Bastille Day in Nice, France, 10 Years Later

In July of 2006, the wife and I did a Eurotrek by car. The French part of the experience began in San Francisco.


We rented a little Euro-diesel Mercedes and did a 6,000-kilometer triangle of sorts over three weeks: Paris to Barcelona, Spain, by way of the Pyrenees; all the way to Pisa, Italy, by way of hugging the Mediterranean on the smallest coastal roads possible; and then back to Paris via northern Italy, Switzerland, and the southwest corner of Germany.

We did it all with no reservations. The theme was basic. Drive until we can’t not stop at a place, drop Bea off in the most attractive part of the waterfront or village, and she’d snoop out a hotel room, ensuring that she got to see the room prior to taking it. Call me on the cell and bang, I’m there to offload baggage and find parking. What a great team we made.

As it turned out, we arrived in Nice on Bastille Day, ten years ago yesterday and sadly, it turns out this was the entirety of what I wrote about it ten years ago, today.

Right now we’re in Nice, which is a bit of a disappointment. I’m not sure whether it’s because it has changed from 15 years ago, or just because it’s a holiday (Bastille Day, yesterday) and the whole stupid world is here and the local restaurants are catering to such stupidity by being stupid. Well, more on that later.

Five days later I managed to write a blub about everything around Nice.

My last update, over the weekend, was from Nice, which we used as a base to explore the area by car — Canes, Antibes, Villefranche-Sur-Mer, Monaco, etc. We dined in Villefranche that night. One of my favorite places in the south of France going way back. Oh, yea, we also did an afternoon in Saint Tropez (and yes, the Gendarme de St. Tropez building is still as it was in 1964) on the way to Nice. I used to live just an hour from there and I went often. Can’t get enough of looking at those yachts tied up in the harbor.

As it turned out, I wrote a pretty dismal travelog about the whole deal. Too busy having a crazy ass good time. I did a bit better four years later when we took off to Italy on a whim, to spend a week in our favorite set of five villages from that Eurotrek. That log starts here, and the series includes food pics.

The fact is, I really liked Nice a lot during my time living in the south in the early 90s. It was an hour and a half drive from my place in Toulon, an hour by train. I went there quite often and developed a few friends, where I could stay at their place or at a friend’s of theirs.

It was the only place in the south of France where I could see an American film in Version Originale. After seeing Silence des Angneau dubbed in French, I wasn’t about to watch The Doors like that.

Lot’s of great times in Nice and salades Nicoises are plentiful and varied.

The Muslim Menace hasn’t a thing on them—the bare-hand-ass-wiping, 7th Century, dirt-scratching savages.

…This just in: EXCLUSIVE: France ‘Suppressed Reports of Gruesome Torture’ at Bataclan Massacre

A French government committee has heard testimony, suppressed by the French government at the time and not published online until this week, that the killers in the Bataclan appear to have tortured their victims on the second floor of the club.

The chief police witness in Parliament testified that on the night of the attacks, an investigating officer, tears streaming down his face, rushed out of the Bataclan and vomited in front of him just after seeing the disfigured bodies.

The 14-hour testimony about the November attacks took place March 21st.

According to this testimony, Wahhabist killers apparently gouged out eyes, castrated victims, and shoved their testicles in their mouths. They may also have disemboweled some poor souls. Women were stabbed in the genitals – and the torture was, victims told police, filmed for Daesh or Islamic State propaganda. For that reason, medics did not release the bodies of torture victims to the families, investigators said. […]

The news follows reports that German police sat on the huge number of sexual assaults committed by Islamist migrants in Cologne, which a secret report estimated at thousands, not hundreds.

The leftist narrative is unraveling with blazing speed. Reality will have its way, one way or another.

Lessons taught but never learned
All around us anger burns
Guide the future by the past
Long ago the mold was cast

(RushBastille Day)

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  1. Jbg on July 15, 2016 at 13:38

    Labels for brevity’s sake: I am a limited govt, free markets, socially liberal, libertarian / republican. I am a former borderline anarcho-capitalist and open borders guy. No more. Our tribe, our collective (western civilization along a broad spectrum: Sweden – US), is better than theirs (7th century dirt scratching rapists). Our tribe / collective must be guarded and protected. Those who draw a moral equivalence between terrorism (Islamic or otherwise) and water boarding, or the way the west in general conducts itself in war, need to wake up to reality. It is time we destroyed their tribe / collective in its current form. Modernize or perish. Wanna be Muslim, be Muslim. Just be peaceful and mind your own business like I do with my Christianity.

    • Richard Nikoley on July 15, 2016 at 15:56

      Yep, pretty much me too. We’ve reached a point where borders matter. And unless you’re free to create your own with people of like mind and establish security, then you’ve got to settle for what the state can offer.

    • Daniel F on July 15, 2016 at 21:35

      As Steve Sailer says, riffing on Stalin, “Libertarianism in One Country!!”

    • Doug on July 18, 2016 at 05:16

      What if someone from their tribe wants to join our tribe? What if people in their tribe want the tribe to change (less religious), but they don’t hold the power?

      I believe an all out ban of immigrants from certain countries will not work, but I am curious of the vetting process.

      Is the alternative to carpet bomb these areas, so they can start new?

  2. thhq on July 15, 2016 at 15:08

    Trump says declare war Hillary says send in the clowns. Fight is costly, playing ostrich is costlier IMO. But that’s our madam secretary playing the Werewolf of Arkansas.

    Watch The Sucker. Bourvil and De Funes driving from Naples to Bordeaux. What a pair.

    • BadBrad on July 15, 2016 at 18:52

      From the Rose “law” firm to Barry Seal to Vince Foster et al. As Edward Snowden says Break classification rules for the public’s benefit, and you could be exiled.

      Do it for personal benefit, and you could be President.

      01 Jun

    • BadBrad on July 15, 2016 at 20:11

      BTW, Mena drug operation.

    • thhq on July 16, 2016 at 09:12

      My most revealing readings on the werewolf are in the book White House Chef. Particularly about Chelsea’s vegan cooking lessons. Full fangs and claws. No wonder Bill ate lunch at the Navy mess. George W. was more easygoing. Huevos rancheros, four kinds of sandwich guy. There’s even a recipe fornthe best BLT. Nueske’s bacon is the key ingredient.

  3. BadBrad on July 15, 2016 at 17:24

    I will refrain from political, cultural examination. The French are still, for me, the most cultured peoples on earth. Vive la France!

  4. BadBrad on July 15, 2016 at 19:01

    So are you saying, Leviathan can do what ever it wants as long as “borders” are secure? Not trying to inflame during times of duress. More here than meet’s they eye, just saying. I really tried to refrain.

    • Richard Nikoley on July 15, 2016 at 20:47

      No, just that there are millions of levels of borders.

      Is your door locked? That’s a border.

      Nation states were established for a specific primary purpose. Can you guess? It’s literally their raison d’etre, but it seems that reason has been watered down for decades, taken over by multiculturalism and the need to integrate cultures rather than have them separate and people get to travel and experience them, along with a passport and visa that takes a month to get (done it many times).

      So, open immigration is a back-door, end around, that strikes at the very foundation.

      I was an open borders guy. I can see now where there needs to be distinctions, so for me it’s as many Mexicans as you want, zero Muslims, and I mean zero.

      At this point, no person with a passport from a Muslim country ought be allowed in, no matter status. And that’s actually a simple measure that would send the world reeling.

      Esprecially the Saudis, the root source of all of this.

      • Rob on September 19, 2016 at 21:16

        Sweden has capitulated. I saw a video tonight put out by one of their news networks that says multiculturalism is inevitable and for Swedes to just accept it. It showed a series of people that ended with a woman wearing a burka.

  5. Daniel F on July 16, 2016 at 09:10

    Relevant to this topic, see the following link:

    • Richard Nikoley on July 16, 2016 at 09:37

      Nothing to do with Islam, nothing to do with mass immigration, nothing to do with Trojan Horse style invasion…just like none of it always isn’t.

  6. Daniel F on July 15, 2016 at 21:26

    “Wahhabist killers apparently gouged out eyes, castrated victims, and shoved their testicles in their mouths. They may also have disemboweled some poor souls. Women were stabbed in the genitals.”

    The sheer … lack … of anger, of fury, of absolute rage, Achilles’ style, on a national level, is the most shocking thing about all of this. Where is the fucking rage? It is an education in itself to witness this lack of rage in the general populace, and to realize they have been intellectually and spiritually neutered by decades of leftist, multi-cultivate bullshit.

    But — make no mistake about it — there will be a When the Saxon Began to Hate moment. I still have faith (heh), that it will happen. And when it does, Dirt Scratching Savages better look the fuck out, cuz it ain’t gonna be pretty and they won’t know what hit them.

    I’m with Vox Day on this (in terms of _prediction_): 50 years hence, little French boys and girls will be innocently asking in puzzlement: “Mommy, what’s a Muslim?”

  7. Hap on July 16, 2016 at 13:27

    “They” are always sending us messages……..why can’t we send to them….. A Big firecracker?

    We’ve come to be so self loathing….perilously close to paralysis and death wish.

    • Richard Nikoley on July 16, 2016 at 14:54

      Isn’t that the truth. America is like one giant debutante, feigning shame over her family’s wealth.

  8. Karl on July 16, 2016 at 13:29

    That was close. Bodies in front of an apartment that I own and rent out. We were not in Nice. I don’t like mass events, never did. We knew it was coming just not when and where. I really need to exchange my ax for a gun.
    Now any deranged individual can suddenly pledge alliance to ISIS and commit the most horrible crimes, so their sins can be forgiven and a place in heaven can be assured by killing innocent people. Non believers, Christians and other religion adepts, even muslims.
    I am enraged that a bunch of superstitious, backwards ‘crapule’ on the surface seems so smart that they now can recruit anybody with a twisted mind.
    Tonight I hear a big party going on on the sportsfield near my house. That’s great, France is not giving in. But I am enraged by the present government that basically reacts on the carnage with some nice speeches.
    Why are 13000 known radicalized muslims still free, or even in France? Why can hate mosques continue to indoctrinate?
    Even now the softies argue that this was not a muslim attack, or that ISIS is not real islamic. Even more so since this last lunatic was a drinking, violent womaniser who did not pray. But they do not see the simple truth; without the promise of islamic heaven these misfits would not have any incentive to commit these barbaric crimes and certainly not to sacrifice themselves.
    As atheist I continue to strive for the eradication of all religions beyond a role in historic folklore, but it should be clear now to all thinking beings that islam is a death cult that does not care about the living and must be banned from the civilised world, as a first step , as soon as yesterday. I don’t care that there are a majority of peaceful muslims. First the silent majority is irrelevant and second , as we now see, the islamic seed in these people can any time germinate and produce a monster. I see a similarity between the fanatical japanese kamikazes in WW2, young japanese boys with a strong indoctrinated “believe”, or young idiots believing they were helping their country and family. Yes I know that the comparison is not complete, but the fanaticism is comparable. We know what it took to stop them.
    I am sorry, religious idiots, but my respectful though distant attitude towards your backward believes in all its appearances is over. Don’t expect any more respect for nikabs, headscarfs or any other symbol of your superstition, in fact if you out yourself like that , you prove you are nuts by believing in a stupid fable from the dark ages and try to live according to rules that do not belong in a free and modern society. In fact I wish you’d go asap, live in your Califart. And anyone or anything that can speed up that inevitable process has my support.

  9. BadBrad on July 16, 2016 at 13:33

    I am open to sovereignty for any people, tribe etc. Big picture is the “elites” translation intra-specific kleptoparasitic psychos have a much different agenda. World governance has been the goal for at least 120 yrs. The Saudis, well take a look at the 28 pages recently released. Foreign service employees have repeatedly stated that we “allowed”” these persons in that would have never been able to be vetted. But you and me, well we have to take our shoes off, be irradiated, molested and most importantly subjugated. Just to take your family to the ocean. These “Gladio B” events work wonderfully for the multicultural, forced immigration, new world order types. Hegelian dialectic? So “OUR” government brings them in, records every possible electronic communication (for your safety) of course, and wow, has not in actuality interrupted a single U.S. terror event. It’s a mad, mad world!

  10. hazxan on July 17, 2016 at 06:03

    Torture stories debunked. It’s not just the *other* side that uses propaganda.

    • Richard Nikoley on July 17, 2016 at 07:17

      So in your world, “debunked” means you read in a news article that someone disputes testimony given to the Assemblee Nationale de France in March and was recently released.

      Well, the links are up there, and what I indicated is that “reports have been suppressed,” which appears to be the case. There are in fact reports (testimony before a Fench government agency charged with taking such testimony). The event took place last November, the testimony was given in March, and it’s now July. Why wait so long to release what has been reported to authorities? Is is because the reports are so inflammatory, so it was decided to allow for passage of time?

      I read the relevant portions in French and the Heatstreet (a Dow Jones company) article is a proper translation of those excerpts. The author of the piece is a former MEP.

      You know, “reports and “rumors” of Saudi involvement in 9/11 were all “debunked” too, until they became not only the reality, but not even close to the truth, which is that the Saudi government aided the Islamic Terrorists in every way possible, up to the highest levels.

      The US Government has suppressed this information for 15 years.

      Rotherham (UK): massive cover-up involving thousands of victims and at least dozens of government officials.

      Cologne (Germany): cover-up of the extent of the sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve by Muslim migrants. There were thousands of assaults, not hundreds, once even that news got out, like 8 days later.

      I could go on….

    • Daniel F on July 17, 2016 at 07:56

      Yep, turns out it was just 130 people massacred in cold blood with another 300+ injured. No big deal!! Now, can we please get back bringing more of these poor refugees?

  11. Daniel F on July 17, 2016 at 08:11

    Richard, you need to check out the work of Frenchman Guillaume Faye. Particularly “Why We Fight” and “The Colonisation of Europe”. You can read the original French, I’m sure, but probably quicker to access the English Kindle editions. Keep in mind these books were written almost 20 years ago, but they still sound prescient.

  12. Karl on July 17, 2016 at 07:53

    No, brave ISIS soldiers that burn people alive in cages and throw homosexuals from towers, stone women because they were victims of rape by the wrong guy, they would NEVER do this kind of things.
    If in doubt, trust what is most plausible; believe that these brave ISIS soldiers behaved well and just killed people as fast and painlessly as they could, OR these pigs wanted to make a clear statement of terror and behaved as the barbarians they were already in the M.E. and the government tried to censor that, so people would not be tempted to retaliate. That should be an easy choice for anyone with a brain.
    You never know where an when the next psycho will have a brilliant idea to reserve his spot in islamic heaven, but anyone should be alert by now and if you have the chance, don’t hesitate, destroy by any means. That takes courage, because your biggest risk is being prosecuted if the prick did not yet kill anyone. But remember the Americans on the TGV that tackled the guy who undoubtedly would have made many victims if these guys would not have had the right mindset. It’s that mindset that the French, and all of us europeans need know.

  13. Woodchuck Pirate on July 17, 2016 at 13:20


    Per the comments which appear to reference an “uncivilized and alien race”, I’m motivated to post words from a piece of parchment I found in the wall of my 19th century home. They became the center of my ACOE album under construction. The whispers of madness released from my wall have an origin older than the paper written upon.

    I remain consistent lest I forget, “anarchy begins at home”.


    Side one:

    But there is another frightful aspect of this radical possibility to be considered.
    I approach it as the great question of the present age. I have shown you the abandonment of the
    Rad party of all its declared policy during the war. I have shown you the adoption of its present
    policy which has destroyed the entire Republic in immense portions of its domain and deeply
    endangered its existence everywhere. I now seek to discuss the motives which have inspired the
    conduct of the party in power, since the coming of peace, caused it to commit acts of lawless
    despotism to pass shame. By the reconstruction acts of Congress the entire black population has been
    enfranchised & intrusted with the power of political control and now they propose an amendment to the
    Congress to force negro suffrage upon you in Ohio against your will not withstanding your indignant
    protest as oppressed whenever the question has been submitted to the people. The people of every state
    in the union are opposed to it. Yet is forced upon them.

    Note: (The rest of this side of parchment letter is faded and possibly blood stained, illegible).

    Side two:

    Rad party in then, the narrative upon which they carried the election last fall & secured their new
    lease of power declared that the question of suffrage here in the North should be left to each state to be
    regulated according to the provision of the Congress. But no sooner do they secure their continuance in
    power for four years longer then they force that abomination upon us everywhere without regard to the will
    of the people. They have disfranchised nearly the entire white population of the South, and deprived them
    of any voice in controlling the present or shaping the future. Thus nearly a million of negroes votes have
    been added to the strength of the Rad party and nearly a million white votes are stricken out of existence.
    This whole Rad negro policy has been from the beginning a gigantic partezan scheme to manufacture Rad votes
    & to ensure future party triumph. The registration & elections in the South establish R50 in the form of
    electing negro suffrage under the Rad Party imperialization of the South. Soon the southern negro will fill
    the senatorial seats once adorned by Clay Webster & Calhoun. There is no escape from this loathsome conclusion
    of this scheme of recovery. These are its certain & ugly results. The black vote of the South will elect
    twenty senators in equal white vote as this state elects but five. A negro senator from Florida will possess
    thirty times the proportionate power of Senator (named) of this state. The negroes of the South will send more
    than fifty members to the lower house. A nearly equal white population in this state sends but nineteen.
    Thus the southern negro possesses more than twice the power which you yourself possess over your own public affairs.
    Are your interests safe under such legislative influences. They possess a fearful balance of power and subjects
    the corrupt jurisictions of the South to the domination of the negro. It is the design of the Rad leader to weild
    this mighty power against us in all future elections, who can look upon our present affairs without the saddest
    forebodings? Are these vast powers safe in the hands of this alien & uncivilized race. But we hear a great deal
    about human equality. The inalienable rights equally belong to all. The right to secure judgment of life, liberty
    & property, I would guarantee to all races. But with the outspread web of hate held before us who wishes to see the
    dusky empire of the negro rise and foreshadow the finest portions of this Republic.


    Woodchuck Pirate
    aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

  14. Rob on September 19, 2016 at 21:21

    The term here is “oikophobia”. Civilizational cuckoldry is applicable too.

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