Donald Trump: Righteous Anti Muslim; Better Than Ronald Reagan

Islam is 600 or so years younger than Christianity, way younger than Judaism. Both of the latter have modernized. To most, their scriptures are metaphors. A good God thing. There are, of course, literalists, but they have embraced the Western Enlightenment, such that they use the political process to attempt to advance their literal interpretations.

Trump didn’t campaign as a politician. It’s precisely why he beat everyone—the first in historical memory to pull that off.

And he has really been apolitical, since. This is what impresses me the most, so far. Political liaisons always turn you into a lying whore. There are no exceptions.

Keep it up and up, Mr. Trump. You have already eclipsed Reagan, in my view. He absolutely became a politician, and he never needed to.

He presided over the biggest increase of budget deficit and national debt in American history to that point. In fact, Reagan was the spark that took it out of control and honestly, Bill Clinton was the only one to seriously do something about it…but everyone was more concerned with his blowjobs.

Be smarter.

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  1. MD Vickery on January 27, 2017 at 09:16

    Remember that Reagan was saddled with a dimocrat congress while Bubba “enjoyed” Newt’s “Contract” that forced him to accept a balanced budget. The president gets the credit or blame for the entire package, whether he (or his party) actually had control or not. Obama’s first two years in office began the awakening of the US citizenry. Since then the voters have seen the results of progressivism and rejected it. We can hope that having a businessman with congressional support (so far) will use business sense to return an efficient, smaller government to DC. There is an early example that this will happen (note that this is from December):

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