A Conversation About Everything With Moritz Bierling and Andy Curzon

I had a previous conversation with Moritz. The other night, I clicked the FB messenger video button at 2:30am my time and Andy and I video chatted for an hour. He knows Moritz as well.

Andy suggested we do a three-way. Thing is, it was quite serendipitous and we put it together inside of an hour and then just went for a free for all, and free flow streaming of consciousness.

We’re three dudes that range in age from 26 – 58. We’re all very smart. IQ ranges 133 – 172.

It might bore you. But I believe it’s of some interest to all of us to perhaps create something like a weekly series of this, but to tighten it up (discipline) and take up a topic at a time to show how very smart, rather apolitical, non-fairy tale people sort out complex issues.

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