Let’s Make No Mistake About What I Really Think About 7th-Century, Dirt-Scratching Savages AKA Muslims

I really don’t like having any part of my art and audacity of self-direction be in any way ambiguous. Of course, in areas I write about often, it’s not. People pretty much know where I stand, and to their credit, follow along with my forever-evolution; because where I stand, now, changes over time…like…evolution. We have minds, so we don’t have to wait the time for the glacial paces of nature.

But there’s a pernicious undertone that I detest. People who love what I do in one area make assumptions about me in others for their own benefitspecifically in order to avoid the discomfort of confronting a complete contradiction. I get it all the time. I’m good at this and that, but completely off the wall in this thing they’re regurgitating conventional “wisdom” to me about; and what gobsmacks me the most is how they don’t understand how saying something like that completely exposes them as fools who don’t truly understand a damn thing in terms of fundamentals, self-direction, thinking for themselves, or developing themselves to such a point where they have a more sound and complete confidence in their self-directing than they do in anyone else in the world, bar none.

Basically, they’re taking my word for something when it sounds right, taking the word of others for other things, and giving me a backlash: blaming me because everyone whose word they take for various of most or all things aren’t all consistent. See, that’s how they expose themselves as fools. A fool is any adult who doesn’t think for himself or herself in all matters.

I’ve earned my chops. I change focus, views, and conclusions all the time. And it’s usually always over the same fundamentals, essentials, and principles. You see, fundamentals, essentials, and principles can underly vastly different conclusions or hypotheses, given new data and perspectives that demand WIDER INTEGRATIONS. Take note of that, and note how much that passes for “thought” these days in so many areas—where there is an explicit seeking of the most narrow integration of facts and understanding necessary to advance a narrative, or just plain propaganda.

I can not imagine what it’s like to actually spout shit other people said or wrote, over and over, and to use it as argument or fake “thought,” rather than in the way of art and audacity: take good stuff, chew on it, dismiss bad stuff, direct your own mind, and come up with your own synthesis as an argument, original to you. Re-evaluate it regularly, improve it or dump it, as necessary, and as honesty and integrity demand.

I wrote stuff on Facebook today that tons of people feel, but few really form reasons as to why it’s perfectly natural to feel that way. The left certainly makes you fell guilty for feeling it, and will just as certainly punish you for expressing such feelings.


Here’s the story:

A Muslim convert who protested outside Parliament with a sign saying ‘I am Muslim, do you trust me enough for a hug?’ is facing jail for threatening to bomb an MP’s house.

Craig Wallace used the sign as Stop The War protesters came to Westminster for the vote on military action in Syria last week.

It stated: ‘I am Muslim, I am labelled a terrorist, I trust you, do you trust me enough for a hug?’

But the 23-year-old, of Willesden Green, north London, is now facing a possible prison sentence after he threatened Tory MP Charlotte Leslie online following the vote.

Wallace, who calls himself Muhammad Mujahid Islam online, wrote on Facebook: ‘I’m going to smash her windows then drop a bomb on her house while she’s tucked up in bed. You dirty f****** pig-s******* s***.’

On December 3, the day after MPs voted to authorise the air strikes, he wrote: ‘I’m going to find her and show her what it’s like to murder innocents. You dirty pig-f****** w****.’

Expressing outrage is one thing. Issuing specific death threats to specific people, giving time and place? If someone does that to you, you ought be able to kill them first, followed by applause from all. But we live in a dumb and dumber society, now, completely fine that when seconds count, the cops are only minutes away. Anyway, my own expression of outrage on Facebook:

Religion of peace update.

Newlyweds with new baby kill 14 of the people who threw them a baby shower, during their Christmas party, update.

Burden of proof shift, update.

Regard all with suspicion, update.

What that gets to is the juxtaposition of the sign, followed by the clear assault, juxtaposed with the fine young couple in San Bernardino, followed by battery and murder.

I later followed up with a serious, generally anti-Muslim rant, explicitly trying to paint as broad of a stroke as I can…artfully, audaciously, and always self-directed and always not giving the slightest little fuck what any other organism on Earth thinks about it.

Let’s just cut to the chase. Can we just be honest, and let me tell you what you’re all thinking?

Nobody outside the 6th-Century, Dirt-Scatching, Women-Raping, Infidel-Crucifying, Human Spirit-Submitting Savages needs Muslims or their primitive “religion of peace.”

We do not need them. Since Algebra (if that’s even true and I doubt it) in about 600AD in Spain (rough guessing) they have not contributed….


Show me the fucking patents. Fuck all.

We do not need them.

Fuck Muslims. Fuck their pig-vomit religion. Feel free to express hatred. Hatred is good, when directed at those things deserving of hatred from those far superior, more enlightened, more compassionate, more understanding, more productive, more creative, more inventive, more intuitive, more everything that builds and innovates on the sound foundation of civilization.

Muslims, far and wide, are of the anti-civilization, and I refuse to associate with anyone who professes that pig-vomit of a religion.

Did I just dehumanize them? Well, humanity is a concept and as we’ve evolved from hominoids shitting in our own fruit bowl to where we are now, so too is the concept of humanity something that exists on some scale and eventually, the left end drops off out of scale as the whole advances down the timeline.

I don’t know what the solution is, but I do know that in terms of Earth civilization, that #1 we don’t need one single society in the Middle East and #2, we would all be better off without any single one of existing societies in the Middle East.

They offer nothing to the world. They bring death, destruction, and vast wastes of time, money, and energy. They are, in fact, parasites as populations of societies that hold vast swaths of land. That would be fine, but they will not keep to their own primitive ways that would, soon enough, basically be just like when folks venture into the Amazonian rain forests to encounter tribes. Well, not just like. I don’t want to insult those Amazonians.

In essence, they aren’t a civilization. Now, think deeply about that. Civilization is not a natural phenomena, but something man made. So, whereas they were indeed one of many primitive civilizations in the 7th Century, they have largely stayed there, just coopting everything useful from the West, exclusively invented by and produced in the West, while keeping social structures largely static. The only hope of most individuals to actually participate in meaningful ways—such as art, invention, literature, industry, technological innovation—is to go to the West.

I really don’t like explaining myself, but I’ll add a big clarification in this case, simply because of the artful audacity of this self-directed post. I bear no ill will against any peaceful individual in the world, so long as they uphold reasonable standards of civility and good will towards others.

What we are seeing, now, is that there are potentially hundreds of millions, up to a billion or so, who do not. I owe those animals nothing, neither should you, and you ought not be a fool because at this point, it’s clear you can’t even tell whether they live next door or not.

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  1. hello on December 11, 2015 at 20:17

    I remember when you were going to call this blog “feed” the animal. At the time I envisaged you becoming a paleo food blogger. “Free”ing the animal has been a far more controversial and dare I say, interesting, endeavour. Well done Richard. Good on you.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 12, 2015 at 08:51

      Heh, yea, long time ago. It’s actually what I had in mind, but it was taken, so I went with the far more wide open Free.

      I enjoyed being primarily a paleo/food blogger and for a couple years I don’t think I put up very many posts that were anything but that. I’ll still probably do a significant amount along those lines, but I’m more interested in stuff that challenges the nifty, settled little narrative, now.

      That doesn’t mean it’s bad, just that everything can always be better.

  2. Sidney on December 11, 2015 at 20:51

    A lot of them are savages. They are blood thirsty by nature. Noted historian Alfred Toynbee once wrote the Islamic conquest of India was the bloodiest in human recorded history.

    I applaud Trump for having the balls to say out loud what most of us are thinking. I don’t see how it is unconstitutional to ban foreigners who pose a national security threat from entering this country.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 12, 2015 at 09:03

      “I don’t see how it is unconstitutional to ban foreigners who pose a national security threat from entering this country.”

      You know, I read that memo when it came out, word for word.

      What do you want to bet that not one in 10 out there spouting off have actually read it (and it’s quite short and precise)? Anyway, it was pretty clear in context that he was talking about new issues of Visas, not barring existing citizens or holders of residency or work Visas.

      He probably left a slight ambiguity on purpose, exactly so that what did happen, would happen.

  3. Yeaster Bunny on December 12, 2015 at 01:54

    Cartoons, or I don’t believe you….

  4. Anand Srivastava on December 12, 2015 at 03:44

    There are a lot of muslims in the world. You can’t seriously think all are like that. The Quran actually makes more sense than the Bible. I am a born hindu now atheist. I don’t really think its the muslims that are the problem. The problem is free money. There was too much easy money in the middle east until very recently. Their religion just like other monotheistic religions allows fanning the flames of hatred much more easily. So the free money and the easily fanned hatred has been causing the problem in middle east. And US is also part of the problem. It has a very big military budget, and that budget must be justified. It can only be justified if there is a strife in the world and they are used to bring peace there. It very logical that CIA and the US military creates the strife there, with the help of Mossad (another military nation), and I think Saudi Arabia. There would be other Arab nations involved too. The reason for Iraq attack was pretty thin. Saddam was atleast a dictator. What about Libya? It was prosperous, before uprising was engineered. Even Syria was ok, before sponsored militant groups were created.

    I am hoping the easy money will go away (due to dollar hyperinflation) in a couple of years, hopefully sooner.

    And I didn’t think I would see you defining a people’s worth by their patents. Patents are a very bad thing. And in software it is downright evil. Thankfully, the development of software is now getting so fast that defending patents actually is becoming a losing proposition.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 12, 2015 at 09:12


      Exactly why I wrote this at the end of the post. Perhaps you din’t get that far, or are you looking to pretend I didn’t write it?

      “I really don’t like explaining myself, but I’ll add a big clarification in this case, simply because of the artful audacity of this self-directed post. I bear no ill will against any peaceful individual in the world, so long as they uphold reasonable standards of civility and god will towards others.

      “What we are seeing, now, is that there are potentially hundreds of millions, up to a billion or so, who do not. I owe those animals nothing, neither should you, and you ought not be a fool because at this point, it’s clear you can’t even tell whether they live next door or not.”

      Furthermore, I am not defining value in terms of patents, nor am I supporting patents (government granted, limited monopoly). I’m simply using them as evidence of invention and innovation.

      Can someone tell me any significant invention or innovation that’s ever come specifically out of Muslim countries ruled by religious governments? I think there may be some stuff in areas of pure biological science and stuff out of Iran, but can’t think of anything else.

      Automobiles, aircraft, industrial machinery, home appliances, chemicals, plastics, composites, steel, electronics, etc? etc? etc?

      • Owie Owie on December 12, 2015 at 12:57

        OK, that’s twice I’ve seen this. Is this just a typo?

        ‘so long as they uphold reasonable standards of civility and god will towards others.’

  5. Jim on December 12, 2015 at 04:13

    One of the nicest countries I’ve traveled in.
    I just don’t get how you can tar all with the same brush.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 12, 2015 at 09:22

      Read the last two paragraphs, Jim. It’s why I put them there.

      Spent three days in Penang back in ’89. Yep, it was lovely. Since I accounted for at least a half billion to a billion or more non-violent and non-supporters of violence Muslims, looks like that largely covers Malaysia. And, probably a significant portion of populations in other places.

      This is not a problem Christians or Jews or Hindus or Buddhists have. Fringe outliers is about it. We’re talking millions and millions here, potentially hundreds of millions. I saw a recent poll that something like 44% of Muslims support instituting Sharia law, even in countries that already have established Western legal systems. This is overthrow, they are willing to be violent about it, and it’s a big fucking problem.

      I for one am not going to pussy foot around about it, anymore. Gloves off.

      Time to spew hatred, get folks riled up, and see where chips fall. I’m sick of this do-nothing, forever “war” bullshit.

      • TheJeebus on December 13, 2015 at 12:46

        Adding two paragraphs at the end does not absolve you from the despicable garbage you wrote.
        I’m not sure what’s worse, your genocidal ramblings or your utter lack of rational analysis.

      • Richard Nikoley on December 13, 2015 at 14:16

        Oh just go fuck off and take your ‘I don’t know what’s worse’ childish, unoriginal, unthinking regurgitate where somone gives a shit.

        Get a mind of your own, or you’re just boring us to tears here.

      • Steven on December 13, 2015 at 14:38

        Is it despicable because it is patently true and if so how is the truth despicable?

        Or is it a massive lie and that is despicable and if it is a lie how so?

        Please substantiate your statement. Otherwise yes you are being boring and repetitive. And boring. And repet… oh never mind.

    • Dubdub on December 12, 2015 at 09:56

      Jim, you only merely traveled to Malaysia? Too bad you never stay long enough in a foreign country to understand that below the surface that happy tourists will never see. I spent two years there. Its a nice enough country, probably better than most in the muslim world. However, if you are a muslim there like anywhere else, you are subject to the religious police: you cannot convert away, cannot drink alcohol, read Christian materials, and you can be arrested. As for non Muslims, they are officially second class citizens in their own country that must live under more severe economic and legal sanction. Heck they can’t even legally operate a business unless they find a muslim partner (usually kept as a silent partner). Google New Economic Policy and talk to people who are born and raised there.

  6. Steven on December 12, 2015 at 12:32

    Take it from an American born Arab who’s parents are from Jordan and with many many ties back to the middle east.

    Arabs are a stain on the planet. My parents left in the 60’s to get away from those crazies. They are catholic and know what persecution is all about. The last thing so many Arabs want that left there long ago is to let those crazies in because they know what they will do.

    There is an old adage “you can take the stripper out of the club but you can’t take the stripper out of the girl”. Well it goes like this for Arabs “you can take the Arab out of the middle east but you can’t take the Arab out of the person”. They need to do that for themselves which most people are loath to be anything near introspective. So in other words: good luck keeping society civil.

    • gabkad on December 12, 2015 at 15:09

      Steven, in re: introspection: probably in short supply in general.

      Individually, who can assess if they are or they are not? Or to what extent and does it make any difference to how they live life? I have no idea on a personal level much less on a societal level.

      • Steven on December 12, 2015 at 16:00

        Ever question your dearly held beliefs? If so why?

        Have you ever had that anagnorisis as to why you believed something? And then realized how silly it was to believe in whatever it was? Then feel the relief of that burden of silliness being lifted? That is introspection. Most people are afraid to feel/look/sound silly even to themselves.

        I personally feel most people hate looking inward because it is “hard”. They of course are wrong and I say that because it is better to question ones self as to why you do something and then make a positive change if you see a flaw/error.

        The only things that are ridged in the world are the laws of nature. A persons ideology should not be.

        As far as at a societal level, my thoughts are if more people actually were a bit more introspective at a personal level society would correct itself. Society is only the exacerbated emotions of the individual as far as I can tell.

        Once people are happy and content with themselves then they are far less likely to be violent. Unless provoked.

  7. John on December 12, 2015 at 15:20

    Fucking asshole. I hope they find you and rape you before cutting your head off.

  8. solver on December 12, 2015 at 17:16

    Didn’t Jimmy Carter expel Iranian students from the US over somewhat similar circumstances?

    • Richard Nikoley on December 13, 2015 at 07:48

      Carter banned all non-citizen Iranians from entering the US, as I recall.

      You should have heard the outrage from the Democrats, calling him Hitler and a fascist and whatnot….or not. :)

  9. mucky on December 12, 2015 at 17:45

    Please, as liberal minded compassionate people, let us not give countenance to anyone who treats women, or homosexuals, or freaks as lower class, expendable citizens. If we do not defend our civilization it will be destroyed. This is not Star Wars, this is the real Boots On The Ground.

  10. Geoff on December 13, 2015 at 05:30

    Alight, Richard. Let’s give this a shot….

    Thesis – Islam is a religion of peace. Those who perpetrate violence in its name are a small and extreme minority. It is contrary to western values to stereotype an entire religious group for the acts of a few extremists.

    Antithesis – Islam is an inherent violent and suppressive religion. The majority of its adherents would prefer to subject the world to its tenets, through violence if needed. It is foolish to presume any individual Muslim is peaceful because the desire to subjugate others is so widespread in that community.

    Synthesis – “Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad…”

    Do you think that what really makes Trump’s proposal so abhorrent to the establishment – left and right – is that he’s calling out our ignorance of Islam, its adherents, and their beliefs? Shrewd move on his part. The “experts” don’t appear to be solving the problem of violence, and by calling out their ignorance (and admitting his own) Trump insulates himself from the critique that he doesn’t understand. If his statement is to be taken at face value, then isn’t it the product, not of hate, but of a desire for us to be safer as we become “less wrong” (as you like to write)?

    Overthinking it?

    • Richard Nikoley on December 13, 2015 at 07:53

      I think that’s pretty damn good, Geoff. I can’t even think of a quibble.

      Nice distinction you make regarding Trump’s statement. The only fact he presents is that an awful lot of them hate us. He’s not asserting they’re all bad, and he’s merely saying let’s put a halt to this until we can better understand.

  11. pzo on December 13, 2015 at 08:31

    A bit of chronological quibble: Muhammed started hearing the voice of Gabriel in 610, and his new religion gained ground for the next several decades. I don’t mean geological ground, but cultural influence. Many think that if you have to put a date on the founding, 630AD is as good as any.

    And, I know that you know 6XX is not the sixth century……………

  12. Jane Karlsson on December 14, 2015 at 03:11

    Richard, don’t forget the Hunza were Muslims. Unusual ones, in that they did not confine their women and liked parties and alcohol. But still Muslims. I am starting to understand why people are so reluctant to read The Wheel of Health. Nobody wants to hear about the remarkable achievements of a bunch of Muslims.

    • BigRob on December 15, 2015 at 09:39


      So you can be Muslim without keeping any tenets of the faith?

      Interesting and dumb.

  13. hap on December 14, 2015 at 08:27

    The Left has announced that climate change is a root cause of terrorism. So are we now safe because of a climate agreement?

  14. Gabriele Nesta on December 14, 2015 at 09:44

    As a very casual observer of this site since it was first used to explain the paleo lifestyle, i just have to wonder out loud, having read so many angry outbursts here…….does this “paleo” diet (or whatever it is you follow) actually bring about this extremely hostile, negative, and insulting attitude and behavior? Something is wrong with a person who is compelled to ramble on and on about his personal beliefs, no matter how offensive or irrelevant, and then bash, with the most crude and vulgar language possible, anyone who disagrees. I haven’t been here in months and see that things have even gotten worse! I suggest an introspective look into WHAT exactly is making you so angry, rude and unhappy in your life. Few people care about your politics, especially when expressed with such vitriol and narrow-mindedness.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 14, 2015 at 10:00

      Gabrielle, you’re just a typical, stupid cunt who doesn’t think for herself, “thinks” she’s making a point by typing what any quotidian fucktard would type so most people go “yea, just what I was ‘thinking.'” You’re simply too ignorant and stupid to come to the realization and grip of your own indoctrination that has made you such a fucking bore in your one shot at a human life.

      • Gabriele Nesta on December 14, 2015 at 10:28

        You just proved my whole point. Something is wrong in your head. I would match my education with yours any day. You spew anger and hatred and your little groupies just lap it up. Look into your private life to see who or what is making you so miserable and then perhaps look into your diet, as you are obviously missing some vital nutrients. Either way, you have some serious shortcomings. That kind of psychotic anger is not healthy.

      • Richard Nikoley on December 15, 2015 at 07:49

        BTW, Gabriele:

        Feel free to take the test and post the results (it’s most of the way down the post). With all that educatin’ I’m sure you’ll do just fine.


      • Gabriele Nesta on December 15, 2015 at 14:55

        The only reason i even mentioned my education is because you called me ignorant. I have no interest in taking your stupid little “test”, as i have nothing to prove to a lowlife like you. Since you like to get personal, how is it that someone as bloated and unhealthy looking as you deem yourself some kind of diet expert? You are obviously unfit for public life, having no job, sitting behind your computer all day, unfit to work with other people, trying to eek out a living feuding with total strangers and amusing your ten little followers. You have a reputation all over the internet as some sort of hotheaded psycho who has lost most of his internet traffic and most of his sanity. You truly seem to have a mental problem. Not to mention you are a misogynistic pig with a vulgar, ignorant vocabulary. You are in no condition to provide insight into anything, until you get good psychiatric help for your obvious rage, racism and hatred. Don’t bother answering this as i’m done following you and the garbage you spew. Two suggestions: get a real job with actual people and make an appointment at your local mental health clinic. You need it.

      • Richard Nikoley on December 16, 2015 at 08:37

        You too, Gabriele, with your “education” (indoctrination). Laf, laf laf.


        Grow an independently thinking brain. Isn’t it funny that some of the smartest folks are actually the ones who evaluate themselves regularly, rather spout off their mouths at others because what they say doesn’t conform to what they hear from whichever version of mainstream “thought” they’ve chosen.

      • Richard Nikoley on December 15, 2015 at 19:02

        Just like I said.

        You’re ignorant. Every statement of fact exposes it. Every single one.

    • Hap on December 14, 2015 at 12:37

      Perhaps Gabriele…you should look into what is making a lot of people angry and frustrated and perhaps why you are so complacent and arrogant about it so that you have to shoot the messenger?

      If Richard is crude or vulgar….so what? Why are you preaching to him…to cure him of “his psychotic anger”. He would tell you to fuck off. I would just ask you …please….to stop posting unless you address substance, pose a question and/or quit whining .

      Regarding the paleo diet…well possibly you should eat a little more meat. Is that good advice? I mean why did you drop in anyway? Strike that….

      • Richard Nikoley on December 14, 2015 at 12:48

        Or less meat, depending.

        Don’t cast too many pearls before swine.

        She’s a fucktarded idiot with an educations badge.

    • Jon on December 16, 2015 at 09:51


  15. Richard Nikoley on December 14, 2015 at 11:09

    You’d match your education?

    Oh, wonderful.

    That’s just indoctrination.

    I think for myself. You regurgitate “educations.”

    Stand by for the next post I’m working on. I’ll give you the link, and you get a chance to see if you’re actually more intelligent than me.

    You likely haven’t a prayer, and will have to console yourself that at least lots of people are as a averge as you, and you all say the same banal, boring shit.

  16. Rita on December 15, 2015 at 10:29

    Richard – I love ya, but I don’t buy that IQ test and women having lower IQs business. I took a couple of those tests and scored in the 130s – 140s, but I noticed they are all spatial – pattern driven tests. That is just one aspect of intellect, no? Education definitely doesn’t prove intellect, but those silly tests are no more proof.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 15, 2015 at 12:53


      It’s expedient for separating wheat from chaff. That’s all, love, & welcome to my world.

      • Agnes Blakey on December 20, 2015 at 01:45

        Richard you are awesome beautiful human.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 15, 2015 at 12:56

      …Oh, I would disagree with you.

      Human brains go from data from sense organ input, to percept, to concept, to integration.

      What these tests show is how clean your data is.

      Garbage in, garbage out.

  17. […] Here’s some comments I got on a post from a few days ago: Let’s Make No Mistake About What I Really Think About 7th-Century, Dirt-Scratching Savages AKA Mus…. […]

  18. Richard Nikoley on December 15, 2015 at 12:26


    Gabriele and The Jeebus.

    As you’ll se in this post, John wanting me to be raped and have my head cut off was just a plant, to encourage a couple of stupid fucks to jump on the buss.

    This is a blog, and I’m delighted to make an example of your unthinking idiocy, so a few tens of thousands can see it, reflect on it, and do better.

    See? I’m a lemons to lemonade guy. I help others to not be fucking stupid by showing them how awfully stupid one can get.

    Welcome to the front page, Jeebus and Gabriele.


    • Steven on December 15, 2015 at 12:35

      You win the internet!!

      I actually laughed out.

  19. Why on December 15, 2015 at 19:44

    You’re a joke. Do you wonder why the middle east is in shambles right now? What you’re seeing today of the middle east is what happens when the barbaric Westerners do what they do best, conquer and destroy. You’re nothing more than a bigot, you don’t actually think, you just use hatred as a outlet, be honest with yourself, you get high when you type up some bullshit article void of any intellect. But back to the middle east, its going through a tough time right now in the wake of Western intervention, Afghanistan? America caused that problem with there love child, the Taliban. Iraq? That too. Palestine and Israel? That was the British intervening. Iran? American intervention again. So the chaos in the middle east, just blame that on the west, or at least know they had a hand in it. And let us not forget this Western stomping does not end with the middle east (Or begin). Imperialism was happening in India, until Ghandi told them to take there bullshit back to the west (peacefully), India was a place in shambles too, utterly chaotic, impoverished, why though? The same thing happened in China, after imperialism before Mao got China’s act together and ejected the barbaric westerners, and all foreign intervention for that matter. Look at every South American and Central American country, chaotic crime torn countries right? They weren’t really like that before were they? Each rose up and had its revolution the evict their forced landlords, Cuba being one of the latest to join in. Look at the state of Africa as a whole right now. What was there selling human beings and gold, setting up trade routes to continue this imperialism? The entirety of the west fought over the scraps of Africa, for its mineral resources. North America? The west annihilated an entire race of people, we dont even need to elaborate. Even in the midst of a worldwide imperialism, they were attacking each other and started 2 world wars. So you can say the middle east is a war-torn and not contributing anything good at the moment, and you know what? I agree. but why is that? WHAT IS THE COMMON DENOMINATOR BETWEEN ALL THESE COUNTRIES?
    Lets pretend you hopped in a time machine, imagine what your views would be on America during the civil war using the same logic you are using to describe the middle east. It would probably be about the same as any of your other Islamic hate rhetoric. But you love America right? Imagine your views on Germany in 1942 using the logic you are using now, and how it would differ to your view on Germany right now. SEE MORE THAN JUST WHAT IS IN FRONT OF YOU. You’re like those people to write seething hate speeches about Russians during the cold war just because they were the current “bad guy”. Think for yourself. My point is your opinion of the middle east is one that is lacking in history therefore the scope through which you are viewing it is not including the entire picture and you are refusing to acknowledge it. You are in a cave, only seeing shadows, step out and see the sunlight. Would you consider Nat Turner a monster or a revolutionary?

    • Richard Nikoley on December 15, 2015 at 19:58

      The irony of “thinking for yourself” by making a laundry list of grievences few alive today were ever involved in, as justification for others who also had nothing to do with it to kill folks out partying on a Friday night, or having an office Christmas party.

      Brilliant. And of course, the only univolved people who ever have to answer for past atrocities comitted by others are rich white peole.

    • Steven on December 15, 2015 at 21:38

      Take it from a guy with a blood line that runs dozens of generations back in the middle east and still has a lot of family there and has been there.

      Your supposed “American Imperialism” has absolutely nothing to do with the mess in the ME. It has everything to do with the people being Muslim.

      Those monsters have been a massive force for evil for 13 century’s. That is 1,300 years.

      If you would rather listen to a news pundit with an eye towards an end over someone with real history then you can not be helped.

      Coming from a brown person and an atheist… Thank whatever creator you believe for white European and Asian men. Not black men. Not brown men. Not any “savages”. None of them deserve any praise. It is white men that authored the magna carta. Not any people of color. It is white and asian men that invented pretty much everything.

      As a brown guy I thank Richard and his ilk for there whiteness.

      • Jane Karlsson on December 16, 2015 at 02:27

        Steven, was it white men who taught you how to spell?

      • Steven on December 16, 2015 at 07:35


        Actually it was a bunch of women from various races. I do not seem to recall having very many men as teachers. If there were more men as teachers we have a lot less dysfunction.

        Does that help clear everything up Jane?

    • Rita on December 16, 2015 at 06:54

      @Why – I think the problem with your viewpoint is that you fail to take into consideration the role played by the supposed victims in your narrative. For example, Africans were complicit in slavery – they sold and traded between tribes and with Evil Whitey. You can blame the greed of tribal kings, but you cannot strictly blame Europeans. As far as the Middle East, many countries have had their hands in f*ing it up – that much is true. However, Assad is straight up homicidal mad man who uses chemical warfare on his own citizens. Do NOT pretend that leaders and oil dealers in the Mid East would have clean hands if not for the involvement of Whitey.

      • Jon on December 16, 2015 at 09:58

        Your making the assumption that the media reporting was correct about Assad. My sources indicate it was rebels that did the gassing in Syria. Either way, it’s virtually impossible to prove who did the deed.

      • Jon on December 16, 2015 at 09:58


      • Jane Karlsson on December 17, 2015 at 02:41

        Yes thanks, I understand now. Your awful spelling and grammar are the unfortunate result of your teachers having been women and not men.

      • Rita on December 17, 2015 at 07:48

        @ Jon & Jane – You may be correct that Assad is innocent and I’ve been misled by the media. I’m certain the media is very misleading and that is quite disturbing. However, my point still stands that people in the Mid East are not without culpability in the current geo-political maelstrom.

      • Steven on December 17, 2015 at 19:34


        Darling, there is something you should know. Most of the time when I’m responding to something like this it’s with a little tool called speech to text. And most of the time speech to text is not nuanced enough to pick up the difference between the various variations of the word there. Now if you have something actually worthwhile to discuss I will gladly discuss it.

        And as far as my usage of one version of one word is because I have a very mild dyslexia. And a lot of times voice to text helps out people with these types of issues. So do you care to badger a guy for his lack of ability to spell or do you care to challenge the wit of this person?

    • Richard Nikoley on December 16, 2015 at 08:34

      Here, “Why.”

      Making fun of you by implication, today.


      • Jane Karlsson on December 17, 2015 at 01:37

        That’s my understanding too. It wasn’t Assad. The whole of the mainstream media here in the UK wants everybody to believe it was, and I find it kind of scary. They absolutely have to know it wasn’t.

        The same thing happened with Saddam. He did not gas the people at Halabja, according to an investigation by the US Army War College. But Tony Blair pretended he did, just like he pretended Saddam had WMD, and used both to whip up hatred so we’d agree to invade Iraq.

        Now the same thing is happening. We all hate Assad because he gassed his own people, which he did not. I despair.

      • Jane Karlsson on December 18, 2015 at 03:04

        It’s dyslexia is it, not women teachers. And you are calling me darling, which suggests you are a bit embarrassed. Perhaps you have remembered that Richard’s wife is a teacher?

      • Jane Karlsson on December 18, 2015 at 03:57

        Yes indeed. Erdogan of Turkey, for instance. He seems to be up to his neck in the oil smuggling business which funds ISIS. It’s Syrian oil he’s stealing, and since Turkey is a NATO member it’s really NATO that’s stealing it.

        The idea is to demonise Assad and get rid of him so the oil belongs to NATO. This explains the woeful failure of the US air force to take out ISIS in a year of bombing. Rumour has it the pilots are utterly demoralised because they keep flying over juicy targets and aren’t allowed to bomb them. It’s all kind of stupid because NATO must have known Russia would eventually do it.

  20. Freethinker on December 16, 2015 at 15:41

    Thank you for showing your true colors (Muhammad? Hussein? Saddam? alias John), by issuing a not so veiled threat and fervently hoping someone’s life (and anus) will be attacked and destroyed because they don’t submit to Islam… Thanks again.

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