Road Trip Tomorrow Back Home. What Route Would You Pick?

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Richard Nikoley

I started writing Free The Animal in late 2003 as just a little thing to try. 20 years later, turns out I've written over 5,000 posts. I blog what I wish...from diet, health, philosophy, politics, social antagonism, adventure travel, expat living, location and time independent—while you sleep— income by geoarbitrage, and food pics. I intended to travel the world "homeless," but the Covidiocy Panicdemic squashed that. I became an American expat living in Thailand. I celebrate the audacity and hubris to live by your own exclusive authority and take your own chances. ... I leave the toilet seat up. Read More


  1. fearless on March 1, 2018 at 14:00

    1hr 24m route through Yosemite.

  2. Resurgent on March 1, 2018 at 14:04

    Had it been May/June – It would be hands down Hwy 95 out of LV to Hwy 6 to Hwy 395 and across the pass to your destination. At this time of the year, especially this year, stay on the Interstates (15 and 5).
    Drive safe.. Godspeed.

  3. Jon on March 1, 2018 at 14:41

    The Sierras are getting pounded right now if it was drier I would go LV through Pahrump through DV to Bishop then to Mammoth. So the interstate would look the best. Try Indian Wells brewing they do a really good root beer.

    • Richard Nikoley on March 2, 2018 at 09:47

      Yea, as much as I’d have liked to do Tonapah, west to 395, then 88 over, and I’ve done 88 in snowcon many times, I don’t want to do it with 7-8 hours on the road already.

      In Barstow now. Black Bear Diner.

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