Everybody Has a “‘License’ to Kill.” Nobody Ought Have a “License” to Murder

I should not have to explain the title, but let me give it a sentence. A killing isn’t necessarily a murder. Got it?

Here’s a murder, and apparently, Seneca Police Lt. Mark Tiller has a big enough license to murder as to make James Bond blush. Don’t recall seeing him killing young adolescents in any of the films. He only had a license to kill, just like you. The license to murder has been summarily granted by SC 10th Judicial Circuit Solicitor, Chrissy Adams, pending Fed stuff.

Here’s the murder of Zachary Hammond. His date, Tori Morton, was in the car and certainly far from being out of harm’s way. Apparently, this was some “sting” over buying a few grams of a dried plant(s). Maybe one had been refined into a white powder form, like sugar and flour.


So, there you just saw a 19-yr-old kid getting murdered for the crime of selling C. sativa, a wild growing plant and getting scared and trying to flee when caught ‘red handed.’ It should be clear to even any casual viewer that the kid was just scared and trying to run, not trying to harm his eventual murderer, Police Lt. Mark Tiller. I haven’t looked in detail, but the cop probably said what they all say: I feared for my life.

Judge for yourself if his life—and not his reputation or pride—was in any danger. Lots more details here.

For my money, Solicitor Chrissy Adams is the greater criminal in this case. For guys like Mark Tiller, this a once in a lifetime opportunity to show he means business and is He-Man. Chrissy Adams is the source of the problem. Just read the first few paragraphs of page 2, after an entire page 1 of complete irrelevancies to the crime of murder that you can actually see with your own eyes.

Chrissy Adams has made herself an accessory to murder. Legally, no, as she is the law, in this case. But humans are beings of moral conscience and at a point, something’s gotta give (see history: U. S. founding). Do note that Ms. Adams’ only job was to see if the act of Tiller’s clear murder of Hammond warranted charges being filed. Not completely sure of their procedure, but generically, a DA would have had to decide to file and pursue a prosecution, and ultimately, Tiller would have had to be judged by 12 South Carolina citizens in what’s called a jury.

So perhaps that’s the problem here, and perhaps is what particularly makes Adams not only an accessory to murder, but a treasonous conspirator in violation of her oath of office.

I think it’s pretty clear that even the dumbest jury on Earth could have been at least a coin-toss from sending Tiller to jail for a long while at least.

Can’t have that.

…I do note this has received no major media coverage I’m aware of. It’s a white kid, and national coverage for months only goes for certain black kids if it’s the right kind of perpetrator, and any blond white girl on the planet anywhere, under any circumstances whatsoever. White boys and black girls are shit out of luck.


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  1. Todd on October 29, 2015 at 20:22

    That’s really quite something that this didn’t go any further than it did with no charges being filed. I don’t see the necessity in the officer charging towards the vehicle with his firearm drawn. It seems to escalate the situation more than anything. A situation where someone was selling a small amount of drugs to someone else in broad daylight, in the back lot of a Hardee’s. This shouldn’t have been a do or die situation.

    A couple other problems with this. The kid never made “a hard turn” towards the cop; nor does it look like the cop’s feet ever went under the vehicle. The report takes some creative licensure which the video does not show.

    • Richard Nikoley on October 30, 2015 at 07:33

      “The report takes some creative licensure which the video does not show.”

      Yea, like the obvious fact that the kid would have had to stop, reverse hard right far enough to have the guy in front of him, then go forward hard left. The guy fired from BEHIND the driver’s door, which the autopsy confirms with entry in the back of the shoulder.

      Hands down murder, hands down license to do it.

      • Beans McGrady on October 30, 2015 at 09:59

        This is a mess. There are a few articles on this, but hardly any. New York Times, Huff Post and NBC mentioned it.(I couldn’t find anything else on cnn, fox etc. completely ignored.)
        The NYT gives more of the DA angle which does point out the officer violated procedure by going in hot like that. They still manage to rationalize the fact that a kid is dead due to gross negligence.
        Compare it to the coverage of Trayvon Martin. All the big ones declared Zimmerman a guilty racist on day one. Even when it came out that they had manipulated the 911 call and the kid was smashing his face with a rock, he had lost the public opinion war. When he was correctly exonerated, there were riots.
        This kid gets shot and they stfu. No one notices.
        Black lives matter goes into dennys to yell at white retirees while everyone ignores the fucking cops. It’s not the cops that are the problem, it is manspreading and microagressions.
        Cooking up a race war.
        Anyhoo, remember “save a pretzel for the gas jets”?
        You’ll bust a gut on this one.

      • Richard Nikoley on October 30, 2015 at 10:05

        You always save a pretzel for the gas jets.

  2. Beans McGrady on October 30, 2015 at 10:11

    “Destroy the mysteries and go fight Chewbaca”

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