Endless Leftist Bullshit. Up To The Eyeballs and Beyond


I’ve been relatively quiet lately because in the immediate aftermath of San Bernardino and beyond, I’ve been watching the left get unraveled while exposing their core modus operandi to the astonishment, even, of plain salt-earth Democrats—to levels of amusement on my part I don’t ever recall seeing in my life. I’m not bright eyed, though. After all, the most disgusting, lying piece of shit in the entire history of American politics—that keeps turning up on the bottom of shoes—is still loved by many.


So I have to take every perceived advance toward righteous—not-politicized-sweet-lies—truth with a grain of salt. There’s still a lot of fucktards out there, and lots of them like to vote the most, and it’s the means to ends we’re stuck with.

Deliciously, we even have Obama being called the pussy he is, right on national TV. I’m informed that, ironically enough, Fox has suspended Peters from any further appearances for two weeks because of it. Never underestimate America’s penchant for being the land of maternalism.

We also have this continual barrage of trying-real-hard-against-hope leftist pacifism: Journalist who was held captive by ISIS for 10 months says ‘bombing them is a trap’. Now, that’s an important video to watch, because it’s like school in how deluded the left is. Listen to Nicolas Henin explain exactly what I have been saying in how very fervent they are, but inside his own leftist narrative of belief, he does not understand that we have nothing to offer them.

They insist on war and in their own way, are brining it. Do people not understand what that means?

War is what they want because if you have been digging deep, you’ll find that the most fervent truly believe their god will deliver victory if they draw us in. It’s absolutely like the suicide bombers who believe they get 70 virgins in paradise. There’s no way to fact-check that, so just as with those who think their grandpa and grandma are in a better place, looking down on them, and they’ll see ’em again one day, you have tens and maybe hundreds of millions of Muslims fantasizing that their blown-to-bits friends, relatives, and comrades are really getting it on with 70 virgins in paradise.

…As an aside, it occurs to me that one profound cultural difference between all us all is that I don’t think female virginity is all that universally appealing in the West, much less 70 tasks of that magnitude (and probably no picnic for modern gals, either). From much of what I see in this regard, I’m given to the impression that radicalized Muslim males are typically either virgins or rapists, with little middle ground.

Moving along, there’s going to be no choice in this matter. At this level of irreconcilable disconnect, there is going to be war, and it is going to kill millions of civilians, including women and children. Best get over it. There is precedent. We’re not “there” yet, by which I mean peaceful coexistence, such as we in the modern enlightened West have mutually enjoyed for a long, long time. We have a long way to go, and you seemingly can’t get from A to C without first passing through B. It’s baked into the socio-evolutionary cake.

I’ll remind everyone that there will always be opposition from the left towards true progress, i.e., peaceful coexistence, with robust trade creating economies that bind, by which I mean: bind the hands of the political class—their constituencies having become mutually dependent on myriad levels of a complex division-of-labor in trade on international scales.

There will always be opposition from the left, even libertarians too often caught up in their intransigent narrative. Some will still even deny, with 20/20 hindsight, that what was done in the Western and Eastern theaters of WWII didn’t have to be done, and if you care to look, you’ll find all manner of pre-war hand waving from fascists, socialists, pacifists, nationalists, and isolationists. And later, once things got rolling and everyone saw what we were up against, some even advocated overt formal surrender, to be followed by non-violent resistance. Yes, bright-eyed fucktardism has a history.

It repeats itself. Those ignorant of it doom those of us who know it, to watch them repeat it.

We are dealing with an ideological foe, the likes of which we haven’t seen in a while. What differentiates an ideological foe (as opposed to one principally seeking real estate) is that you have nothing to offer them. They literally seek the destruction of our ideology, one that leads to the massive productivity and celebration of life we do. Their values are beyond our lives; death and their fantasies of what comes after takes up all their time. That’s their value calculation, and wherein they work, in order to gain and keep.

They are not an industrial power, but rather an ideological foe with unassailable, pure doctrinal adherence, without contradiction. It’s manifestly self-confirming. You can not fight that with counter-ideology or offers of concessions that only confirms your weak depravity in their deluded minds. You have to fight it with as many of their deaths as possible, until their ultimate aim of death has been achieved. It’s like mind control. Once the control has reached its objective, there’s no values left to act for.

Or, to state it another way, their very deaths are the only value we have to offer them.

…Here’s a great pantsing of the PansieAss-in-Chief.

Mind you, that Jive Talker was so fucking pathetic that he sent his attorney general on Sunday morning TV to float balloons and stick a wet finger in the air so that the little wanker could later “strike the right cord,” “resonate with the base,” “deliver hope to the people,” and any number of other bullshit.

He’s not a leader.

He’s a follower and exploiter of opinion on scales of political calculation that he’s apparently too stupid to understand are wearing thin, or, he’s an ideologue, doubling down, on some spectrum that calls to mind all I’ve just written.


  1. Daniel F on December 7, 2015 at 20:09

    “Fox has suspended Peters from any further appearances for two weeks because of it.”

    As Vox Day has pointed out repeatedly, “moderate” conservatives / rightists ONLY open fire on their own side, never at their true opponents. So face-palm-worthy, every time. When the left says “jump” mainstream conservatives say “how high?” The mainstream right lives in the left’s paradigm. They play by the left’s rules, not their own. Baked into the cake. That is why American “conservatism” (a term that is quite misleading) has been utterly useless for so long. They are “leftism light”. (At this point, let me put in another plug for Vox Day’s just released Cuckservative: How ‘Conservatives’ Betrayed America).

    As the late Lawrence Auster memorably said of National Review’s defenestration of John Derbyshire: “NR had no problem with a contributor who violated fundamental tenets of conservatism, but that they do have a problem with a contributor who violates fundamental tenets of _liberalism_.” (Emphasis, Auster’s)

    “We are dealing with an ideological foe, the likes of which we haven’t seen in a while. What differentiates an ideological foe (as opposed to one principally seeking real estate) is that you have nothing to offer them. They literally seek the destruction of our ideology, one that leads to the massive productivity and celebration of life we do.”

    Sorry, Richard, can you clarify: in the above quote, are you talking about radical Islam or the Left? :)

    • Richard Nikoley on December 8, 2015 at 08:15

      Well Daniel F, I do declare that you appear to have caught me comitting an unintentional but legitimate ambiguity.

  2. Neal Matheson on December 7, 2015 at 23:12

    An insightful piece. I have for some time thought a civil war or at least secession is inevitable in the United States. The varying ideologies just seem too different to achieve a meaningful accord. A similar situation I am sad to say seems likely in Europe. The old canard about the left being a fifth column seems truer every day. On a more positive note it seems like there really is a large silent majority, browbeaten into silence by the leftist harpies. Richard do you know Douglas Murray. A superb (sadly statist) writer from the Uk, you mentioned Milo Yiannopolus (sp?) before so wondered if you had come across Murray, a bit if a more grown up version of Milo.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 8, 2015 at 08:17

      Nope, haven’t heard of him explicitly. Will check it out. Milo’s incessant public preening is wearing thin on me.

      • Neal Matheson on December 8, 2015 at 09:35

        Me too, I like him and I am sure he will rein it in and get back to journalism. Douglas Murray did a very nice interview with Sam Harris recently.

  3. Yeaster Bunny on December 8, 2015 at 02:17

    Isn’t it 72 virgins?

    What Neal said. Murray is the new Hitch, only he prefers dick…

  4. Barbara on December 8, 2015 at 07:19

    They suspended Stacy Dash for two weeks as well yesterday. Apparently it was cuss on live television about Obama day.

  5. Skateman on December 8, 2015 at 11:43

    Hasn’t politics moved decidedly rightward over the past 40 years? I mean, Hillary is probably to the right of where Reagan was. And if this is true, it seems odd that you continue to identify leftists as all that has gone wrong with America (and strange that you think Hillary is any more of a liar than your average Republican politician). The Democrats may be more inclined to pussyfoot around with ISIS and Muslims in general due to political correctness. But in truth, the Republicans are practically as bad with their slavish allegiance to Israel so blinding them that they would rather arm Syrian rebels (with such arms finding their way directly to ISIS) than support Russia and the Shiites in actually destroying Isis.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 8, 2015 at 12:29

      “Hasn’t politics moved decidedly rightward over the past 40 years?”

      Sorry man, gotta dismiss you. You’re swallowing some sort of false narrative and I don’t know how old you are or now much you’ve studied or paid attention to history, but just asking that question is a signal of ignorance far greater than I care to undertake to correct.

      • Skateman on December 8, 2015 at 13:00

        I base this thesis on articles like this.


        And the observation that Reagan was, for example, a lot more moderate than the average Republican politician today.

      • Richard Nikoley on December 8, 2015 at 13:11

        Look man, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not your daddy, nor your school teacher and I have no interest in debunking that bias-confirming flapdoodle of an “article” for you.

        Do it yourself. Put in your best effort, dig into data and history youself and give your best serious, honest acedemic effort of punching holes in it.

        Feel free to stop at 100.

      • Skateman on December 8, 2015 at 19:58

        Yeah, I just don’t agree, sorry. On a wide range of issues the Republicans of 25-30 years ago are about where the Democrats are today. Shit, Nixon would be considered a liberal today. The safe space coddled college students are certainly irritating. But they’re not reflective of what’s really going on from a government policy standpoint.

  6. Doug on December 9, 2015 at 05:16

    Richard –
    I think from your various writings on this topic there are basically 3 camps:
    1. Islamic Ideologues who are willing to die for their believes….zombies. No hope for these people.
    2. Sympathizes of 1 who could:
    a. become a 1
    b. remain pussies
    3. Everyone else.

    How do we fight #1?
    Do we (3) worry about 2a?

    • Richard Nikoley on December 9, 2015 at 08:15

      I think you hit them hard, fast, brutally and decisively in the territory they claim, and not worry about anyone in the way.

      Symathysers will find sympthy in something else, eventually, I suspect.

      • Hap on December 9, 2015 at 11:53


        Some will say it generates even more jihadis and sympathizers to attack them with truly lethal force in the heart and soul of their caliphate, and especially without Arab allies, because that’s what ISIS wants. I say give them what they want, and make it costly. the Arab “allies” will come when they see what is happening to ISIS. Unfortunately some of these so called allies, like SA, are equally threatened but just slightly more civilized versions of ISIS. the world is imperfect and solutions are not perfect.

        I find it hard to believe when people talk/investigate and do not find that this is nothing new. the ideology is part and parcel of Islam and we will never eradicate that. Islam will either tackle it or not……and the answer is “or not”…so get used to it.

        And for those who say it is not our fight, well, move to San Bernardino. Have a nice day.

        War is not the answer, …until it is.

      • Richard Nikoley on December 9, 2015 at 12:50

        Yep, I suspect you get it.

        On a practical level, I would rather have a few niece & nephew babies grow up wondering and questioning why we slaughtered so many thousands, than to grow up wondering why they have to be on guard for primitive rabbid dogs in the form of humans.

      • Rita on December 9, 2015 at 14:26

        I hear what you are saying about mass slaughter vs. living in perpetual fear, but I wish to doG it weren’t one or the other. I mean, the humane part of me is repulsed by the collateral damage of the killing of the innocent in the Mid East (or at home, in Paris, etc.). Yet, the No Bullshit side of me wants the raping, murdering assfaces blown to smithereens. I’m just wondering if there is a more targeted approach than Hiroshima, the sequel?

      • Richard Nikoley on December 9, 2015 at 16:03

        Not if you really want it done, Rita.

        It comes down to how much of your life’s capital and that of your offspring loved one’s spent on this disaster in perpetuity.

        This is the life’s blood of the left. They live politically on this sort of perpetual antagonism. Hawks like me may see to things very brutally, but that’s because I want everyone to enjoy a long period of peace and tranquility, and I care for my tribe first and foremost.

        Look, everyone will get over it. But it’s the only way, unless, you, like the left, want this to go on forever and forever.

      • Rita on December 10, 2015 at 09:04

        I totally understand the reasoning behind a quick and effective end game. If I may ask you a follow-up question, Richard, how are we to make sure not to repeat this? The thing is, history teaches us that ISIS most likely came about as a result of American intervention in the Mid-East from approx. 1980s forward. If we erase our mistakes now, who’s to say that actually fixes the problem – since our leadership still has their heads up their asses. I’m not saying don’t kill ISIS, etc., but don’t we also need part 2 of the plan: get rid of a shithole government? I don’t see how a peace plan could work long-term without the destruction of both.

      • Rita on December 10, 2015 at 09:06

        P.S. – the shithole government I’m referring to is the US govt.

      • Richard Nikoley on December 10, 2015 at 09:43

        “The thing is, history teaches us that ISIS most likely came about as a result of American intervention in the Mid-East from approx. 1980s forward.”

        I don’t buy that. Interest in the region itself, including interests that wanted modernization and trade—even Russia, with it’s own Islamist problems—are better explanations, for me.

        I see it as resistance to plain old modernization. You can see what women looked like walking the streets of every city from Kabul to Cairo in the 1970’s. And guess what, Iran was the leader in this. Teheran was the “Paris of the Orient” in the 70’s.

        Guess where the first revolution happened, and who was tagged as “The Great Satan,” when “students” sacked the embassy? But, the “revolution” was really being driven by rural goat fuckers who saw their 14th Century, dirt-scratching, women-raping and goat-fucking worldview being turned upside down by natural progress and modernity, which they explicitly want nothing of.

        It’s the fault of the Middle East, itself. And if there is blame to lay, it is them who, rather than simply deal with their own problems, invite us in for trade and managing geopolitical stability (oil, now becoming less an issue), all while Saudi Arabia finances all of the schools throughout the region that radicalize boys, so that America and the west in general will have to take care of the problem.

        Note that Saudi Arabia is not taking any refugees.

        If I was going to drop bombs, the first several B-52 loads would tun Mecca into rubble. Then, I would seize all Middle Easter assets around the world. Then, I would capture every oil field, well, and refinery.

        Start over. Make them primitive again, kill all the royals and their families, then perhaps truly turn the region over to the people, institute the death penalty for any man that so much as touches a woman out of turn.

        Shit like that.

        Oh, and make a big pig stew and instead of onion, Koran pages. Dump it all over everywhere.

        Alright, rant over.

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