A Brief Update On Chilling Out

I might write a long post on this in the next few days. I might not, and just proceed forward with various things not involving politics.

Since the election results recently, I have become quite “chill” with life and have been enjoying the feeling. Had no idea how much the last year had affected me adversely. As I’ve written in posts before, I saw this deal as the most stark distinction in terms of American politics, in my lifetime.

I’m an American, dammit, and it was just beyond my capacity to not care. The future does matter to me.

And here we are. And for so very many years I’ve been resigned to a non-stop decline into leftism and socialism in America. And here now, I have renewed hope and respect for Americans doing the right thing in spite of all the propaganda, every institution working against them and their interests.

Will it be perfect? Of course not, not even close. But what I was most interested in has already been accomplished:

  1. Kick the left in the teeth
  2. Kick Hillary Clinton in the teeth

The rest—to the extent the D.C. swamp gets partially drained, unrestrained immigration curtailed, America regains some of its losses in terms of industrial productivity, health care goes back on the market, the Main Pravda Media gets kicked in the teeth, and so-on—is all just gravy on the cake.

The last couple of weeks have been just delicious in the most satisfying of ways. Never imagined I’d ever see anything like it. Watching all the lefties with their teeth kicked in, scrambling about, being idiots, crying eyes out, being just as fucktardedly wrong as they always were: about how and why this happened.

It’s as amusing as watching a young teenager get jilted by their first ever puppy love—but without the sympathy.

Anyway, onward. Family is beginning to arrive. Salisbury steaks tonight (with mashed potatoes and Italian peas), and the whole smorgasbord tomorrow. I’m doing a 48-hr dry brine turkey from the local Diestel Family Turkey Ranch and using Alton Brown’s roasting recipe.

Later, dudes. Enjoy yourselves. Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday. The best holiday. My favorite.


  1. Hap on November 23, 2016 at 15:40

    I am glad you came around to “making a difference”. It’s hard to believe, because it does take a measure of “belief”….which sounds anti rational, that an individual could make a difference. Even William Shatner , in his last ST film, where he is rousted out of his artificial utopian existence on planet whatever, returns to battle evil, only to die trying. Other than “oh my” when he dies, his last words to friends are “did I make a difference?” Damned right he did.

    In this process you made a prediction, stuck to your guns, very much helped a lot of folks through some hard times and self doubt. I call that making a difference.

    As you say, a lot of changes are coming, many good. However, the stinking LEft is making war on everybody in their rampage of hate and acting out. The trick will be how we who are temporarily victorious find a way to focus , like a laser beam, on avoiding or repelling the noise and getting to the business of restoring America to something good for everyone. Media Pravda is still there. California is still crazy after all these years.

    From your foothill redoubt, keep kicking ass.

  2. jbg on November 23, 2016 at 17:36

    From one proud American to another, Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. HalfAsian on November 23, 2016 at 20:12

    I await, my much anticipation, the re-invigorating of society (albeit, on both sides, left [sanity] and right [purpose]).


    An aside: Peaceful protest? Bring it in FULL. Bring a baseball bat? Then it’s called a RIOT, full felony, and may the police be gentle with you (not really).

    Chris in San Diego

  4. poop monster on November 24, 2016 at 00:45

    I concur. Your blog has made a difference. More than one lousy vote would have :) These are your salad days Richard. Enjoy them Sir and make sure you fuck your wife too.

  5. Jonathan Christie on November 24, 2016 at 07:39

    “just gravy on the cake” hahahahahha it really is isn’t it!

  6. Woodchuck Pirate on November 25, 2016 at 08:44


    You take ammo into the woods yet? I know you mentioned you considered taking a deer. From the tone of your craft lately …nature reclaims you. The war ain’t in the woods. Silence and gunfire, a melody of presence. Free The Animal.

    Woodchuck Pirate
    aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

    • Richard Nikoley on November 27, 2016 at 08:03

      Hey Raymond.

      I take a sidearm (.380 with super-duper ammo) on hikes regularly, for protection (humans, mountain lions, etc.) Not too worried about bears. My three rat terriers are usually with me and they scare the shit out of bears. Drove a 300lb adolescent up a tree in the front yard (twice) a few weeks back. Hilarious.

      Guys at the local (pristine) gun and knife shop tell me you can basically shoot anywhere up here. But people are respectful of the peace of others (this is one of those “red fingers” in eastern CA), so the pops you hear from time-to-time are all coming a mile and a half away, up a dirt road by the lake, with an embankment suitable for target practice.

      Was thinking of pulling a tag this year. Easy to get here, apparently, and we have a good hunting and fishing sporting goods shop up here. Perhaps next year. Seven months full time up here, now. Love it more and more.

      First snow of the fall yesterday and overnight.

      Here’s a pic of outside my front door.

      • Woodchuck Pirate on November 28, 2016 at 16:08


        Beautiful snowy setting, I love it.

        I enjoy small game hunting more than big game as it requires almost no endurance. This is my first year ever hunting every day of deer season and it’s a bit grueling. I’ve walked many hours a day through the woods swinging an arc through the game lands and my neighbor’s land. Most of it is steep. Plus I’m up at 4AM or earlier and each hunt lasts until sunset. Then I have to shut chickens in, split firewood etc. I’m averaging 4 hours sleep per night, but my norm is 6 hours fully rested anyway.

        We saw 9 deer today but didn’t grow horns on any of them through the field glasses. I set the neighbor up yesterday for a buck but he missed both shots taken. It was more than 300 yards uphill, but he’s taken woodchucks on that hill same distance. I think his 270 might be out of calibration. He’s 74 years old but in excellent health and splits firewood like the rest of us. I saw him make an amazing shot years ago and then he gifted me the doe. He’s the best neighbor.

        We’ve got bears around here but I’ve only ever seen one. My wife has seen 5 times more than that and it seems I’m the only one that doesn’t see them often. Maybe them bears don’t like woodchucks eh? We’ve also been hearing a mountain lion quite frequently, sometimes in the yard. I’m watchful for that thing day and night. It’s just part of living in the country, always watching.

        I have an old shit spreader axle with rims still attached and I stood it one end. I chain my motorcycle to it. I took to decorating it with squirrel hides with skulls and tail bones still attached one-piece. The tails hung down under the top rim and blew in the wind. One night all the hides disappeared and we had new snow so no tracks were discernible. Perhaps it was coyotes but it could have been mountain lion, who knows? We’ve joked that perhaps them squirrels were resurrected. Maybe I could start a new religion to celebrate around that shit spreader axle? You know sort of like Mr Castanza’s “festivus for the rest of us”? I’m gonna restock the axle with more squirrels and see what happens. However it’ll have to wait ’cause I gotta keep on the deer trail. With my luck if I’d load up for an hour of small game, that trophy buck from opening day would walk by and catch me unawares (again). He’s been back to my farm many nights since first day so he’s never left my mind. Serves me right to suffer. I knew better than to fail to have my gun ready. I did it anyway.

        I hope you consider small game hunting. It’s a delight to browse the diversity of the menu.

        Enjoy your evening.

        Woodchuck Pirate
        aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

  7. poop monster on November 26, 2016 at 02:48

    Any guess on who Trump will appoint Surgeon General? My pick is Art Devany. He has a pHd.

  8. John on November 26, 2016 at 22:42

    While I would never “vote” on your blog, I really do hope you decide to write the long post on this election. I don’t think we will see anything else like it in our lifetimes. Personally, I bet about $100 on Trump to win the election at 5:1 odds. Now, the money is nice, but the bigger reason I did it is for bragging rights, for years to come. While I personally would like to read what you might write in that theoretical post, I think down the line, you’d be happier if you wrote it.

    Funny thing is, I have found myself waking up at 2, 3, or 4am many nights recently thinking about what the next 4-8 years might bring. It’s not out of anxiety. It’s out of hope and excitement. I keep having the thought “You will make your fortune in the next 8 years.” And that thought doesn’t feel like new age bullshit, either. It feels more like a statement of fact, like “The sun will rise tomorrow” or “Summer will come in June.” I think you mentioned something similar in a recent post.

    • Richard Nikoley on November 28, 2016 at 15:24

      Hey John.

      Nice thinking. “Make America Great Again” was a brilliant meme. Moreover, why the fuck not, right!?

      Did you know John Durant made a bet with a NYC hedge fund guy more than a year ago for Trump to win it all? $200 at 500:1. Do the math.

      John made it mildly public on Twitter and FB, and that that the guy would not pay up the $100K.

      While everyone encouraged him to push it to all limits, I encouraged John to find a way to settle very quick. And he did so within hours, to mutual satisfaction. I further advised John to never tell me or anyone else the details of the settlement.

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