What Are State Department Emails Doing On Anthony Weiner’s Sex Toys?


Interesting weekend. I was over in Stockton, CA on Friday, getting some car work done when the news hit early afternoon eastern time about the re-opening of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s “careless handling” of State Department communications—many classified at the highest levels of sensitive and secret—while serving as the chief executive of that same department.

Given the timing, I knew it would be unlikely that there would be all that much in the way of unpacking this whole deal, with Friday evening’s cable shows only hours away, and I was correct. Accordingly, the narrative spun throughout the weekend by the 2nd-string leftist Main Pravda Media was, essentially:

  1. It’s too vague, too close to a major election
  2. They need to just release everything and “let the people decide” (knowing full well they can’t do that)
  3. It’s all duplicates of stuff they already had
  4. This is old news, settled on the 5th of July when Hillary was given a pass
  5. It’s politically motivated (unlike Director Comey’s July 5th “acquittal,” which was just and proper)
  6. Etc.

On the other side, from the right and conservative, it was:

  1. Maybe Comey and the FBI aren’t so bad after all
  2. He was dammed if he did, dammed if he didn’t
  3. There has to be something Yuge in there for him to do this (see #2)

But what I never saw very explicitly stated all weekend, on either Fox, CNN, MSNBC or anything in print is that the “smoking gun” was already provided.

What Are State Department Emails Doing On Anthony Weiner’s Sex Toys?

You see, one plausible reason that Hillary was given a pass on July 5th is that in spite of about 5 or 6 clear violations of law that would have seen nearly anyone else in the world indicted, perp-walked, booked and awaiting trial, there was always a “no harm no foul” attitude toward the thing. There was no evidence that her carless handling actually resulted in harm, or clear potential for harm. It was “a mistake.” So sorry.

The right was hoping against hope for the entirety of the nearly a year of FBI “investigation” that something hacked from her servers would be leaked. Could have been hacked (by China, Russia, Anonymous, et al) wasn’t was hacked, and so this always gave Obama’s “Justice” Department and the Federal Bureau of “Investigation” a plausible excuse for giving the anointed Hillary a pass. Recall that all the Wikileaks so far involve “hacks” or insider steals from the DNC.

But now, that’s all toast, because the emails are on Anthony Weiner’s sex toys.

That is the Yuge deal.

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Richard Nikoley

I started writing Free The Animal in late 2003 as just a little thing to try. 20 years later, turns out I've written over 5,000 posts. I blog what I wish...from diet, health, lifestyle...to philosophy, politics, social antagonism, adventure travel, expat living, location and time independent—while you sleep— income by geoarbitrage, and food pics. I intended to travel the world "homeless," but the Covidiocy Panicdemic squashed that. I became an American expat living in Thailand. I celebrate the audacity and hubris to live by your own exclusive authority and take your own chances. ... I leave the toilet seat up. Read More


  1. ramon on October 31, 2016 at 06:04

    The luddites in Hilary’s camp are getting a harsh lesson. They act as if they do not understand how email works in the world wide web.

    I hope there are emails that were “deleted” from the actual server, downloaded to a mail client on that machine along with Weiner’s indescretions.

  2. Jim on October 31, 2016 at 06:25

    This is a good point and I’m glad you made it.

    I figured he just re-opened it to save his own ass: If Trump wins, he can go “hey man, I was looking into her. You know I’m on your side!” And if Hillary wins, he can say “You know I had to do something, but look, we didn’t even investigate you that much.”

    • Karl on October 31, 2016 at 06:37

      Thats what dems would hope for,that its all about Comey. But think, he is actually putting hisasson the line . Noway he would do that if there is nothing seriousin these mails. That is the only possible explanation, and as Richard points out, the first time was not incriminating,ornot enough to prosecute. But he did report,so people could make up their mind. This time there must be more, and he is doing what he has to do,unpartial

  3. Karl on October 31, 2016 at 06:27

    Damn,now I’ll never be able to eat aknackwurst without thinking about Hillary again. Cigars,wieners, what else are the Clintons going to make unpalatable?

  4. John on October 31, 2016 at 08:31

    Richard, that is far and away the best headline you ever wrote!

    The bizarre thing is that it is 100% accurate.

  5. Tim Steele on October 31, 2016 at 09:40

    What if these emails were Weiner’s get-out-of-jail-free card? Maybe he was hording them to use against Hillary or as a bargaining chip.

  6. thhq on October 31, 2016 at 09:59

    Car work eh. That ended my love affair wit Mercedes.

    I love the picture. I’ll bet the dirty old man inside had to give her a lot of candy to take a ride. Cream, 1969:

    Hey now baby get into my big black car
    I just wanna show you

    What My Politics Are

    On another subject, here’s some fodder for the HFLC file. This guy worked with Yudkin.


  7. Redwine on October 31, 2016 at 12:18

    Maybe Huma copied the emails to her computer as protection from Hillary and/or the “Justice” Department. She is smart, was involved in illegal conspiracies, and knows many people connected to Hillary end up below the surface. She’s kinda hot too.

    She disappeared for awhile … she may be cooperating with the FBI. We live in interesting times.

  8. Redwine on October 31, 2016 at 12:21

    It won’t be long before Obama pardons her. Ex parte Garland, in case you were going to ask.

  9. Ralphy on October 31, 2016 at 22:40

    Can’t provide a link, but I heard a guest on a news program state that Huma Abedin had a habit of forwarding State Department emails to other accounts (e.g., her Yahoo mail account) and personal devices so that she could print out copies, that the FBI has long known about this work habit, and had questioned her about this practice during the initial investigation. Why she would have done this was not explained; maybe she was traveling, working from home and hence couldn’t used printers on site in the Department? Multiple news stories have stated that she had shared (occasionally used) her husband’s laptop. So if she was able to access her State Department account with an email client that downloaded mail locally, that would have left copies on the laptop. A separate news story raised the question of whether or not she failed to mention to the FBI in those original interviews that her husband’s laptop had been one of those devices that she used. Perhaps knowing of his porn habits, she might have conveniently “forgotten” about her use of his machine.

    If these reports are true, the person in greatest legal jeopardy here is Huma. The responsibility for the presence of those emails on a private laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner would be on her. She could have forwarded emails without HRC’s involvement. If the stories are true, then the FBI’s primary interest would be to see if in the process of doing this, she had thus retained emails that hadn’t previously been seen by the FBI. It would seem likely that some, and perhaps most or all of the emails on that laptop, would have already been retrieved from from other sources, and hence not provide any new information for the investigation. On that we will just have to wait and see.

    My overall impression of this fiasco is that the culture of the State Department is a big part of the problem, that a great deal of sloppiness and carelessness is accepted when handling confidential and classified information, much more so than would be tolerated in other branches of the government. Note that Comey offered up a pretty harsh critique about the security practices being used throughout the Department. They would probably excuse this as a necessity, valuing expediency over security. Also, since we are dealing with politicians here, and not rocket scientists, many of these people may be pretty clueless when it comes to the ramifications of the choices they make about their use of technology. Beyond that, the US Government is notorious about being slow to upgrade to new technology. I remember reading stories about how Windows XP lingered on in many branches of the Federal government long after it was considered obsolete.

    • Richard Nikoley on November 1, 2016 at 06:53

      Well certainly this opens the door to criminal liability on the part of Abedin, potentially Weiner if he knew of the security breach and didn’t report it.

      But it adds one certain new wrinkle for Hillary and potentially two more. The first is that security was indeed compromised by the mere presence of State communications on the device of someone with without clearance or need to know (Weiner). Since she is responsible for setting up her server, she is criminally liable for every breach that flows from it. Recall that one big implicit aspect of the previous investigation is that no harm was done. No evidence that info ever fell into the wrong hands.

      2nd potential for Hillary is that the emails contain classified info so sensitive it can no longer be overlooked, and especially in light of #1, that it was indeed compromised.

      3rd potential is that it’s a backup of emails Hillary and legal team took great pains to delete from her server, bleach bit the drives, and physically smash handheld devices.

      I’ve always suspected that the true reason for the private server was to engineer the State Dept and Clinton Foundation collusion in the pay-to-play schemes to enrich the foundation and the Clintons personally….and it was those emails primarily that were the ones Hillary most wanted deleted, while leaving the classified stuff as a sort of decoy.

      I have always considerd the RICO-like activities of SecState in collusion with Bill and the foundation to be the hugest story here, once it comes out, if it does. So far, all we have is a whole series of “conincidences,” as documented in Clinton Cash, which you can watch on YouTube.

      • Ralphy on November 1, 2016 at 07:53

        I think you are reaching a little too far with this: the security breach begins with someone putting information that is classified into an email on a government email system that is insufficiently secure for such material. Sending that information to a private server probably violated department policy, and creates further exposure. Forwarding that information to an outside email account was likely also a violation of policy, and creates further exposure. The latter is true whether it went via Clinton’s server, or went straight from a .GOV server.

        Even if Hillary had never used a private server, it is likely the case that: (a) the classified materials that are in question should never have been put into an email on a regular .GOV email account, (b) forwarding that material to a Yahoo account still would have been a violation of department policy. Clinton’s use of a private server created another attack vector for hackers, and hence created a further risk. But that seems to be an independent issue from how those emails ended up on the laptop.

        As to whether or not there are actually any new emails on the laptop, or merely forwarded copies of things that were already known to the FBI: there is simply no way anyone outside the FBI can know this. It is all speculation that there are more dire things to be found And remember that when emails are sent, copies can be retained in both the originating email account, and the receiving account. Deleting emails from your account, or a server under your control, is a highly ineffective means of hiding something, as there can still be copies retained in other places. Tony Soprano didn’t use email for a good reason.

        For further background on the culture of security, or lack thereof, at the State Department, read the stories below: (And yes, these explanations are offered in the way of an alibi, but the stories still give some insight into the culture)




  10. mel on November 1, 2016 at 00:46

    Wow! What advisor let Hilary jump into a giant weiner shaped car? Such poor judgement. Do they not know how unpresidential this car looks? They should have just hired a black mini-van.

    I haven’t seen this photo in the main stream media so for me this is just more proof of media bias. If Trump travelled in a giant weiner car it would be all over the press and they would be calling him a fool.

    • Richard Nikoley on November 1, 2016 at 06:36

      Mel, it’s photoshopped. It’s from the pic that went around a few months ago about how she had to be helped up the stairs by her security detail.

    • LaFrite on November 1, 2016 at 08:08

      Hey Mel,

      Unless the dude on the right hand side of Clinton knows how to levitate and walk on air, I’d say it’s a quick photoshopping job 😀

  11. Hap on November 1, 2016 at 08:10

    Had enough of that x5 yet?

    • Richard Nikoley on November 1, 2016 at 08:47

      Not hardly. All fixed. Turned out to be a faulty, non OE alternator. Swapped it out with a new OE and 100% of drivetrain issues resolved.

      Gotta have clean electrons.

      • mel on November 2, 2016 at 01:18

        300,000 miles in an X5 with no repairs apart from regular maintenance: http://www.xoutpost.com/bmw-sav-forums/x5-e53-forum/77378-300-000-miles-i-made.html

      • Richard Nikoley on November 2, 2016 at 02:38

        I’m looking to get at least another 150k. I love this car. Have you seen the pic on the beach at the tip of Baja, 1,000 miles south of Tijuana?

      • hap on November 2, 2016 at 08:14

        Mine is finally gone. Traded electrons for peace of mind. Now….for less than repair costs wife driving mini coutryman three years fully covered. Free car washes.

        My own personal 350z 13 years and still going.

  12. Chris Pfeifer on November 1, 2016 at 18:51

    Many years (5+) have I lurked here. This is my first comment.

    Ralphy…. (sorry for the new post… I couldn’t find a reply link at the bottom of your post.) .

    You wrote:

    “I think you are reaching a little too far with this: the security breach begins with someone putting information that is classified into an email on a government email system that is insufficiently secure for such material. Sending that information to a private server probably violated department policy, and creates further exposure. Forwarding that information to an outside email account was likely also a violation of policy, and creates further exposure. The latter is true whether it went via Clinton’s server, or went straight from a .GOV server.”

    Forgive me for being obtuse, but are you saying that the action was justified because the DoS system, allegedly, was itself insecure?

    What about FOIA accountability? Security concerns aside, how does one obtain FOIA requested emails from a non-Gov server?

    Sorry, I’m confused. Could you please elucidate and set me straight? I’m not being snarky, I just may have misunderstood you.

    This is an insightful article:


    FWIW – I’m a USAF veteran who held a security clearance. A clearance is not a thing with which to fuck. I was fully trained on protocols, etc., and was, on many occasions, informed of the unpleasant removal of my testicles should I violate such. Moving DoS emails offsite “probably violated department policy”, you say? I respectfully beg to differ.

    PS – Richard, you are doG to me and your commentors, angels! I have learned TONS from all of you!

    Chris in San Diego

  13. 100% Vegan on November 5, 2016 at 13:57

    Richard- If half of this is true…
    CNN will likely not be covering the arrests that are coming….

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