Use Facebook Like It’s A Skanky Whore: Intoducing #ClickAway and #BuyElsewhere

The problem is that if you are looking for customers (such as for affiliate deals on this blog), or Patrons (such as my crypto deal on Patreon) you pretty much have to be active on Facebook because it’s where the world’s eyeballs are, now. Think of the enormity: 2.1 Billion active users. Compare that to the entire population of the USA (325 Million) and the EU (745 Million). Wow. It’s simply impressive and ridiculous to argue otherwise. Troubling? Well, that’s your call to make, but I’m not much of a hand waiver.

I prefer seeking alternatives. So allow me to propose a couple simple ones.

While I do my angry and mean schtick on this blog and Facebook, and my business-nothing-but-the-business pro-presence on Patreon, it’s all really about cottage-level business for me that’s no stress. Since about 2013 or so, I’ve monetized this blog about the best you can do without being a sell-out, or, necessarily having to do anything right now! or bust your ass. I’ve got the Amazon Associates, the book, Google and Content ads, Elixa probiotic, and a couple other deals that generally bring in an average of $1,500 per month. Not bad for a writing habit where I literally get to write on my own whim.

And, in just two month’s time since September 8, I’m at the same level with Patreon. Doubled my Internet income in two months, and at $3k per month, it becomes something a bit more serious for me to nurture and deliver value to, on a daily basis. Honest value. Never anything that harms me getting to sleep peacefully and going the distance soundly.

So, what to do, on the heels of my 9th Facebook Block?

Sure, I could get mad. I could try to get even—a presumptuous, self-indulgent, and irrational fantasy. Or, I could figure how I could benefit by using Facebook even more, and by use, I mean use like a cheap and skanky street whore.

Here’s how I’ll do it. For me.

  1. No more will I write anything substantive in posts to Facebook. Or comments. However, I will continue to approve members to Ketotard Chronicles, and approve relevant posts. I’ll also continue to click “Like” and such on various posts and comments, to reamin engaged on that minimal level.
  2. When I have a link to forward or highlight, or something to write about it, I’ll compose it here, and then post the link to Facebook, drawing users away from Facebook, to my bog, where I have all of my own affiliate deals and advertising.
  3. For comments, I’ll be more patient and when a comment thread I’d like to participate in develops, I’ll screen-clip the relevant portions, create a post here with my more robust thoughts, and drop a link to the post as a reply in comments, again drawing users away from Facebook to my own deals—also offering that they engage in further comments here. And that will be the end of my reply, every time, unless they come here. My way, or nothing more.

That’s the #ClickAway part. How about the #BuyElsewhere?

That’s simple, and anyone can be doing the same thing already to fuck with Zuck. When I see something advertised on Facebook that I’m interested in looking into, perhaps buying, I never, ever buy from the ad on facebook and I’ll even clear all Facebook cookies and see if there’s a cookie from the website the ad sends me to, or a code in the URL and clear that.

But better to just see the ad, open a new tab, and Google search the product. If it’s a retailer on Facebook, buy from a different one if you can. If it’s a manufacturer, make sure it’s not accountable as a Facebook sale (clearing cookies, clearing a tracking link in the URL, etc.). In either case, you’re fucking with them and disrupting shit, because it artificially makes the cost of their Facebook ads look too expensive if they can’t chalk up your sale to Facebook.

What you can do for #ClickAway.

  1. Have another medium to write. It could be snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress, or even Twitter where you do a post string and then just link it back as a comment or even a post.
  2. The goal is to never give Facebook any content.
  3. To every extent possible, you use Facebook to draw its users elsewhere, to some other platform.
  4. If you have a blog, like this, then you can do your own deals and make some bucks from sales on your own site if you happen to be engaging enough. It could even be the start of something bigger for you.

Facebook’s “community standards” schtick, run out of their office in Dublin, Ireland, has run amok. I don’t know of many people—and I know a lot of the fellow multiply blocked, like me—who don’t kinda hate Facebook, at best. It’s somewhat like a heavy smoker or drinker. They kinda hate the object of their failure, but can’t bring themselves to break away.

And think of it this way, circling back to what I said above: They have 2.1 Billion users. In what possible way can you assert community standards in that? Consider the United States; the Pacific Northwest compared to the Deep South, compared to the Eastern Seaboard, compared to Massachusetts. Or consider Europe. Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, and Germany. Community standards? What a funcken joke.

This is what a simple, leftist “mind” Matt Zuckerberg and his leftist minions in Dublin, Ireland, possess. Communism, throughout its history in the Soviet Union, China, Southeast Asia, and Cuba and South America always tried to impose a fixed set of “community standards” across all of humanity: human social, cultural, economic, and philosophic engineering towards a lowest common denominator of bee, ant, robot, and automaton.

I spoke to this notion of Leftist Collective Community Standards here, at the end of my 7th Facebook Block. It’s ridiculous, I’m a bit inebriated, but I do hit the point.

So, everyone gets to do what they wish, of course, and it would be fantastically irrational to see this as starting a movement, so let me just emphasize that the way you ought to look at it is so as to help you do better, make more money, have more influence, and over what you own and control. And not the CockZucker.

That is exclusively why I’m doing all the foregoing. Whether or not a single other person does what I’m going to do, with just a bit more effort that will be sinfully and mischievously fun, it’s going to benefit me and my own stuff, using Facebook like a cheap little skanky whore.

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  1. Jason on November 13, 2017 at 01:37

    I have to say, one of your best posts in a while. Excellent ideas all-round. Essentially playing their game and beating them at it (assuming they don’t change their “community standards” yet again to prohibit posts with off-site links or some such). Kudos.

  2. Sidney on November 13, 2017 at 10:54

    Have you considered posting on Steemit? It’s a new social network where there is no advertising and users earn the network’s cryptocurrency (STEEM) by likes they receive from users of the network.

    • Richard Nikoley on December 12, 2017 at 15:26

      I have an account, own some Steem and Steem Power. I have a couple of posts up, but it’s not really my kind of gig.

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