the ranch owners as a homogenous population are no more enlightened than a dollar bill. It seems to me that “off-grid living as a necessity” is suitable recommendation only for those who can’t resist it.

    The collective wind distributes fiat anywhere it can, and most vocal owners at CCR exhibit an absurd mindset of establishing the same collectivist unsustainable practices off-grid. They appear driven by a knee-jerk internalized identity definition of “community”. They are constantly confronted with the development declarations/covenants which strictly forbids what they advocate, and the final nail in their collectivist coffin is the requirement for a majority of “all owners” not just “all voting owners” when proposing rule changes. This arrests the POA board capacity for aggression against minority individual property rights. They have never been successful in getting more than 15% response from any campaign to change the rules. A “no response” is counted as a negative vote when proposing rule changes. I even saw a board president write “it seems the original developer actually intended to make it impossible for us to change the rules”. Imagine that, 32 thousand acres where superior numbers of community collectivists are held off from devouring a majority of one…for now.

    Sustainable water is difficult to define and perhaps impossible to hold. With approximately 5 million people in and around Phoenix, AZ gradually losing water supply, nothing will impede the statist aggression in seizing the community wells at CCR and forbidding private property owners from accessing water from wells they drilled on their own property at their own expense. The legal definition of water rights and who enjoys them has devolved to the universal single sided conversation where the state has zero interest in feigning respect for inalienable rights let alone water rights. Survival is not an entitlement, and only 18% of AZ is available for private ownership. This is only one of many obstacles.

    It is my understanding that every water source in the USA is contaminated with endocrine disruptors from pharmaceutical disposal. It is also my understanding that no program exists to remove the contamination. Consequently I only drink distilled water. There will never be enough distilled water. The water wars are low priority even among thinking people, and yet they will be catalyst in moving the herd to their final destination(s). That final destination is surely not sustainable off-grid living.

    In my capacity as father and grandfather, not a day passes without me evolving to focus on sustainability. That focus includes water distillation processes and contingency plans necessary to implement valid philosophy in accepting personal responsibility for survival. The validity of collectivism is null and void by definition. I establish voluntary relationships with like minded people as joint tenants in entirety who bring something to the table when and however they decide. Synergy returns are dismal for collectivists because they betray valid philosophy. Individuals wake up every morning acutely aware at the endgame embraced by collectivists against them. In this monetary hell, every refugee is off-grid if they have no access to the transfer of fiat currency, even someone else’s. An off-grid living based on fiat currency transfer is not my benchmark; I’m not a refugee…yet. I converse on the CCR website property owners forum where activity is near zero. I suspect most owners who may be characterized as like-minded (with me) are strategically silent. This enhances my ability to market my resistance as differentiation. Simply professing to maintain only voluntary relationships in the forum yields inquiries from collectivists wishing to qualify what level of pragmatism they might use against me. When adherence to the NAP is offered while maintaining rejection of participating in all voting issues, the reaction of collectivists is courteous but dismissive. Infrequent appreciation by like-minded property owners is invaluable. There exists near zero forum discussion of strategies and techniques for off-grid living. I think that observation alone is damning. Of course a damnable situation is always fertile ground for me. I can’t resist it.

    Thanks for your post. I hope you will delve deeply into the sustainable water topic. Yoko sang, “we’re all water” and she was right. still love Yoko, even though she’s against me. But then who isn’t? There is no separateness. There will never be enough distilled water. These two observations can not be reconciled.

    Woodchuck Pirate
    aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

  2. Woodchuck Pirate on September 7, 2015 at 07:20

    Subscribing to comments.

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