Podcast: Make Women Great Again – #MWGA – with Anthony Johnson

The World's First 1-on-1 Bootcamp, Exclusively For Men.

Anthony Johnson and I go way back. He’s the creator of 21 Studios at the age of 17. In conjunction, he has been running 21 Convention conferences for 11 years, now.

I’ve been a speaker at three of them.

Something serendipitous happened. I have lots of acquaintances on the Internet, some more special to me than others and it happened that one day, one of them—who identifies as female because she’s female—wrote something on Facebook that I found inspiring.

And then I made a silly hat and sent it to her. And Anthony ran with it.

The 22 Convention is the upcoming result. Dubbed, The Mansplaining Event of the Century…

From the creator of the world famous 21 Convention Anthony Dream Johnson, comes The 22 Convention: Make Women Great Again ™

A 3 day educational live event starring iconic manosphere speakers, handpicked by the Dream himself, forming an exclusively all male speaking lineup. Speakers brought together to create positive media for women, foster #positivefemininity, and help women heal from decades of radical feminist brainwashing.

The men have arrived to help #MWGA.

Anthony and I recently reconnected in a video interview, the last being about seven or eight years ago.

We tell the story of how the hat came to be, and his initiative to run with it—make a silly, off the cuff idea on my part into something where he is perfectly tooled up and able to execute with all the parts he already has in motion for this sort of thing.

It’s insightful on his part that he’s chosen to have exclusively male speakers in an arena, talking to hundreds of women attendees. Imagine the hubris and triggering on that, alone.

…As an aside, a news clip out just today about a few beautiful, young Scandinavian women being raped and murdered in Morocco.

There was a day when grandfathers, fathers, brothers, and uncles all protected the young girls and women, suspect of every male who showed interest, by default, until such time as the young girls were handed off to a male deemed worthy of equal enthusiasm in their protection.

Those men were smarter than the fake males that are ubiquitous, now. Unlike Jack Donovan.

But it’s a 2-way street. Women used to have a pretty good spidy sense that men are just plain violent, and rather than futile attempts to rid them of it, taming, persuasion, and direction was a better sexual strategy in return for her competency in managing the refuge of a home, children, female beauty, cuddling, intimacy, and fucking.

So, now, go watch the interview with Anthony Johnson. Do it now, and get on the email list for updates about The 22 Convention.

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Richard Nikoley

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  1. wallycat on December 21, 2018 at 08:43

    LOL, LOL, LOL….
    as someone already used this phrase, hope it rings true…
    no need to make them great again…we always have been!

    • Richard Nikoley on December 21, 2018 at 12:50

      Oh come on. Look around. And just because there are plenty of exceptions doesn’t mean there are not huge systemic problems.

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