Discussions 1: Truth, Honesty, Limitations, Success Frames, and Agency with Andy Curzon and Noah Revoy

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Here I go again with my informal series of unscripted, serendipitous conversations and discussions with very smart, interesting people. Andy Curzon put the outline together 30 minutes before start time and we only arranged to do this yesterday afternoon.

I’m in the Sierras in California, Andy is in London, England, and Noah is near Lisbon, Portugal (where we’re chewing on arranging a conference next year).


  1. Truth vs. honesty; the yardstick for an opinion is honesty, not truth
  2. Integrating limitations (first: test them, then accept them, then integrate them)
  3. Frames for success given IQ, conscientiousness, and neuroticism limitations
    1. active listening;
    2. life as training one’s conscience;
    3. honing mastery;
    4. avoid pitfalls such as seeing everything through one frame (ideology) or falling into nihilism;
    5. step back from current affairs and see them as both news, and ideological battlegrounds;
    6. trusting people in a more sophisticated manner;
  4. Close talking of a final frame for success as bringing people together….suggest idea of a conference in Portugal.


Andy references my Ancestral Health Symposium talk on Social Epistemology: https://vimeo.com/54314333

Noah Revoy’s site for relationship coaching: https://www.smv4k.com

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Curt Doolittle on June 28, 2019 at 22:31

    (Love that man. Well hell, love both. ;) )

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